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RUSH: Kelly in Ogden, Utah. Hi. Glad you waited. You’re next on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Thank you very much, Rush. I’ve been listening since 1989.

RUSH: I appreciate that very much.

CALLER: I just want everybody to remember out there that you are the one who said Obama’s presidency would be the second Carter term. The only thing I would disagree is that may be an underestimation, because I don’t think anybody guessed it would be this ugly. So I’ve started calling him Jimmy Obama, or Barack Carter. I don’t know which it is.

RUSH: Worse.

CALLER: Worse. (laughs) Exactly right. The only thing they’re out doing is Carter, and no good’s gonna come out of this.

RUSH: Well, I did say it’s the second term of Carter, but there’s a big difference. Carter… Now, this is a benefit of the doubt. Carter was just a bumbling fool. This guy’s not. This guy is not a bumbling fool. I don’t care what anybody says, this guy may be naive on certain things, but this is not the result of flawed good intentions. Jimmy Carter was just bumbling around, and he still is bumbling around. Well, I’m not saying he’s not mean. I’m not. There’s a difference in these two guys, only point is. And I also want — I want to say this to you, Kelly. I did… I knew… (sigh) How should I say this? It doesn’t sound classy to say this. I knew it was gonna be bad.

Why do you think I was running around saying, ‘I hope he fails’?

I know where these kinds of policies take us. I know it. I know what liberalism does, and it’s nothing good. In fact, one of the disappointing things to me is that I am not surprised by this. If you are, that’s fine. Whatever it takes to sock people into reality. My dream would be that we have a population someday that hears somebody is a liberal and that dooms ’em. They are forever doomed. They are never gonna have a chance to get elected simply because they’re liberal, simply because they’re Democrats. That’s my dream. That people understand what the Democrat Party is all about, as it’s constituted today, that people understand what liberalism is. Everybody knows what communism is. Everybody knows what socialism is. Well, we’re not far from it with today’s Democrat Party. It’s a pretty narrow space between those two in terms of differences. I think a lot of people do know it. They just don’t want to admit, ‘My gosh, we’ve elected somebody like that.’

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