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“Why don’t conservatives love freedom?” asks Eugene Robinson, state-controlled Washington Post columnist. Mr. Robinson claims that conservatives don’t love freedom for Egypt. The only “evidence”he cites for this absurd positionis that conservatives at the recent CPAC gathering made only a few references in their speeches to the fast-moving events in Egypt.

From that, Robinson theorizes Republicans are reluctant to embrace freedom for Egyptians because “all of this is happening on Obama’s watch,” so Obama would be credited if it works out. He claims there was “never any real question about Obama’s sentiments” toward the protesters; it was supposedly obvious that Obama was on their side.

“The conservative mantra has been: Obama Is Always Wrong,” says Mr. Robinson, “therefore something must be wrong with the way he handled Egypt– even if it appears, from what we’ve seen so far, that the result is a historic opening for democracy in the world’s most troubled region.”(Blah, blah, blah.)And finally, Robinson claims that “conservatives are arguing that the world’s 1.2 billion Muslims cannot be trusted to govern themselves.”

Well, wrong, wrong, and wrong. The Egyptian protesters know that they — and not Pharaoh Obama — are responsible for the “historic events” there. They know Obama flip-flopped, and they don’t trust him. Nobody knows how post-Mubarak Egypt will fare, or if radical Muslims will gain a stronghold. The accusation that conservatives are anti-freedom is absurd; we are pro-freedom by definition.

Also by definition,we are pro-American-national-security,which is something liberals like Mr. Robinsonjust don’t seem to comprehend.

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