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RUSH: This is the second anniversary of Obama’s Porkulus bill. This is it today, folks. Anniversary number two. And in the two years of Obama’s stimulus we have lost 2.6 million jobs. Unemployment is higher than when the stimulus was implemented. Unemployment, 8.2% in February of 2009. It’s supposedly 9% now. Of course, the AP is just flummoxed here. They can’t figure it out because unemployment benefits jumped to 410,000. ‘More people applied for unemployment benefits last week, one week after claims had fallen to the lowest level in nearly three years.’ Now, the truth is that last week’s new unemployment claims number was revised up by 2,000 as usual. So we’re not even sure if the last part of this is true. ‘The Labor Department said Thursday that 410,000 people sought unemployment assistance last week, a jump of 25,000 from the previous week. The rise was much larger than economists had expected.’ What, did it snow? Well, they expected it to go up. Why is that? After it was plummeting they expected it to go up, but just not this much? Hmm. Second anniversary of the stimulus.

Obviously Obama has BDD, Budget Deficit Disorder. It’s akin to Attention Deficit Disorder. It’s a condition where a person is easily distracted, has difficulty staying focused on an individual activity for any period of time, and I’ve looked here, I think the symptoms of BDD, Budget Deficit Disorder, may include being easily distracted, you miss details, you forget things, you frequently switch from one activity to another, have difficulty maintaining focus on one task. You become bored with a task after only a few minutes, unless doing something enjoyable, and you have no ability to listen. I think that pretty much sums up where we are here. (interruption) No, I’m not gonna get into whether there’s a drug therapy for this. No, no, no. I’m just telling you, I think we’ve got a disease here, Budget Deficit Disorder, and it’s clear now. Two years ago to this day Obama promised us his stimulus would keep unemployment under 8%. Has anybody noticed it’s not been under 8% since Obama implemented the stimulus? It was 7.8% in January of 2009 when the immaculation occurred. It was 8.2% in February of 2009. It has not been below 9% since April of 2009, and if you go back and look, unemployment really ratcheted up after the ’08 election, when businesses said, ‘Uh-oh,’ and were expressing fear of what was coming.

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