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RUSH: This deal here in Wisconsin as far as the ramifications for 2012, you know what? We better pray for Governor Walker and we better hope this guy means it when he says he’s sticking to his guns here ’cause this is the battleground for 2012. This is going to determine going forward the relationship between governments and unions, states and so forth, how much power the unions are gonna have. This is gonna determine… What happened in Wisconsin is gonna determine whether states in this country go bankrupt or not. It’s gonna determine whether pensions and health care funds remain solvent or not.

Because if this union power is not checked here, if it’s not stopped here — it will be the economic version of a natural disaster. This is worse now than it was in 2009 when the Democrats in Wisconsin were saying, ‘It’s just the economic version of a natural disaster,’ it’s worse than that now. That’s why I think this is crucially important what’s happening to Wisconsin. ‘As goes Wisconsin will go the country, so goes the nation,’ and Obama’s election. That’s why Jonathan Karl said in that sound bite, ‘If Obama loses this state in 2012…’ That’s why Organizing for America is there, that’s why the union thugs are being bussed in, that’s why they’re teaching them how to be nonviolent. Yes, they have to teach them how to be nonviolent.


RUSH: Listen to a little bit of Scott Walker here on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace. Question: ‘Those 14 Democrats who fled Wisconsin to avoid, to block a vote, all that, would you sit down with them? They’ll come back if you sit down with them, work out a compromise. The deal would be the unions agree on the money issue but they keep their collective bargaining rights. Governor, you willing to do that?’

WALKER: Well, no. First off those Senate Democrats should realize: ‘If you want to participate in democracy, you gotta be in the arena, and the arena is right here in Madison, Wisconsin.’ It’s about hiding out in Rockford, Illinois, or Chicago or anywhere else out there. Democracy means you show up and participate, and they failed to do that. They’re walking out on their job. We’re broke. It’s about time somebody stood up and told the truth and the only way for us to balance the budget — not only at the state level but at the local level — is to make sure we give those local governments the tools they need to balance the budget, and that’s what we’re proposing.

RUSH: Chris Wallace says, ‘Well, what if they don’t come back?’

WALKER: Democracy is not about hiding out in another state. It’s about showing up here in the capitol and making the case there — and for us, we’re willing to take this as long as it takes. Because in the end we’re doing the right thing. We’re doing the right thing for Wisconsin. We’re leading the way as we did in the past in Wisconsin on reform. We’re leading the way again when it comes to budgetary reform, and for us we have to do this. Again, we’ve had for decades… We’ve had leaders, Republicans and Democrats alike, who pushed off the problems. Well, there’s no place to push them off to.

RUSH: Finally, Chris Wallace says, ‘Well, what do you think about Obama’s political arm, Organizing for America, taking a role in mobilizing some of your opposition?’

WALKER: The president ultimately should stay focused on fixing the federal budget because they’ve got a huge deficit — and believe me, they’ve got their hands full. They’re far from getting it accomplished in Washington. There are five and a half million people in this state. Taxpayers who by and large are sacrificing in their own jobs in the private sector paying much more than the 5.8% for pension and the 12.6% for health care I’m asking for — in fact in many cases two or three times that amount. They’ve made tough sacrifices to balance the budgets in their communities, in their homes, and in their businesses. I think it’s realistic to make sure that as loud as the voices are in the capitol, we don’t let them overpower the voices of the taxpayers I was elected to represent and elected to get the job done, which is balancing this budget.

RUSH: ‘Kin’ A! He is telling Obama to stay out of there. (summarized) ‘You’ve got your own problems and you ain’t having a lot of it success fixing your own problems. Leave me to fix mine. Stay outta here.’ That’s Governor Walker not backing down in Wisconsin. You know, you Democrats — I know you’re listening, you Senate Democrats from Wisconsin. I know you’re listening, I know your families are listening. I just want to remind you of something: Even Obama had the courage to show up and at least vote ‘present’ all those times. At least Obama had the courage to show up.

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