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“I have never seen a presidential candidate with less to offer this nation — yet with more arrogance and self-delusion — than Barack Obama.”

“What I find remarkable is that Obama, after years of trashing and second-guessing the administration’s every move, shows up in Afghanistan and issues pronouncements as if when he speaks it’s more authoritative than when the current commander-in-chief or McCain speaks — both of whom actually know something about the subject.”

“Obama does not have an ideological grounding or understanding of the way our enemies operate and what their purpose is. He’s not even interested in that! To him, they are just people who can be talked out of their evil because his ego is out of control.”

“If Al Gore’s energy plan does happen, we have totally lost any self-pride in our nation and we are willing to kick ourselves back to the Stone Age.”

“If I were McCain, you know where I would be this week? I would be out on an oil rig, and I would take the Drive-Bys with me. I would point out how environmentally safe the rigs are and how damned impressive they are — as well as the workers.”

“Obama is on this earth to save humanity, and only he knows how to do it and only he can do it. This mind-set is not new — what is new is the extent to which it is worshiped in our country. The Europeans have always fallen in with people like this. I’m not going to mention any names.”

“Obama is not merely the left’s president — Obama is their father figure. Obama is their preacher. Obama is their Santa Claus. Obama is their psychiatrist. Obama will calm them. Obama will provide for them. Obama will make the mean goblins in the night go away.”

“Bush is the one who has not flip-flopped on Iraq. Bush is the one who hung in, as did McCain. Obama’s been all over the place with no accountability, no responsibility, and his primary position on Iraq has been to lose.”

“Rick, let me tell you something, old buddy, old pal: There are millions of other Democrats and liberals like you who are listening to me every day out of fear — the same kind of fear you have. I heard it in your voice, Rick.”

“Somebody answer a question for me: Has Obama found Bin Laden yet? Has Obama solved Middle East peace yet? Oh, that’s tomorrow. Has he walked on water yet? Oh, that’s for Sunday.”

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