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RUSH: Sunday morning, ABC’s This Week with Christiane Amanpour in the roundtable. Christiane Amanpour spoke with Jonathan Karl about the union protests in Madison, Wisconsin. She said, ‘John, is it just about the budget, or has Madison, Wisconsin, got a bigger political implication there?’

KARL: The president was quicker and more forceful in his denouncement of Governor Scott Walker than he was in denouncing Hosni Mubarak. I mean this happened, it was more forceful, it was quicker. Madison, Wisconsin, the state of Wisconsin, this is arguably Ground Zero for the 2012 presidential campaign. Look, this is a state that if President Obama loses, he almost certainly is gonna not win reelection.

RUSH: Well, I don’t know about that, that could well be the truth, but it is also the truth that he did denounce Walker much faster than he did Mubarak. And people notice this. Here’s the audio sound bites. These are the doctors handing out fraudulent medical excuses to striking teachers. This is Saturday at the protest rallies at the state capitol. This is a doctor, unidentified, telling a woman about a false sick form he’s giving her so the woman can join the protest.

UNIDENTIFIED DOCTOR: This is saying I saw and evaluated you and that I’m excusing you due to a medical condition. Nausea, sick of the whole thing, feeling stressed.


UNIDENTIFIED DOCTOR: Yeah, so sometimes people need to kind of get out of that bad situation, and the — the beneficial effects of being around other people, the support of community, that’s very helpful.

RUSH: Here’s a doctor telling them how to lie. I’m gonna lie for you so you can lie. This is fraud against the taxpayers. I’m gonna lie so you can lie. Now, when the patient, the protester asks if he can get in trouble, the doctor says, ‘No, no way.’

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: Am I gonna get in trouble for this?

UNIDENTIFIED DOCTOR: No, no, no, no. No. No. Well, if you missed work and you didn’t have a work excuse, depending on what your contract is, you might have problems, if that.


UNIDENTIFIED DOCTOR: But if you miss work and you have a medical excuse, at least as far as I understand, most contracts would say you need a medical excuse if you’re gonna miss work.


UNIDENTIFIED DOCTOR: You’ve got a medical excuse. I’m a licensed physician in the state, and I say that you should be having that time off work to recuperate from this terrible condition.

RUSH: The terrible condition that you joined willingly. It’s a condition that you did not have to participate in. So the strike is his horrible medical condition. Now, last October ABC’s Christiane Amanpour characterized the Tea Party as extreme. She said that people are looking at the Tea Party and saying this is not conservatism as we know it, but it is extreme. What the hell is this? What in the world? This is outright fraud. We don’t even know if these are real doctors. Some of them are. Some of them have been tracked down, but maybe some of them aren’t. So much of what happens on the left, so much of the Democrat Party is fakery. Now, let’s look at how Fox and CNN cover the fraudulent doctor story. First on Fox, even from Geraldo you get the truth, that it is fraud.

GERALDO: Fraud on the streets of Madison, Wisconsin. Watch as our undercover producer gets a phony sick note from a doctor sympathetic to pro-union demonstrators who have or will be missing work.

RUSH: However, on State-Run CNN, the doctors are just helping out.

WIAN: Doctors are writing notes, they’re helping out the teachers and there’s some concern that some of those doctors may be putting themselves in jeopardy because they’re writing notes for teachers who obviously aren’t sick.

SAVIDGE: Very interesting.

RUSH: Very interesting, doctors are writing notes, helping out the teachers, maybe not sick, obviously aren’t sick, yeah, very interesting. Very, very interesting. If these were all conservative doctors, conservative protesters, you think it would be very interesting if anybody was being helped out here? Ha-ha. Fat chance.

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