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RUSH: Let’s go to audio sound bite number three. I don’t want you to forget this stuff, folks. I don’t want you to forget where the Democrat Party’s loyalties really lie, and they are not with you. And even you liberals and independents, the Democrat Party’s loyalties, as is being demonstrated here, Democrat senators in Wisconsin and Indiana run away, flee their states, escaping votes, running away from jobs, not for you, but at the behest of government union leaders. We go back to January 15th, 2008, in Las Vegas, Service Employees International Union campaign rally, Senator Barack Obama, presidential candidate. These are his people.

OBAMA: I come from an organizing background so I know…

CROWD: Wooooo!

OBAMA: I’ve been working with SEIU before I was elected to anything. When I was a community organizer, SEIU, Local 880 and myself, we organized to make sure that homecare workers had basic rights. I organized, we organized voter registration drives. That’s how we built political power on the south side of Chicago. I kept on doing it in Illinois, and now the time has come for us to do it all across this country. We’re going to paint Nevada purple and we’re going to paint the nation purple with SEIU. We are going to get out there and we are going to show America that the time for change has come. SEIU, I am glad you’re with me. Let’s together change the country. (Leading crowd in chanting) SEIU! SEIU! SEIU! SEIU! Thank you, SEIU, I love you guys.

RUSH: I love you guys. SEIU. Service Employees International Union, a government union. A union made up of government workers and the president says, ‘We’re gonna paint Nevada purple. We’re gonna paint the nation purple. We’re gonna go out there and show America the time for change has come.’ What might that be? Talking to unionized government employees. You heard the energy. These are his people. This is the group Obama loves. This is the kind of organization that gets his blood flowing. Service Employees International Union, public, some places private. The point is that’s where his allegiance lies. How are they gonna change the country? What does that mean? What in the world does that possibly mean, change the country? For whose benefit? And how does that happen? See, folks, changing the country means when nothing’s wrong with it, obviously it isn’t good.


RUSH: That’s right, Barack Obama, the union organizer-in-chief, not president of the United States. That’s why he’s now throwing the Democrat Party and the DNC totally behind unions in Wisconsin, in Ohio, in Illinois, and soon Michigan. Instead of trying to help these states do what they can to deal with their crushing deficits, what’s Obama doing? He is siding with the unions who are trying to crush the states even further.

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