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RUSH: This is the leader of the regime today in Cleveland at Cleveland State University. State-Run MSNBC, the only network covering this and they cut away shortly after the president said what you’re going to hear here. The entire nation is focused on Wisconsin. The entire nation is focused on debt. The entire nation is focused on four Americans shot by Somali pirates. The entire nation is focused on this country is a target of everybody and everything, including members of its own government. And the leader of the regime, who is the architect of all of this indebtedness, the president of the United States, who is responsible for four trillion of the $14 trillion national debt, who is responsible for one and a half to two trillion-dollar annual deficits, the president of the United States goes to Cleveland and says…

OBAMA: I’ve spent the last month since the State of the Union sharing my vision for an America that remains the best place on earth to do business, an America that competes aggressively for every job and every industry that’s out there, an America that wins the future. And part of that means making sure that government lives within its means, just like you do.

RUSH: Now, this is making a fool of yourself. The president of the United States, a leader of the regime, in Cleveland, talks about making sure that government lives within its means while organizing the opposition to living within its means in Wisconsin, while organizing the opposition to fiscal responsibility in Wisconsin, while organizing the opposition to sensible budgeting in Wisconsin, while organizing the opposition to doing the right thing. Barack Obama goes to Ohio and says we have to live within our means. That’s when MSNBC cut out. They figured not even their pundits would be able to spin this with any kind of credibility.


RUSH: Public sector unions are so big, they don’t think they have anything to worry about. They don’t have to be liked. FDR knew the minute most people started hating government, it was not good for the Democrat Party. That’s what he knew, and that’s why he didn’t want government workers to be unionized. There’s a lot of unusual number of negative events that are happening, folks, that are overlapping. Now, that you know I am the epitome here of upbeat. I’m also a resident of Literalville. I live in Realville. Somebody has to. And let’s take a look at some of these negative events, just as individual items.

Some of them overlap, making them even more dangerous. We have a president who is hostile toward the private sector of this country. We have a president who is hostile to the engine of wealth creation. We have massive regulations, which are punitive and designed to hamper and harm those who create things in the private sector. We have policies that punish success. We have above 10% unemployment, if statistical games are not being played by the regime. We are attempting to nationalize health care, even after a court has declared the whole bill unconstitutional. We are printing money!

We have a $14 trillion national debt, and the impact of that on inflation is just now starting to be felt. We have unsustainable budgets presented and promoted by the White House. We have no leadership from the White House on unsustainable entitlements. We have a budget blueprint that’s offered that doesn’t deal with one challenging, tough thing, because it’s nothing more than a political document. It’s a game, it’s a trap. The leader of the regime wants the Republicans to go first on that. We’re shutting down oil and gas development in the Gulf of Mexico specifically, and throughout the United States generally. How is that gonna impact energy costs? We have Middle East unrest, roil like we haven’t seen in a long time.

Nobody knows what the end result of all this is. From Bahrain to Libya to Tunisia to Egypt, Jordan, Iran, nobody knows where this is all going to end up. Not even the royal family of Saudi Arabia feels safe. Meanwhile, we are shutting down our own oil and gas development in light of a potential Middle Eastern disaster, which will no doubt affect the price of oil and in turn inflation. Sharia law is gaining traction in multiple countries. Countries which have had multicultural, open border policies are now (after it’s too late) saying it doesn’t work. Israel is being squeezed by its neighbors, by the United Nations, and now the United States joins the United Nations in squeezing Israel over the building of homes for its citizens.

Not even military action, not even military defensive action is being taken by Israel, and the United States joins in condemning Israel with the United Nations. We have a significant decline in American power. We clearly have lost the will to project American power and influence abroad. Instead we are projecting pronounced weakness during a time of great turmoil. Mobs in the streets of Cairo are openly mocking the president of the United States despite the best efforts of a State-Run Media reporter, Nic Robertson, to get them to sing the praises of Obama. Remember that? Nic Robertson in the streets of Cairo? (paraphrased exchange)

‘I’m here with Mustapha! Mustapha, what is your message for Obama?’

‘Who? He doesn’t have anything to do with any of this. He’s been all over the ballpark.’

‘Thank you, Mustapha. Achmed? Ahmed what is your message for President Obama?’

‘Well, he’s kind of been all over the ballpark, we really don’t know where Obama’s standing.’

‘Well, you can hear! These late arrivals to the scene both appreciate very much the work of Obama.’

No, they don’t. They’re laughing at him! The President of the United States is being laughed at. And why? Because the people doing the laughing understand that they were attempted pawns. They understand the president of the United States trying to take their movement, whatever it is, and incorporate it into his own presidential campaign of 2012. They know he doesn’t care about them. We have a decline in morals and ethics in this country that continues. We have doctors now lying about the health of their patients. Doctors actively lying, caught on television lying about the health of teachers in Wisconsin, writing them phony medical excuse notes, and doing so with defiance and pride.

We have Democrat politicians cowardly fleeing their state to short-circuit elections and votes and democracy. We have a president who actively works to create class warfare and civil unrest. We have a president who is promoting the unethical behavior of these doctors, a president who is encouraging the cowardly fleeing of Democrat senators. We have a president who is encouraging the intimidating, lawless behavior of public sector union leaders. We have, with all of this, a State-Controlled Media… Now, if you take all this as a whole, it’s bad. How bad? Don’t know. But there clearly are positive signs on the horizon.

The election of November 2010 was deep, the victory profound. Results are already starting to be seen, but we are accumulating a growing number of escalating problems, and nothing’s being managed. Very little of it is being checked off the list. This is how organizations become overwhelmed. Instead of getting a handle on problems, this regime is sinking deeper into chaos and confusion. (I happen to think by design, but we can debate that later.) Instead of admitting mistakes and correcting them, the regime has chosen to spin, cover up, and lie. They’re lying about jobs and the number of them. They’re lying about budgets. The regime is lying about its own health care plan. The regime is lying about inflation.

They’re lying about resolution regulations. They’re lying — the regime is lying — about living within its means, lying about the stimulus bill and what it did and didn’t do. They lied about ‘Recovery Summer.’ They lied about Egypt and their role in it. They’re lying about the dangers of drilling for oil in the Gulf of Mexico. They’re lying about things we don’t even know about yet, deceits by virtue of withholding information. The Republicans who are in Congress — and who are governors, who have been elected to state office have their hands full — will be rewarded if they put their country first, if they hold the regime’s feet to the fire. So far they are. In case you’re just joining us, Indiana Democrats are the next to have fled their state to Illinois and Kentucky, to avoid voting.

I mentioned earlier that there seems to be no fear of the United States around the world anymore. Now, maybe some of you who have been through conflict management courses might blanch at the notion of ‘no fear.’ You might want to hear me say that they don’t respect us out there. Either way. We’re not feared, we’re not respected — and wasn’t it supposed to be just the opposite? None of these problems were gonna be happen. Remember Obama was gonna lower the sea levels and everybody was gonna love United States? Everybody’s gonna love each other! All we had to do, all the United States had to do was admit its guilt. All we had to do was admit our guilt, that our existence has been a lie, that we were not a beacon of hope and freedom.

We were nothing but racist, sexist, bigot homophobes and we looted and stole from poor people all over the world, and that’s how we built the American empire — and all we had to do to make the world love us was to elect somebody whose election would translate to us admitting that guilt, and that’s what the election of Obama was supposed to be. ‘Elect Obama and the message to the world is, ‘The American people ask forgiveness! We understand our transgressions. We understand that we’ve stolen. We understand that we’ve colonized. We understand that we’ve been imperialistic. We understand that we have created our own wealth by virtue of stealing it from the poor people of the world, and electing Obama means we know this.”

So that was to be the message; the world was supposed to once again love us. What’s happened is the despots of the world are looking at us and saying, ‘I cannot believe they’re actually giving up. I can’t believe the United States is actually buying all of this BS we’ve been saying about them!’ They can’t believe their good fortune. Despots, thugs, dictators around the world cannot believe their good fortune, that the American people have elected an administration who really believes the United States is the problem in the world. The result of this: The Somali pirates have now killed four Americans with the US Navy nearby.

No fear.

In Mexico, drug cartels ambush US ICE agents. College students, tourists are murdered in recent weeks. They’re not afraid, not worried. Pakistan holds a CIA agent. They have gone public with his identity. We are not unhappy about it. Panetta may not even know yet. Has CNN had this story? Panetta may not even know that a CIA agent is being held by Pakistan unless CNN has reported it. So Pakistan’s holding the CIA agent who defended himself and others from attack. They refused to release him despite diplomatic immunity.

No fear.

Iran is holding two American hikers and just sent warships through the Suez Canal as a provocation.

No fear.

North Korea is begging us to send food again despite their recent attacks on a South Korean island, violating nuclear agreements with us.

No fear.

Moammar Khadafy, this guy is still speaking. He ignores our weak statement calling for the end of violence. Obama was laughed at — trust me, don’t doubt me on this — in the streets of Cairo. Bahrain. So what if our Fifth Fleet is based there. We’re not having any impact on events.

No fear.

South America: Venezuela and Bolivia have nationalized our companies, have nationalized American companies, have shown severe disrespect for American leaders — and our own president hovels up and laughs with the architect of all that: Hugo Chavez. Cuba? The idiot Fidel Castro still railing against us.

No fear.

ChiComs, Hu Jintao still ignore our demands for currency adjustments. They still steal our intellectual property at will. The Navy expands. They don’t answer common communications from our ships in the Pacific, try to steal our technology for stealth fighters — and they’re not afraid because they know they hold so much of our debt. You take all these things together. Any of you Democrats, are you aware of the precarious nature you have plunged this country into?


RUSH: Pacific Palisades, California. Hi, Bart. Welcome to the program.

CALLER: It’s an honor to speak to you, Rush.

RUSH: Thank you very much, sir.

CALLER: I wanted to ask you: Is this not a Clinton, aspirin factory moment for President Obama? I mean, he could easily launch a couple of Tomahawk missiles, take out the Somali pirates who just killed four Americans, and divert a lot of attention from the Republicans in Wisconsin and the CIA agent — Davis — in Pakistan.

RUSH: Well, the Pakistan thing, that’s a different. They might do it. You remember we did nail some Somali pirates, and they did actually send a press release out that Obama ordered it, that it was Obama who said, ‘Pull the trigger!’ at that moment, that in fact it was Obama who pulled the trigger giving the orders. We know it was kind of smoked up. They still could do that. That could still happen. Give that awhile. Once they figure out in the White House they could distract with an attack on the Somali pirates, could well happen. Bart, thanks for the call. Pacific Palisades, another great place, and they’ve never done anything for me, either.

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