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RUSH: From Jackie Calmes at the New York Times: ‘Wisconsin Puts Obama Between Competing Desires.’ What are the ‘competing desires’? Before I tell you what the New York Times consists or says the competing desires are, I’ll tell you. The competing desires Obama faces are the desire to be a socialist, but not look like one.

That’s the ‘competing desire.’ To be a socialist but not look like one at the same time. ‘The battle in Wisconsin over public employee unions has left President Obama facing a tricky balance between showing solidarity with longtime political supporters’ i.e., the unions ‘and projecting a message in favor of deep spending cuts to reduce the debt.’ Sorry, you’re losing it, Mr. President. You are siding with the budget busters, budget busters who don’t produce anything. The dirty little secret now is up. It’s a transfer of wealth is all that’s gone on here. Union wealth is nothing more than a transfer of wealth from producers to government employees. Not one thing’s produced, not one thing is made.

The GDP, the GNP are not advanced an iota. The government doesn’t make anything (except the upcoming Chevy Volt). So here we have the regime’s house organ, the New York Times, reporting that Obama’s trying to back off his overt role in the union protest in Wisconsin. The White House says the involvement of the Democrat National Committee, Organizing for America, were ‘overblown from the start.’ That’s what they say in the story. Oh, we’re not all that involved here; that’s really been exaggerated. But from the story itself: ‘Before Mr. Obama complained late last week of an ‘assault’ on the unions by the Republican governor in Wisconsin, Scott Walker, the Democratic Party had alerted its volunteers in Organizing for America to support the protests there and elsewhere, seeing an opening to show solidarity with the labor movement and rev up the party’s liberal base ahead of the 2012 elections.’

Nope, not ‘rev up the…liberal base.’ The union base, union money. This is another thing that’s plain as day for every Democrat to see. It isn’t about you! It isn’t about your kids! These guys are not walking off the job for you. How does these guys walking off the job, these senators from Wisconsin, help America? How is that helping the state of Wisconsin? How is that helping the average state of Wisconsin resident? It isn’t. Who’s it helping? Who’s it designed to help? People who are really not doing all that great a job teaching your kids. Union people. Union money. The Democrats are showing what really matters to them, and that’s their paymasters, not their voters. This is Armageddon for them. They know it.

Folks, this is not… I don’t know. What’s the word I want to use? It isn’t gonna be pretty. It isn’t going to be pretty. This is Armageddon for these people. (interruption) What happens when they lose? That’s not what scares me. What scares me is what happens that shows them they’ve lost. When they have arrived at the point, Mr. Snerdley, they know they’ve lost, that’s the end of it. What’s going to happen before that to make them realize they’ve lost? What are they going to do to prevent the defeat? That’s where it’s gonna get, uh, messy. That’s where it’s gonna get messy. I’ll just leave it at that. It isn’t going to eventuate that some powerful hand says, ‘Okay, this issue is over. Unions, you lose.’

When that moment happens, that will be at the end of how many are left standing. You get my drift here. The battle’s gonna be bloody. Folks… (sigh) How can I explain this to you? You know. You know that money’s the driving force, especially to people who say it’s not, and what is this really all about? This is… (sigh) I need to think of a really good analogy here for you. The closest I can come up with here on the fly is bank robbery is legally for 20 or 30 years, and all of a sudden it isn’t — and if the only thing you know that puts food in your kids’ mouth is robbing banks, what are you gonna do when they all of a sudden say, ‘You can’t rob a bank anymore’? It’s about money and it’s about not having to work very hard for it.

It’s about getting it via intimidation. Literally, folks, I don’t know about you, but I don’t even think it’s somebody else’s responsibility to pay for my retirement. I’ve never thought it was somebody else’s responsibility to pay for my health care. I’ve never thought it was, especially, anybody’s responsibility to give me anything once I stopped working for ’em, but there are a whole lot of people who expect it. They’ve been told to. Their forefathers have gotten it! Their forbears have gotten it. Now, all of a sudden, they’re gonna be told, ‘It’s over for you.’ That’s all they know. That’s all they know! It’s like…

It’s not the best of analogy because I’m not sure they don’t work. Don’t misunderstand. But it’s like telling somebody who’s never worked that if you want to eat tomorrow you’re gonna have to go out and get a job. Dudley Moore in the movie Arthur: ‘You know what, your grandmother doesn’t like the way you’re making a mess out of the two billion she left you. It’s being cut off tomorrow. What are you gonna do?’ ‘I don’t know. I don’t know how to do anything else.’ I mean, come up with your own analogy. None of this has been real. Most people do not get their health care paid for by everybody else for the rest of their lives! Most people do not have their retirement paid for by everybody else.

Most people do not have their groceries paid for by other people. Most people do not earn twice as much as the people who are paying them. At some point, the tipping point is reached where it can’t go on anymore. Even with fake money, even with printed money, even with borrowed money, even with ChiCom money, it can’t go on anymore. Well, if you’re one of the ones who are told, ‘Guess what? It’s over,’ and if part of the reason you’ve been able to keep this gig going is because members of your group go around and beat people up at town hall meetings to make sure the status quo remains the same, what are you gonna do? Furthermore, you don’t really have to do your job all that well!

Your students, basically, in eighth grade can not even have to know how to read, and you’re still gonna get paid, and you’re still gonna get your retirement, and you’re still gonna get your health care for as long as you live! If you’re in New York, you’d be stunned. I read the number of public workers who retire at age 50. Some of these leaders of these unions are making 600 grand a year in their pensions. Sorry, that’s not how the little people live. Plus they got disability. Half of the retirees do so with disability, which adds even more to it. The problem is that the people who don’t have and never have had that kind of deal are the ones paying it. Once they figure out that they are ‘the government,’ that they are ‘the Treasury,’ that they are the source of all this money, hello! Hello, November of 2010. Hello, election results. Hello, Democrats losing 700 seats in state legislatures. Hello, Democrats losing the House of Representatives. Hello, Scott Walker. Hello, John Kasich. Hello, all these Republican governors who now are going to fix this — and into the fray who joins the side of the takers? The president.


RUSH: Hey, listen to this. This is the president, this is back in Ohio. This is in Cleveland at Cleveland State University. He went up there to have, I guess a breakout session, panel discussion, whatever it was, on small business and so forth. They had a breakout session and then they broke from the breakout session, Obama came to report what all had happened at the breakout session.

OBAMA: We’ve spent the day in breakout sessions talking about five areas of obstacle and opportunity for America’s small business. We had a terrific discussion. The groups I participated in were remarkable and had great ideas. I know the members of the cabinet had fun, which is why we are going to do it again.

RUSH: Can you believe this?

OBAMA: Over the next several months what we are going to be doing is teaming up with mayors and governors and small-business owners to host a series of these jobs forums across the country.

RUSH: Well, now, how about this. Here we have the country just in dire economic circumstances. There are genuine wars going on in several states here over budgets and who’s gonna be paid what. There are fires all over the Middle East, and Obama’s talking about breakout sessions on small business in Cleveland, and they had so much fun they’re gonna do it again, they’re gonna have even more breakout sessions. By the way, ladies and gentlemen, in terms of the president and who he is siding with, remember, now, another reason that the states, another reason that Governor Walker is doing what he’s doing and some of the other governors, is because they know that if Obamacare ultimately is ruled constitutional, that most Medicaid gets transferred to them, that federal Medicaid — maybe it’s Medicare, whatever, is gonna be transferred, it’s gonna become the states’ responsibility to pay for it. Obama is helping the states so much that 26 of them are suing him to prevent the enactment of Obamacare. He’s helping the states so much he’s forcing 26 governors, AGs to sue, forcing legislation to protect the citizens.

And here’s another headline. This is from Capital Media Services: ‘The president of the state Senate introduced legislation Monday to ban illegal immigrants from state universities and community colleges, make it a crime for them to drive in Arizona and include new public school reporting requirements that could induce the parents of children not here legally to keep them home.’ Arizona moves to officially ban illegal immigrants from schools. The state is already being sued by President Obama. So you can see how all this is shaping up.

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