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Grab your hankies, folks.The Democrats are painting a picture of doom if House Republicans prevail with spending cuts. Complains Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren, chair of the California delegation: “During these hard times, these budget cuts are going to hit those who can least afford it: working families with children, the elderly, and the sick.”

Apparently, Zoe has forgotten the rest of the age-old Democrat scare tacticthat people will be forced to chose between eating dog food and paying their rent while others will be left in the gutter to die, and, of course, that golden oldie: minorities will be “hardest hit”.

Zoe also forgot to claim that, under Republicans, we’ll get dirty air and water while polluters celebrate;that Main Street will suffer while Wall Street gets huge bonuses; that the budget is being balanced on the backs of the poorwhile the idle rich vacation in the sun — not to mention that Republicans will drive a stake through the heart of Social Security, and let Medicare and Medicaid wither on the vine. Did I leave anything out there?

Oh, yeah!The homeless. They’re going to suffer, too!As will the indigenous peoples and the illegal immigrants just looking for a better life. Meanwhile, corporate fat cats will oppress the workers even more, as they evade taxes and ship jobs overseas.

Yeah, folks:If we dare cut government spending, the entire country will collapse –except rich neighborhoods –so you see, we’d be better off spending ourselves in to bankruptcy,according to Democrats (and we wouldn’t need a handkerchief).

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