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RUSH: Hey, folks, let’s pretend for just a second. Pretend that you are the smartest person in the room, the wisest person in the world. Pretend that you are Barack Obama, President of the United States. At this moment in time, what do you focus on? What do you really ‘focus on like a laser’? With everything going on in the world and the country today, what do you make the biggest priority and the biggest production out of? The jobs we need and aren’t getting? The exploding deficit that threatens our future? How about the soaring price of oil and the fact that we have shut down a lot of our own domestic production?

The price of oil around the world is skyrocketing. The Saudis are talking about ramping up their production. How about the crisis in the Middle East? I mean, for heaven’s sake, ‘a crisis is a terrible thing to waste,’ right? We have a crisis in the Middle East, we have no job creation, the deficit continues to explode, the price of oil is soaring. We are doing nothing about compensating for that in our own country. How about Wisconsin? If you’re president, the smartest person in the world, you focus on government unions and how they are choking state budgets? Do you focus on the border where unchecked illegal immigration continues?

You’re The Messiah! Tell me, what do you focus on? And what’s the answer?

Gay marriage.

Out of all the things going on in the country, in the world today, Obama makes a big production out of gay marriage. This is not… No, this is not a stunt. Obama, he knows how to stir the liberals. He knows how to massage the media. Of all the things going on, what do we get as a primary focus from our own president? Declaring that the Defense of Marriage Act is something he doesn’t like anymore, and so he’s not gonna defend it. What exactly is Obama’s Plan B for oil? If the Middle East erupts entirely, what is his Plan C, what’s his Plan D? He doesn’t have any plan for it, because everything he does is oriented toward: How can it help him. He’s out playing to the base. He’s flying out to Silicon Valley last week to raise campaign cash.

It’s always about him. He jumps into Arizona to pander to ethnic groups. He jumps into Wisconsin to pander to the NEA, the SEIU, and other unions. We are watching a president of the United States turn this country over to his cronies in and out of government, in and out of business and labor. This is quite a display of arrogance, ideological, self-serving arrogance. I’ve never seen it before in a president. I’ve never seen a president that does not put his country first. I’ve never seen that. But we’re watching it right before our very eyes. His first question is always: ‘What will this do for me?’ Whatever the issue is, whatever the story is, whatever the event is: ‘What will this do for me?’

And of course The Politico gets right in on the action, covering it all as a game. Their headline: ‘Little Downside Seen for DOMA Call.’ Little downside for a president acting in an unconstitutional manner simply saying, ‘You know, I don’t like that law, I’m not gonna defend it anymore.’ It’s a law duly passed by the representatives of the people. It has not been challenged at the US Supreme Court. He does not have the authority to declare it unconstitutional. He does not have that power. He does not have the power to say, ‘I’m not gonna defend it anymore,’ and the Politico does a story: Can he get hurt by this? We don’t think so. ‘Little Downside Seen for DOMA Call.’

Well, okay, then. If there’s ‘little downside seen’ for a president to act in ways he is not empowered to according to the law, then the next conservative president can say, based on Obama’s precedent, ‘You know what? Obamacare is unconstitutional. I am therefore directing my attorney general to stop defending it. It doesn’t exist. We’ve looked at it, I’ve never been comfortable with it, and it’s just unconstitutional. We’re not gonna defend it anymore.’ A conservative president could say, ‘I am directing my attorney general to stop defending the EPA’s carbon dioxide regulations. I don’t like what they’re doing there. It’s not their purview. So EPA, stand down. You can’t do it. My administration is not gonna defend that anymore.’

A conservative president could then say, ‘I am directing my attorney general to stop defending the so-called financial reform bill. I don’t happen to agree with this bill. I don’t like it. I never liked it when it was being debated, I never thought it shoulda passed, and so I don’t care about anything else: My attorney general has just said that we’re not gonna defend it anymore. So if there are parts of the financial reform bill that prevent you from doing something, go ahead and do it now, ’cause I’m not gonna prosecute you. There is no law. I’m just gonna strike it.’ Can you imagine?

Would the Politico be doing stories, ‘President Palin, Little Downside Seen for Call on Obamacare’? Can you imagine that? Can you imagine anybody in the media doing a story on the next conservative president: ‘You know, I don’t think this guy’s gonna get in any trouble here, seeing Obamacare is not gonna be defended anymore’? It’d be just the opposite. They’d be demanding the impeachment of said president. The next conservative president can say, ‘I have concluded these laws don’t pass constitutional muster. I’ve decided to drop any defense of them. I! I, the president, don’t like these laws. They don’t count to me.’

So what’s happened here is Barack Obama has decided he’s not gonna enforce the law. He is not enforcing a federal judge’s ruling in Florida because he disagrees with it. Judge Vinson. The constitutionality of Obamacare. He is not enforcing a federal ruling in Louisiana to allow deep offshore drilling. A federal ruling says his moratorium is illegal, but to hell with the federal ruling. Barack Obama disagrees with it. Essentially Barack Obama has said, ‘You know what? I’m the Supreme Court! We don’t need one anymore. I don’t like the Defense of Marriage Act. Neither does my attorney general.

‘Neither do my gay supporters and contributors. So, you know what? We’re not gonna defend it anymore. I don’t care what the Supreme Court thinks. It doesn’t matter. I have decided.’ Imagine a conservative president doing this, say, on abortion. This is lawlessness. There’s no other way to characterize this. This is lawlessness. He’s not securing the southern border. He’s not enforcing immigration laws. That is why Arizona is having to act independently — and what does he do? He sues them! He sues the state of Arizona. He’s taken sides against a United States governor in Wisconsin, and will be taking sides against many more governors as the days unfold.

So let’s step back. Imagine, for the fun of it, Sarah Palin is elected president. I pick Palin only ’cause they hate her the most (and I’m not running). Imagine that Sarah Palin appoints scores of czars who are not confirmed by the Senate. These czars run the government out of the White House; they bypass the cabinet structure. Imagine that President Palin appoints as attorney general a politically partisan conservative. Imagine that attorney general takes orders from Palin on active cases, and she orders that attorney general to stop defending lawsuits against aspects of Roe v. Wade, to stop defending lawsuits against Obamacare, to stop defending lawsuits against the EPA’s greenhouse gas regulations.

Imagine if President Palin directs her attorney general to sue California to enforce border security and to stop granting taxpayer benefits to illegal aliens, in violation of the supremacy clause. Imagine if President Palin did all this. Imagine President Palin ordering the Republican National Committee to work with businesses, managers and executives that contributed tens of millions of dollars to her campaign to defeat her political opponents (especially Big Labor) in places like New York, New Jersey, Michigan, California; intervening in the affairs of states. Obama’s doing this. Imagine if President Palin did it. She gets hold of the guy that runs the RNC, says, ‘I want you to have meetings with businesspeople that contribute a lot of money to my campaign.’

Imagine President Palin decides that she will not comply with federal court rulings that she disagrees with, as in Florida and Louisiana. Imagine, if you will, President Palin meeting weekly with CEOs of the oil industry, of the insurance industry, and of the health care industry in order to help them profit and prosper. Imagine if President Palin meets with these groups to try to repair the damage done by the previous president, Barack Obama. Imagine a State of the Union in a House of Representatives chamber: President Palin attacking the sitting justices of the US Supreme Court, humiliating them for a ruling in a case in a manner that she disagrees with.

Imagine President Palin hiring a fashion person and putting her on the public payroll and telling everybody what to eat while she and Todd eat whatever they want on trips to places like Vail, while her husband is eating hamburgers and fries and ice cream. Imagine President Palin sending her kids to the most expensive private school in Washington, while at the same time killing a school choice program for poor minorities in the inner city of Washington — and, folks, I could go on and on and on. It explains everything, this sickening spectacle that is the left. Whether they pretend to be journalists, whether they are politicians, this is a dangerous force in this nation. We have to continue to expose them. That’s all we can do.

That is what we will do.


RUSH: When you’re out there pretending, ladies and gentlemen, that you’re Sarah Palin, President Palin, imagine that you don’t have a birth certificate, what would happen?

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