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Gerald McEntee, president of AFSCME, the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees union, represents the government workers who’ve been protesting the past two weeks, as Republican governors try to reign in union power. “They know how much we spent in the last campaign,” said McEntee,and “they’re going to try and shoot us down.” McEntee is brazenly admitting state employees are a key source of Democrat party money.

How much? Well, the union,with a million and a half members,spent over $90 million to elect Democrats last November. In 2008, the unions spent upwards of $400 million to elect Obama.

So there you have it –about a half billion dollars in the last two cycles,which explains why much of the trillion dollar Porkulus bill Democrats passed was spent on union members. And why the auto company takeoversbenefited union members. And why Obama added 200,000 government jobs,many of them dues-paying union members. And why Democrats want to unionize the TSA workers at our airports.

Your tax dollarspay union salaries and union dues,and in return for budget-busting pensions and benefits, the money transfers right back to Democrat campaigns.

Now, those are just the unions — the corrupt community action group ACORN got millions;likewise, Planned Parenthood, liberal public broadcasters, environmentalist wackos, and many others. It’s a money-laundering operation, folks!It deserves to be shot down because Democrats have been shooting down your local, state, and federal budgets for decades!

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