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RUSH: Winston-Salem, North Carolina, this is Lennie. Hello, sir, and I thank you for waiting. Hi.

CALLER: Oh, man. Thank you so much for taking my call. Super mega dittos, Maha Rushie.

RUSH: Thank you, sir, thank you. I love your energy, my man.

CALLER: Oh, thank you, thank you. I am so excited because, you know, I’ve been listening to you for 22 years. You are a man of your word. You are worth your salt. I thank God for you each and every day. Like I was telling Bo Snerdley, you know, being African-American, I’ve been a 22 year in-the-closet Rush listener, but I’m out of the closet, I can’t take it no more. I was telling Bo Snerdley that, you know, it’s like deja vu. I’m listening to the wrong ferries being sent to evacuate our people from Tripoli and I’m like, is this Iran 1979? Is Jimmy Carter back in office? It’s like the Twilight Zone.

RUSH: It is. It’s Carter’s second term. It’s a pretty good analogy you’ve got out there.

CALLER: It’s crazy, and it was because of Carter that made me join the Navy, and I was over in Lebanon, I was over in that region in 1982 and ’83 when we lost my friends, you know, the Marines and stuff like that. And to have someone that’s so passive in office who doesn’t have — he’s not worth his salt. He won’t stand up and say anything to his buddies in the Middle East. And that’s what they are. They’re his friends. It’s some kind of connection, you know, and I’m not trying to be conspiratorial, but that’s what’s going on.

RUSH: It’s not conspiratorial at all.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: You’re just being I think very astute in your observation.

CALLER: You know, I get to thank God and I get to thank you for that because like I said, Rush, I’ve been listening to you for 22 years and, you know, I don’t come out the box and tell people, ‘Well, this is what Rush says.’ I take your knowledge that you’ve put out there for all of us listeners and I just present it in the way that it was made.

RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen — if I may interrupt here for just a second, Lennie — for those of you new to the program today, this caller is showing the proper reverence. Okay, Lennie, continue.

CALLER: Yeah. And so, you know, as I said, then I started listening to you, I’ll never forget the first time I started listening to you, it was 1988, I was working as a security guard back at a company that’s defunct now, telecommunication company in Crystal City and I was listening to you on WMAL. Then I moved to Colorado Springs. Then I moved to North Carolina. And I’m just an avid listener. I absorb everything you say. You know, I’m not a mind-numbed robot.


CALLER: But I check what you say. I bought products that you have suggested and they work, as you have stated. And I’m like, if people would take the time to settle down and listen to what the Maha Rushie has to say.

RUSH: Amen.

CALLER: Talent on loan from God. You know, I want to congratulate you on your marriage to Kathryn. I love the golf show. I can’t get enough. I’m like probably a lot of listeners who wish you were still on TV ’cause I used to watch you as many times as I could back then. You crack me up. And I still see Clinton leaving that funeral for Ron Brown and laughing one minute and crying the next.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: How can you dispute this? He’s showing it to you. He’s letting you hear what the people have to say, out of their own mouth. You’re not propaganda. You are bringing what they are saying and what they’re doing. And, you know, I’m down here in Winston-Salem, I’m here working at the place where a coach has given his kidney to a player, where another person received a medal —

RUSH: Yeah, I saw that. That is a heartwarming, amazing story.

CALLER: Isn’t it?

RUSH: I did see that, yeah.

CALLER: It’s awesome. You know, and it happened in Black History Month of all months, and I was telling Bo, this is my second time getting through to you, and I’m like, it must be my Black History Month special. I get to talk to Rush for another time.

RUSH: Your lucky month!

CALLER: Yeah, yeah!

RUSH: Black History Month, your lucky month.

CALLER: (laughing) That’s why I tried it. I thank you so much, Rush, and just continued blessings on you and your family and your whole staff and that your word will just ring true to everybody.

RUSH: Thank you very much. Now, Lennie, before you go.


RUSH: You did call about something entirely different. I don’t want the audience to think that we put you on the air just for the proper reverence that you’ve shown.

CALLER: (laughing) Right.

RUSH: You did call about something. What is it?

CALLER: Well, I called to say that while the Middle East is going to hell in a handbasket, our president is having a celebration of Motown in the White House. What is up with that?

RUSH: You know, that is interesting. There was a celebration of Motown in the White House last night, and there was one Motown artist, Smokey Robinson. (interruption) Who was the second one? Stevie showed up? Okay. Well, then Stevie had to be a surprise, because the announcement I read prior to it said one Motown artist, Smokey Robinson, William Robinson is his name. But the interesting thing here, Lennie, that you may not know, I saw this, and I said, ‘What the hell is this?’ They had workshops during the day, presided over by the first lady for children about Motown and what it meant to them. Workshops like breakout study groups, the meaning of Motown. (interruption) Well, I’m sure they served food to the kids. I don’t know what they served. I have no comment. I have no knowledge of what food they served the kids, but they had work groups for the kids to learn about Motown. (interruption) The kids have parents? Yeah. Yeah. Well, the regime obviously can’t trust the parents to have told them the right things about Motown or to have told ’em anything about Motown.

Anyway, I understand the tribute to Motown, but certainly there are more than two Motowners still alive. (interruption) What do you mean, like Nero? You mean Nero fiddled while Rome burned? Well, and you know the truth about that, it was Nero that set the fire. Nero set the fire. Nero wanted to burn Rome down, and he sat there and fiddled while it burned. It was so far gone that he burned it down himself. He set the fire. Okay, we rest our case. He-he-he-he. Obama, Nero. They’re having a lot of parties, and they are having a lot of vacations. I’ve never seen the first family take as many vacations and throw as many parties. Nero wanted to burn Rome down to remake it in his own image. We rest our case again. He wanted to call it Neropolis. He wanted to get rid of the name Rome and call it Neropolis. No kidding, that’s what happened. He set the fire and then sat there and fiddled while Rome burned. We’ll be back. Thanks, Lennie, very much.


RUSH: It was somewhat ironic, ladies and gentlemen, to have a party in the White House celebrating Motown the day after it was announced that Detroit would have to close half of its public schools. But that’s this regime.

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