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RUSH: Jay in Stillwater, Maine. Great to have you on the program, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. I want to start this call by letting you know that I am prostate on my knees amidst four feet of global warming facing Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Is that sufficient for you, sir?

RUSH: Proper reverence again being shown by another caller. Yeah.

CALLER: (laughing) I’m calling today, Rush, because I’d like you to clarify my thinking as you so often do.

RUSH: Sure. Happy to help.

CALLER: Now, in theory the Tea Party is supposed to espouse and incite violence, but it seems to me in practice the Tea Party is repeatedly proved innocent while leftist labor unions are repeatedly filmed advocating and actually committing violence. Now, in theory, the Bush administration broke the law through it’s surveillance and rendition programs, but this can’t be proven because such surveillance can never be disclosed and proven because the Feds can’t talk, and we can’t believe anything the terrorists have to say. But in practice the Obama administration clearly breaks the law. Federal Judge Vinson ruled that the Constitution does not allow the government to regulate any activity nor mandate the purchase of any product. Judge Feldman ruled that the oil drill ban is unconstitutional, and the refusal to defend the Defense of Marriage Act speaks for itself. It seems to me, Rush, that the mantra is no longer: ‘How can we fool them today?’ but, ‘How can we rule them today?’

RUSH: Yeah, how can we rule them today? That’s right. You know, they’re not even worried about fooling us. They don’t even care to try to fool us. It’s just a poke in the eye. It’s in our face. It’s, ‘What are you gonna do about this? We don’t like the Defense of Marriage Act. (Raspberry) What are you gonna do about it? Judge said my health care law’s unconstitutional, screw the judge, who the hell is he? (Raspberry) You, too.’

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