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RUSH: Doesn’t everybody know that there is a direct correlation between spending money and the quality of education? That’s why US students lead the world in economic achievement, right? There’s obviously this correlation. We keep spending more money. We keep hearing that we’re not investing enough money in education so we keep spending more and more money. We need more and more pensions and more and more health benefits, and we have more and more increasing salaries, and all that. Yeah, and, boy, we’re really getting a big bang for that buck, aren’t we? … Except that we aren’t. How come nobody ever thinks to ask exactly who are the public sector unions ‘organized’ against?

We always hear about ‘union organizers,’ and we always think (and I touched on this last week) that unions are organized against ‘These eeevil, mean, rotten, fat cat, cigar smoking, country club-member, private-jet flying CEOs, and that these are cutthroat people and they not only would looove if they could see these union guys starve to death, these are the same people love to kill their customers! That’s what the left would have you to believe about corporate America: ‘They kill their customers. They feed ’em poisonous food! They sell them poisonous products! They serve them dangerous, deadly drugs,’ all of this rotgut that we get. Well, okay, who are the public sector unions ‘organized’ against? Isn’t it against us, taxpayers?

And actually, when it comes to their fight against merit pay and firing incompetent teachers, they are organized against the children. When we, the people who pay them, say, ‘Hey, you know what? We want to see some evidence that you know what you’re doing. We want to see some teachers testing. We want to see some evidence that you’re qualified,’ they say, ‘Hey, you can’t do it! The union prohibits it. You have no business doing that!’ Okay, so you’re organizing against us. The public sector teachers unions are organized against us and the children. Now, the Wisconsin assembly just passed a bill to fine these 14 AWOL Democrat senators.

From the AP: ‘Capitol Chaos: Resolution Passed to Fine the Wisconsin 14 — Fourteen Wisconsin Senate Democrats who left the state two weeks ago will now face signs of $100 for each day they miss, if they miss two or more days. The resolution passed today also requires missing Democrats to reimburse the Senate for any costs incurred during attempts to force them to return.’ Ah, the union will just pick up the tab for this. That’s what they’ve been doing up ’til now.


RUSH: Quick little question here, folks. If you pay teachers more, which is what we’re told we have to do every year — I mean we can go back, I’ll bet you I could go back as far as LBJ. I’ll bet you I could go back to Eisenhower. As long as there was video to be found, I’ll betcha we could go back to all these presidents, every damn one of them talking about education and how we need more money, we need to invest more in education. The education of our children, why, that’s the most important thing in our country, why, we cannot waste a single moment, why, we must not leave a single child behind, takes a village to raise a bunch of idiots. We need more education dollars. I’m choking on that I’ve heard it so damn much, right?

Now, if we pay teachers more and that means you get better education, why don’t we double the pay of plumbers and electricians, get better running water, get better traveling electricity. Yeah, we pay the plumbers more, we pay the electricians more, pipefitter, yeah, we get more electricity, cheaper price, we get more plumbing, better flushes, don’t need to call Roto-Rooter as much. The more we spend the better pipes we’ve got. Do we get better oil when the price of oil goes up. Is the quality of the oil any better? Do we get better bread when the price of wheat goes up? Are we gonna attract better plumbers and better electricians and better oil rig workers and farmers and so forth? But yet when it comes to education all of that’s stood upside down on its head. Why, magic is going to happen if we just spend more on education. And look where we are in Wisconsin in that regard.

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