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A few hours before the Senate voted to keep the government running with a two-week temporary spending measure, Speaker of the House John Boehner and Dingy Harry had a verbal joust.

Speaker Boehner suggested Dingy Harry needs to explain why the Senate did not take action on the original budget measure the House passed two weeks ago with over $60 billion of spending cuts. “I’m not sure whether Senator Reid has a plan to cut spending. If he does, I think the American people would be interested in seeing it. If he doesn’t, I think he owes the American people an explanation,” Boehner said.

(chuckles) That sent Dingy Harry off the cliff. He sent out a spokesman to say: “That’s tough talk from someone who is being bossed around by a bunch of freshman.” That one-sentence speaks volumes. In November, Democrats got their clocks cleaned. In the House alone, 87 GOP freshmen were elected – a political tsunami. Seven hundred Democrats around the country lost their seats.

You, the American people, spoke in an unambiguous, clear voice. You said you wanted Harry Reid and the Democrats to cut spending and roll back Obama’s far-left agenda. You fired Nancy Pelosi and a host of other big-spending Democrat governors.

Yet after all of that, Dingy Harry disparages and ridicules the new House Speaker for actually listening to the “bunch of freshmen” you sent to Washington. Harry Reid is flipping them off, giving the middle finger to Speaker Boehner.

But it’s really directed at you.

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