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RUSH: As we pointed out yesterday, 15 stories, negative stories blaming Bush for the gasoline price rise in 2007 and 2008. One story on Obama for every 15 Bush stories.So the question becomes: Will the media ignoring the rise in gas prices be able to keep that from becoming a major factor in people’s minds over the economy and Obama’s role in it? Remember, now, everything is focused on the reelection in 2012. The regime is looking at 8% unemployment. That’s what they’re going to get if they could do it. If they can get there by manipulation they will, but that 8% unemployment number is the number they think takes the economy as a negative out of play. It either makes it neutral or a positive. But on the other side you got these rising gas prices. They know their buddies in the media are not gonna harp on that, but rising gas prices are real, nevertheless.Whether the media is telling us every day how high it’s going, and whether the media does stories on the pain and suffering, or not, remember during the Bush years we got all kinds of stories about the pain and suffering and people couldn’t go visit family and single parents couldn’t see their kids (or divorced parents), because of the high price of gas. We heard about all the ancillary effects of the leisure industry, all of the destruction brought about by rising gas prices. We’re not gonna get that with Obama in the White House, but will it matter? ‘Cause the public’s gonna feel it. There’s no way you can it will ’em it’s not happening. You can ignore that it’s happening if you’re the media, but there’s no way you can tell people it isn’t happening.

Because $4 was the tipping point. At $4 a gallon, people went nuts — and, by the way, in order to get $4 a gallon, the oil price was around $147 a barrel. We’re nowhere near that price now and we’re still over four bucks in parts of the country, such as in Malibu. In other parts of the country, the average I think here is that the gas price, gasoline price went up (national average) a nickel a gallon in the past 24 hours. Now, at this rate, if it continues, the national average price for regular unleaded gasoline will be $4 a gallon in 11 days, and I wonder if this rate of increase pleases the president.

Remember, the president is on record as saying he didn’t mind $4 a gallon. He was a little disturbed about how quickly it got there. But for the regime, four bucks or higher, that’s exactly what they want! They hate oil, they hate anything to do with it, and there’s their Chevy Volt and the Nissan Leaf — all these electric cars that nobody is buying. We got the numbers in on that and even Dale Earnhardt Jr. has now joined the crusade of bashing the technology of the Chevy Volt. Yeah. Dale Earnhardt Jr.

He said it nicely but he still said it. He said, ‘The technology still isn’t there.’ The number 8% is important unemployment because no president has ever been reelected with the unemployment rate over 8% except FDR. He’s the one exception. So we know what the magic number is for the unemployment rate. We need to find out what the magic number is for the gasoline price and the reelection tipping point there. And, remember, as we get the sales figures on the Volt (and it’s like in the 200s) and the Nissan Leaf, even with these rising gasoline prices, SUVs and truck sales are still going through the roof. People want their SUVs and their trucks for whatever standard, traditional, American reasons.


RUSH: It’s interesting, folks. For the record YouTube-Google seems to have scrubbed that clip of Obama saying he doesn’t mind gas prices going up to four bucks; he just doesn’t want them to go up too quickly. You can’t find that. However, I think I’ve got a link for it here at CNBC. I’ll have to send this up to Cookie and see if that’s what this link actually is. It was a question from John Harwood at CNBC: ‘So could the high oil price help us?’ and Obama said, ‘Well, I think that I would have preferred a gradual adjustment, a gradual increase.’ So his preference (whether you can find it on YouTube-Google or not) for higher oil prices has come to pass.

Don’t doubt me on this, folks. He has wanted this. And if you doubt me, if you do — and we know here (there’s evidence galore in recent months) that this program’s audience is populated with an increasing number of Democrats and leftists. If you’re gonna doubt me simply because you’ve been told I lie — you know, you’re listening here for the first or second time and you’ve already got me figured out. You’ve been told that everything here is a lie and it’s all made up and all that. If you’re gonna doubt me when I claim that Obama’s very happy with rising oil and energy prices, then simply examine what he said.

What is it that he wants? What is his nirvana? Green energy! He hates the coal business. He’s told the people in the coal-fired electrical plant business, electricity generation plant (summarized), ‘Go ahead and do it but I’m gonna put you out of business. You’re not gotta be able to afford the taxes I’m gonna charge you. I mean, you can do it, I’m not gonna shut down the business but you’re gonna go broke doing it.’ He knows. He can look at sales figures. The number of Volts sold to date: 281. The number of Nissan Leafs sold: 67. His dream is a million, and he’s only gonna be able to do that by subsidizing the sale.

He’s gonna be paying people, essentially, to buy these cars. That means what? It means they don’t want them. But that doesn’t matter to him. Obama doesn’t care whether you want one of these cars or not. He doesn’t care whether you like petroleum-based energy production or not. He doesn’t, and that’s it — and for whatever policy or wacko leftist reason, he wants to push this green stuff, and he knows he’s not gonna get it done if he waits around for you to want it. The only way it’s gonna happen is if you are forced there: Ergo, rising gasoline prices, higher oil prices, all that, ‘Why, made to order!’ Necessity, requiring somebody to go cheap, is much better than wanting them to do something they don’t want to do. So it’s all working out for him.


RUSH: Here it is, from June the 10th of 2008 — CNBC’s Your Money, Your Vote — the chief Washington shill, John Harwood. Yes, I said ‘shill.’ This guy supposedly works in the media but wait until you hear the question. He’s interviewing Senator ‘Barack-ay’ Obama (as pronounced by Khadafy), and the chief Washington shill for CNBC, John Harwood, said to Obama, ‘Could the high prices help us?’ President Bush, could the low unemployment numbers help us? What is this, ‘Senator Obama, could the high prices,’ oil, gasoline, could the high prices ‘help us?’ What the hell is that? It’s a shill. And here’s what Bamster had to say.

OBAMA: I think that I would have preferred a gradual adjustment. The fact that, ehh, this is such a shock t’American pocketbooks is not a good thing. Uh, but if we take some steps right now t’, uh, help people make the adjustment — first of all by putting more money into their pockets, but also by encouraging the market to adapt to these new circumstances more quickly, particularly US automakers.

RUSH: ‘I would have preferred a graaaadual increase in prices. I don’t mind the high price, John, Mr. Harwood. I don’t mind the high price at all. I just think we got there a little bit too quickly. But it actually could help us move into this worthless green technology area, which is nothing more than a slush fund money laundering operation for me.’

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