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RUSH: This next, this is just kind of interesting. This goes to show you the sensitivity of people. You remember last week, we played some sound bites of Sam Zell who had appeared on CNBC. Talk about the economy and so forth, and we just talked about the Sam Zell. That was it. The hosts of the show are Joe Kernen and Carl Quintanilla. Well, they were talking about that today on their show, Squawk Box.

QUINTANILLA: You heard, duh, Rush Limbaugh talking about or Zell interview.


QUINTANILLA: Limbaugh seems to think that we were trying to challenge Zell. I don’t think he has any idea — maybe, meh, at least about ME — when I’m talking to Sam Zell.

RUSH: I don’t think these guys listened to the show. I don’t remember ‘criticizing’ these guys. All we did was play the Zell bites and comment on Zell and what Zell had to say.

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