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RUSH: Speaking of tomorrow being Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday (if Michelle Obama hasn’t outlawed it), yesterday on TV One’s Washington Watch with our old buddy Roland Martin. During a panel discussion Roland Martin had this exchange with a comedian, J. Anthony Brown, about me and my criticism of the First Lady, Moochelle Obama.

MARTIN: Rush Limbaugh has been highly critical of First Lady Michelle Obama for eating ribs.

BROWN: (groans)

MARTIN: Is, Rush, really, Kym, really the best person to talk about eating?

BROWN: What did he say? What did he actually say?

MARTIN: He said that she’s telling us to eat tofu and all this food with no taste —

BROWN: Okay.

MARTIN: But at some event she was eating ribs, and it was 1500 calories.

BROWN: No disrespect, but he’s kinda partially right about that. Now, you can’t have us eatin’ tofu —

MARTIN: (laughing)

BROWN: — and then you at a rib shack. It just don’t sound right.

RUSH: ‘[H]e’s kind of partially right about that. You can’t have us eating tofu and you eat at a rib shack. It just don’t sound right.’ So even the brothers are kind of throwing a curve there to our old buddy Roland Martin. But then it continued. The other guests on this show were Kym Whitley, a comedian; and Buddy Lewis, and they all then got in on it.

BROWN: No disrespect, it’s just —

WHITLEY: Well, wait a minute! I think — No, but I think she said in moderation. She never said change completely.

BROWN: Yeah, but I saw her plate, and it didn’t look really moderate.

ALL: (burst out laughing)

LEWIS: It was liberal, not conservative?

ALL: (burst out laughing)

LEWIS: You can’t be mad at the first lady or having ribs?

BROWN: Seriously.

WHITLEY: And she really needs… He cannot talk!

LEWIS: Well, see, that’s the thing about it. People always tell fat people that they can’t do fat jokes. Who better to do a fat joke than a fat person?

RUSH: So the waves, the repercussions here for my pointing out the hypocrisy and the irony of Michelle Obama chowing down on the big time — what was it? What kind of ribs were they? Not baby back. Short ribs! Anyway, it’s still reverberating out there, ladies and gentlemen, and support for your host surfacing in some unsuspected quarters.

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