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“I know that the vast majority of people are nowhere near as curious as I am. Most people may not actually want to hear the president’s motivation for his policies. I do.”

“Why does somebody who claims to want to lower unemployment, to focus like a laser on jobs, how does that guy end up with so many jobs lost? How does that guy end up presiding over an energy policy that’s led us tofive dollar-dollar-a-gallon gasoline? How does that happen?”

“I think you can gauge the hawkishness of Senator Kerry based on which party occupies the White House, and if it’s a Democrat in the White House he’s pretty hawkish on things.”

“We know Obama has said to his buddies he wants a single payer national health care. We know he wants to put traditional energy sources out of business. We know that he views the American private sector as a culprit. We know all this. The question is, how much of it do we actually say?”

“The Democrats never handcuff themselves in describing us. They never handcuff themselves in talking about our motivations as they see it. They engage in the politics of personal destruction, and we’re told it never hurts them.”

“Can you imagine two Democrats sitting around saying, ‘We’re never gonna win if we keep talking about Palin the way we’re talking about her?’ Of course not!”

“Here where we live in south Florida, West Palm Beach gasoline prices are up nearly 50 cents in one month. I have to pay the price at the pump just like anybody else does. So I’m at one with everybody else on this.”

“The Saudis have upped their production to make up for whatever’s been lost in Libya, so it’s not Khadafy’s fault. So how come Obama’s not cracking down on those evil oil speculators? He must like it! Well, we know he likes it.”

“They’re offering smart meters in certain parts of the country with certain financial incentives, like, ‘We’ll reduce your electric bill X-number of dollars per month per year in exchange for putting this thing in.’ What you’re doing is signing up for losing total control over your use of electricity and other forms of power within your own home.”

“Here Republicans have the single greatest opportunity we’ve ever had to contrast ourselves with that which we oppose and everyone’s saying we have one of the weakest fields ever.”

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