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Monday’s Wall Street Journal said Wisconsin’s Democrats were ready to give up and return to the state even though Governor Walker’s budget bill would pass. This would also mean that the bankrupting power of public sector unions over the state would finally be limited.

Democrat State Senator Mark Miller told the Journal that the decision to come back was due to recent polls which he believes to be “disastrous” for Governor Walker and Republicans. So much so, that he says his outnumbered Democrats could gain “leverage” in seeking changes to the budget later. Other Democrats pointed to fatigue, saying there’s only so much the runaway Democrats can do: “It’s really up to the public” to carry the torch.

By Monday afternoon, Miller denied his own quotes, now insisting Democrats aren’t ready to come back; they’re not set to cave. What could cause such a sudden change of heart? Could it be that Democrat Miller didn’t check with his union bosses before talking to the Wall Street Journal? And once the bosses had someone read the Journal article to them they issued overriding marching orders?

Meanwhile, the protests have hit rock bottom. After inflicting over $7 million in damage to the state capitol building, protesters were rewarded by a visit by the rich elite filmmaker, Michael Moore. He told them America isn’t broke; the rich elite are just controlling all the money. It’s one thing to be duped; quite another to be duped by a bloated bigot dunce!

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