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The Milwaukee teachers union has reportedly dropped a lawsuit against the Milwaukee Board of School Directors and the state labor commission. The end result: Viagra will no longer be covered in teachers’ health insurance plans.

The battle over teachers’ Viagra can only be described as long and hard. Now here’s the thrust of it.

In 2002, union demands got a lift, and erectile dysfunction medication was added to the teachers’ benefit package. But when negotiations opened for the 2003-to-2005 contract the school board lowered the boom. Citing rising costs, they tried to withdraw Viagra. The matter went to arbitration – and the school board raised the victory flag. But in July 2010, the union was so hard-up they filed suit to force the state to cover Viagra, claiming discrimination – because female sexual dysfunction meds were covered. The board argued that Viagra and similar drugs for males were mainly recreational.

Now unexpectedly the teachers union went limp and out-of-the-blue, ended the lawsuit. This is a downer for liberals. If taxpayers won’t be forced to pay for Viagra how will Milwaukee educators keep up with the physical rigors expected of them? They’re already feeling screwed by the new Governor, who’s trying to make them pay a portion of their own health care and pension plans – and now this. Poor fellas! They’re going to have to dig in their own pockets to come up with cash to make other things in their pockets come up.

What a comeuppance! Sometimes life can be a cruel letdown, can’t it.

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