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RUSH: The New York Times — (laughing) — I mean the whole paper today. ‘Rising Gas Cost Finds the Nation Better Prepared.’ (laughing) Yes. ‘The increase in energy prices is beginning to resemble the rise in 2008. But this time, the American economy may be better prepared for higher fuel costs. … While the latest surge in energy prices is likely to cause some pain and slow the recovery from the recession, economists say the spike is unlikely to derail the rebound unless prices rise a lot further. One big reason is that consumers and businesses have learned lessons from the last oil shock. … Industries like airlines and trucking, which are most severely affected by fuel prices, have passed on their higher costs almost immediately instead of waiting for the price increases to hammer profits. And much of the rest of the United States economy is far less dependent on oil than it used to be.’ (laughing) It’s not possible, but that’s what they’re saying.

‘Ronnie Undeberg, 50, of Summerfield, Fla., started driving less in December, when gas hit $3 a gallon. ‘I started planning my errands,’ he said. If gas reaches $4, Mr. Undeberg, a discipline clerk at Lake Weir Middle School, said he would scale back his cable television package and cut his cellphone use.’ He’s a discipline clerk at a middle school. What is that? Dawn, you’ve had kids in middle school. Did you have a discipline clerk there? You don’t know what that is? Does anybody know? A clerk is somebody on the other side of a desk in a bureaucracy. ‘But so far, consumers and businesses seem to have adapted to the higher prices much more quickly than in 2008.’ So you see, folks, it isn’t a problem and you’re not even that bothered by it and the economy is not even gonna slow down. It’s a beautiful thing. It’s totally unlike when gasoline prices rose under George W. Bush. But everything’s so much better now with Obama. We’re far more mature. We’re far greater understanding of our problems and we’re better able to deal. The unemployed are better prepared, hell, yes, Snerdley, you’ve got it, you’ve nailed it. The unemployed are better prepared to deal with it, more time with their families here, if you can’t drive. Oh, it’s all a positive. It’s all a positive.

Folks, I haven’t even scratched the surface. We got a whole series of stories here that you could title, ‘It’s really not that bad out there.’ A bunch of stories that would fit under that rubric, ‘It’s really not that bad.’


RUSH: The template here that I have detected as I pore through State-Controlled Media outlets today is: Everything’s fine; everything’s okay. It’s actually much better than it would otherwise be, because we have Obama. And the first story from this template I’ve shared with you: ‘Rising Gasoline Cost Finds the Nation Better Prepared.’ Everything’s cool! I mean, even the homeless do not care that the price of Sterno is going up. Everything’s just peachy. Everybody involved has adjusted well to rising gasoline prices and there’s no problem. Nothing to see there. Also in this template Everything is Fine.

USA Today: ‘Report: Pensions Not Bankrupting States — A two-part series by McClatchy Newspaper examines public- and private-sector pension plans and delivers this conclusion: ‘There’s simply no evidence that state pensions are the current burden to public finances that their critics claim.” Nothing to see here.

There really isn’t a problem with all of these underfunded pensions. I don’t know who told you that, but whoever told you that is wrong or they’re lying to you. ‘Pension contributions from state and local employers aren’t blowing up budgets. … [S]tate and local pension contributions approximate the burden shouldered by private companies.’

There’s nothing. There’s nothing to worry about here. That’s USA Today. From Bloomberg News: ‘Bonds Show Why Boehner Saying ‘We’re Broke’ is a Figure of Speech.’ Hey, everything’s fine, here! This analyst says we can’t possibly be broke if people will lend us money. If somebody will lend you money you can’t possibly be broke. You can always raise taxes even if you are broke. So… Greece, now, that’s broke, but we’re not broke. We’re doing fine here. Nothing wrong. From The Politico: ‘Poll: Americans Want a Budget Compromise,’ but, ‘If there were to be a shutdown, Americans see Republicans more likely to win political points,’ 45% to 34%. That’s a Bloomberg poll of 1,001 adults.

That’s not so particularly good as far as these people are concerned. In the meantime — while everything’s fine; nothing to see here.


RUSH: Don in Chicago as we start on the phones today. Great to have you with us, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. Twenty-eight-day dittos.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: Your opening story has an obvious contradiction. It said that the rising gas prices is not having an adverse effect on the economy because businesses are passing off the costs to their consumers a lot faster than they did in the past.

RUSH: Yeah, I know.

CALLER: That’s inflationary.

RUSH: It’s not just that, it’s silly. I mean to sit here and say that businesses are not as affected here because they’re passing off costs to their customers sooner, a lot faster than they did in the past?

CALLER: That’s crazy.

RUSH: It’s totally crazy. But the whole story is crazy, the whole story is crazy. Rising gas price, not a problem, everybody is prepared this time, everything’s fine, everything’s cool, everything’s hunky-dory. There’s not one problem. You’re right, doing things like that would be inflationary. But it also is not happening. And if businesses are passing costs along that ultimately has an impact on whoever’s paying those costs. They’re either not buying or buying less or whatever. It ain’t fine. But get ready. We warned you of this. We told you. The rising gas price, it’s gonna be a Bush problem that poor old Obama inherited, but everything is actually okay. We know a lot more about this now than we did with Bush. Everything’s fine. So what they’re really telling you, ‘Don’t start complaining about the gasoline price to us because we’re not gonna do any stories on it; no compassion for you. If rising gas prices hurts you, it’s your tough luck. Everybody else has learned how to deal with it, why haven’t you?’

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