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RUSH: Here’s Rumsfeld. This is Piers Morgan last night on CNN. Morgan says, ‘On 9/11 you didn’t call your wife?’

RUMSFELD: Of course it’s true. Torie Clarke said, ‘Have you called Mrs. R.?’ And I said, ‘No,’ and she said, ‘You son-of-a-bitch,’ and I said, ‘Well, you may have a point.’

MORGAN: Why didn’t you?

RUMSFELD: Well, I was busy! My goodness gracious! The building was burning. They were still pulling people out of the building. It was a terrible, tragic day for our country. She knew where I was. She’s terrific. She’s lived with me for 56 years now as my wife. When people say, ‘How could you stay married to him for 56 years,’ she says, ‘He travels a lot.’

RUSH: There you have it. That’s Rumsfeld. Very mature answer: His wife knows where he is, he’s in the Pentagon. The only problem is the thing just got blown up and he says he’s still in the Pentagon. But after 56 years, wife might not care, you know, whether… (laughing) I’m just kidding, Dawn. Understand it’s been a long three hours. I’m just teasing here. So Morgan says, ‘Some odd things here, odd things. If you emerge from this book, one is you’ve always liked to work standing up.’

RUMSFELD: That’s not odd!

MORGAN: It’s very odd!

RUMSFELD: (laughing) It’s not.

MORGAN: To me.

RUMSFELD: It’s perfectly normal.

MORGAN: It’s not normal.

RUMSFELD: I wonder why people sit down all the time.

MORGAN: I don’t know anybody else in the history of employment —

RUMSFELD: Oh, come on!

MORGAN: — standing up.

RUMSFELD: There’s all kinds of naval officers who do it. They have stand-up desks.

MORGAN: Really?

RUMSFELD: Of course! I mean, I didn’t invent them. Thomas Jefferson had a stand-up desk. Why did you act like that’s odd?

MORGAN: It’s just weird.

RUMSFELD: It’s not weird at all. Sitting is weird!

MORGAN: (cackling)

RUMSFELD: I can’t imagine why you do it.

MORGAN: Sitting is not weird!

RUMSFELD: (laughing)

MORGAN: You still get up a 4:30 in the morning to go workout?


MORGAN: You’re 78 years old! Isn’t it time to just take a rest?

RUMSFELD: Well, no. Why would one want to do that?

RUSH: So here you have the former Secretary of Defense talking about stand-up desks.

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