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RUSH: The media is still wringing its hands: ‘What’s Obama gonna do about Libya?’ He’s gotta do something. He’s gotta say something. He can’t. The Wall Street Journal had it right. Obama came to power ripping the whole notion of the United States getting involved in the Middle East. Now everybody’s clamoring for him to do something. Last night CNN’s In the Arena, they spoke to David ‘Rodham’ Gergen. The question, ‘Is there a coherent foreign policy message coming out of this regime?’

GERGEN: It’s not as clear to me what the strategy is. What’s the vision for where we want this all to go? What kind of Middle do we want to see? I thought we were gonna get a speech on Libya the other day. I do think he needs to enunciate a general strategy for where he’s trying to go, where the west is trying to go in the Middle East.

RUSH: Do you think he even cares? Does he really care? He’s got another party tonight. He’s throwing another viewing party for a basketball game, college basketball, he’s bringing some people up. You know, let Bush try this. In the midst of all this stuff going on have Bush throw a party on Wednesday night, Charlie Daniels and the boys come in, they’d get mad at that, maybe a little Ted Nugent. They wouldn’t like that. But here come these guys watching a basketball game with the Motown guys. Does he really even care? Having the place on fire over there, unrest and chaos. Does he even care? Let me ask an even better question, honest to God here, folks. We make so many assumptions about the president and the presidency and the people who run for that office. Would somebody explain to me where in the past and the history of Barack Obama is there any evidence that he has the slightest understanding or idea what’s happening there or why or does he even care? Where is the track record? Hell’s bells, we can’t even get his law review records or his grade transcripts at Harvard, for crying out loud, how do we know?

We make all these wild assumptions, ‘Well, Rush, even if he doesn’t know, he’s got some advisors.’ That’s even scarier. You mean like that Clapper guy who said, ‘Muslim Brotherhood? Harmless. Not even ideologues.’ Where is it written that he even has the slightest clue? Obviously David ‘Rodham’ Gergen thinks, well, he’s president, he’s gotta have a philosophy. He’s gotta have a vision for the Middle East, what do we want the Middle East to be? The last president that we had that articulated such a vision was George W. Bush, and look what they did to him for it. What’s Obama’s vision for the Middle East? The Cairo speech? What is it? Do we have to ask Reverend Wright? I mean who in the world do we know that’s had any influence on Obama where this stuff happens? I’m not being casual here or throwing it off. Obama’s very tied up with the Clintons these days. He’s basically got a lot of Clinton staffers and we still don’t know who has given money to the Clintons for their library and their foundation and massage parlor.

Okay, so Obama says he took a course in international relations, was undergrad. Fine. Okay. My mom made me take out the trash, so I know about waste removal. Wolf Blitzer, The Situation Room, CNN, we have a montage of Wolf Blitzer talking about an upcoming press conference held by Libyan leader Moammar Khadafy. They’re just so excited. Khadafy’s gonna speak. Yeah, man. Khadafy’s gonna speak, instant ratings for CNN. It’s beyond me what excites these people, but Wolf could barely keep his pants up. Here’s the montage.

BLITZER: Breaking news we’re following right now. Moammar Khadafy may speak to reporters any minute. They rolled out the red carpet for Moammar Khadafy. He shows up, we expect him to start speaking to reporters literally any minute now. It’s getting closer and closer to midnight. He could be speaking at 11, at midnight, at 1 a.m., we have no clue. We’re all waiting, we’re watching for Moammar Khadafy to speak. We expect that soon. Breaking news out of Tripoli, Libya, awaiting Moammar Khadafy. Stand by for that. Moammar Khadafy behind that curtain over there. We don’t know when he’s gonna speak. We anticipate that will be soon. We’re standing by. We’re awaiting Moammar Khadafy. He’s getting ready, we’re told, to speak to journalists. It’s a dramatic scene. Awaiting Khadafy is no simple matter.

RUSH: Waiting and waiting and waiting. This reminds me of Wolf with breaking news on Bush’s approval numbers going below 40. Remember that sound bite? Could do a movie, Driving Ms. Nancy while waiting for Khadafy. Waiting and waiting, breaking news, this dramatic scene, awaiting Khadafy is no simple matter. Well, the erstwhile Nic Robertson is on the case, folks, over there. He’s one of 100 reporters invited by Khadafy to answer questions. He reports they’ve been stood up. Khadafy snuck out the back door in a white Beamer.

ROBERTSON: Moammar Khadafy it appears was whisked out of a side door into a waiting BMW, a white BMW 7 Series, snuck out of a side door, snuck out of a side door and avoided all the questions of all these more than a hundred reporters here, people he has invited to this country to answer their questions.

RUSH: The audacity, how dare he! This is why he’s still a colonel and not a general. He’s invited a hundred reporters to ask questions, and he was gonna answer them, but he sneaks out the side door in a white Beamer 7 Series no less. Not a 5, not a 6, the big daddy, the Series 7 Beamer. What’s important about that? Why do they have to stipulate what kinda Beamer it is? So we know how much it costs, exactly right. So Wolf Blitzer, having now presided over an hour of programming down the drain clings to hope that Khadafy might return. Nic Robertson has to give him the bad news.

BLITZER: Is it your sense that he’s gone for the night? It’s now past midnight. It’s past 12:30 a.m. where you are. Or is it still possible, based on what you’re hearing from other Libyan officials, that he might come back tonight?

ROBERTSON: Wolf, I think that’s it. He’s gone.

RUSH: Folks, I can’t keep a straight face. These guys, can you imagine getting that excited over Khadafy? So what if he shows up? He’s a lunatic. He’s an insane asylum with a mouth. And Wolf is genuinely disappointed. (imitating Wolf) ‘Is it still possible? Based on what you’re hearing, Nic, from Libyan officials, is it possible he could show up? Is it possible?’ ‘Sorry, Wolf, I think that’s it. He’s gone.’ (imitating Robertson) ‘But, hey,’ Nic offered, ‘I still got Mustapha here from Cairo. We can still ask him about Obama. Or I could go talk to Ahmed.’ But Wolf said, nah, never mind.

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