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RUSH: About this bullying business, here’s a story from the Raleigh News and Observer: ‘Obama Makes Time for Bullying Prevention Effort.’ So here of you have teachers, you have teacher-funded bullies defacing the capitol building in Wisconsin in an effort to intimidate elected officials — and Obama, who’s the de facto leader of these said bullies, says bullying has no place in schools.

We had a caller say, ‘Why doesn’t Obama stop the bullying in the Middle East?’ I think it would help everybody to recall what Obama’s opinion of this country is. He thinks this country has been a bully in the world. Look, you know it and I know it. He believes that this country is a bully. It’s one of the reasons why he’s not doing anything in Libya. May we be honest about this? He’s kinda hamstrung because he was out there ripping into Bush for all those years for Bush’s democracy project in Iraq. And, remember, even before Obama was elected to the US Senate he was running around saying, ‘This is a horrible thing. We have no business being there. It’s none of our business. Weapons of mass destruction,’ all of it.

‘The US has no business trying to shape events. It’s none of our business over there! Who are we?’ Well, now when Cairo and Egypt kind of happened he was able to throw himself in front of that mob, but he didn’t have to really do anything. He made a couple speeches. Libya is a little bit different. This is actually a powder keg, things are being blown up and you got a real lunatic leader here who’s capable of anything, and the world is clamoring for some moral leadership, some guidance. And Sarkozy has had to step in and provide it because Obama is hamstrung. A) He has said, ‘We have no business telling these people what to do;’ and, B) he’s ripped Bush for it.

It was a central aspect of his campaign, in fact. He’s already had to tell the truth to his people he never intended to close Guantanamo Bay. Now, in the same week, to have to go against his own avowed belief that we have no business telling anybody in the Middle East what to do to step in there and do something about Libya? So we are the bully, and because we’ve been the bully, we’re not gonna be the bully anymore. So we bring bullying up and we make it a domestic issue that is so important that the White House has to get involved in it, and of course we all know that it’s Moochelle’s issue. I watched it this morning. I watched from the White House.

Moochelle was running this whole show. She was carrying the water on this. Obama was not even in the camera frame. At times half of him was in the camera frame. But, you know, she was running the whole thing. It’s ridiculous for the federal government to be involved in an issue like this. The other reason that Obama might be afraid to do anything in Libya is that bullies are notoriously cowardly. You know, if there’s any real… What makes a bully? A bully is somebody who goes after somebody much weaker and much smaller. Bullies are notorious cowards. If there’s any real risk whatsoever to the bully, the bully won’t take any action. He might mouth off a couple words here but really won’t get into any serious action. By definition.

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