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In a new BBC documentary, a prominent UK health care official felt uninhibited enough to share her thoughts. Dr. Daphne Austin said the health care system is “doing more harm than good by resuscitating” babies who are born 23 weeks into a pregnancy. Dr. Austin went on to say: “For me the big issue is that we’re spending an awful lot of money on treatments that have very marginal benefit. I would prefer to free up that money to spend on providing support to people” with “chronic conditions.”

She wasn’t done. Dr. Austin suggested that too much weight is given to parents in these matters. “There’s a lot of emphasis on the parents’ views and what they want. But somewhere in there, there needs to be an advocate for the baby.” In other words, the baby – given a choice – would advocate to be killed.

Okay, you say, that’s across the pond that’s the UK, not here! Wrong, my friends: Dr. Austin isn’t the voice of the UK – she’s the voice of liberalism. In our own country, liberals are already complaining that the elderly consume too many of our health care dollars. Lest you forget, our Pharaoh Obama suggested they take a pain pill instead of expensive surgery.

If you give liberals the power of life and death, along with the power of the purse over your health care – you are not granting them the power to “play God.” You’re granting them the power to play executioner.

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