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RUSH: We got a couple of Reverend Jackson sound bites. Was on with Megyn Kelly this afternoon on Fox. She said, ‘I want to ask you for your response to that scene that we just showed with lawmakers saying, ‘Let us do our jobs. This is America.’ The Republicans there are growing increasingly frustrated what they perceive as an inability to just go and vote.’

JACKSON: These are not so much angry Democrats as they are hurt and desperate. These are workers here who have lost their jobs. Their homes are in foreclosure.


JACKSON: They can’t pay student loan debt.


JACKSON: They’re fighting back the most basic of democratic rights. So they’re gonna escalate these protests. You’re either gonna have collective bargaining through a vehicle called collective bargaining or you gonna have it through the streets, where people here are gonna fight back because they think their cause is moral, and they have no place else to go.

RUSH: He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. You know, Jesse Jackson is a Ken doll. There’s a — there’s a little string in his back with a little ring and you pull it, and out comes Standardized Answer #1; and you pull it again, here comes Standardized Answer #2. We’re not talking about people who have lost their jobs. Quite the contrary! We’re not talking about people who have lost their homes in foreclosure, Reverend Jackson. Public sector union people have not for the most part experienced that, precisely because they were the beneficiaries of the stimulus: $800 billion, and $700 million of it went to Wisconsin.

A little less than 10% of the stimulus went to Wisconsin. Six hundred million of the 700 million that Wisconsin got went to public sector unions. So while during the recession private sector people were losing their jobs and were losing their homes to foreclosure, the Obama administration saw to it that that would not happen to public sector union people — and, again, folks, (sigh) I hate to be repetitive. I times feel like I’m cheating you if every utterance is not something new that you haven’t heard before, but really, it’s not complicated. The whole purpose of that stimulus we were lied about. Virtually every syllable in sales pitch was a lie. The purpose of the stimulus was not ‘shovel-ready jobs.’ It wasn’t schools and roads and bridges. It wasn’t any of that.

It wasn’t to boost private sector employment. It was strictly a slush fund to make sure that employees who pay union dues would continue to have jobs so that Democrats would get their campaign donations. That’s all it was. There’s nothing more to it than that. Everything else was a fraud. Everything else was a hoax. We were lied to about it. (New Castrati impression) ‘Explain again, Mr. Limbaugh, how this works because I simply… I think it’s outrageous of you in making these claims.’ Very simple. I think this is important to understand. One of the first things the regime does when they assume office is say, ‘I care about the recession. It’s Bush’s fault!

‘Look at what we’ve inherited! I’m not gonna put up with it. I care about the people. I’m Barack Obama. I’m gonna make sure people get back at work. The way to do this is to spend and spend.’ We’ve got shovel-ready jobs. We’re gonna make sure private sector employment grows, three to four million jobs. I need nearly $800 billion. The Republicans? (snorts) Who are they to say no? She just got shellacked in the last election.’ Everybody is trying to get in on the action: Obama’s the greatest president we’ve ever had. He’s the first black president, therefore historic, so nobody dares utter a word of criticism about his policies (except for me, El Rushbo, who at that time was hoping for failure on the part of Obama).

So what happens? Republicans don’t object. Some did, actually. There was some objection to this, but it still passed, easily, and everybody celebrated — and then we came to find out as the months unfolded where the money went, and it was going to states. It went to the states, ostensibly to make sure that they were able to balance their budgets — and, more importantly, to keep state workers on the payroll, because they are union workers. Now, we know that 90% of the collected dues of state public sector union workers go to the Democrat Party. Well, if you’re in a recession, and people are losing their jobs, but you don’t want to lose your money, you can’t just go to Congress and say, ‘You know what? I’m Barack Obama. I’m president. I want $800 billion here for Democrat campaign war chests.’

Even if they would have gotten it you just don’t go get it. You don’t want people to think that’s what you’re doing. So you tell people it’s for them and their jobs and their roads and bridges and their schools. Then you find out that all it was was money to make sure the recession did not claim jobs of public sector union employees. Pure and simple. And it’s not because the regime so much cares about them personally. It’s because those people, when they work, continually replenish Democrat campaign war chests. So then a couple of weeks ago we found out what the numbers in Wisconsin were: $700 million of stimulus. There was $787 billion, almost a trillion dollars. It’s a little bit less than 10% of the total. When there’s 50 states and just less than 10% goes to Wisconsin (it’s a battleground state) it’s around $700 million.

Six hundred million of the 700 million in stimulus money sent to Wisconsin went to public sector union employees — salaries, jobs, raises, pension plans, health care plans, whatever it was. No roads, no bridges, no private sector jobs or any of that. That’s why this abject panic. That’s why the left is so upset here. The Gravy Train — the Money Laundering Express, if you will — the applecart’s gonna be upset here. So when Jesse Jackson shows up with that little string coming out of his back, little white loop, and you pull it — here comes statement one, then statement two — he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. This is not about people who lost their homes. Just the opposite. Not about people who have lost their jobs. He wasn’t through, by the way. ‘People are gonna fight back because they think their cause is moral, and they have no place to go,’ and then he continued to speak to Megyn Kelly.

JACKSON: These maneuvers inciting more anger and more pain and more fear. I hope people govern by the deliberation and reconciliation and not by ram-rodding politics. It’s gonna create a rebellion. So mass revolt and recall! You see children leaving school because they feel hurt and with the K through 12 cut, teachers revolting because they feel that jobs are being lost, home foreclosures with no place to go. Too few got too much! Too many are getting poorer and the middle class is sinkin’! People here need a better deal. When you take away collective bargaining, you take away content. That’s why you can get away with cuts for education and you can, uhhh, try to change the standards for Medicare and K-through-12 education. You must resolve the situation with some shared pain.

RUSH: WHAT? What did he say? ‘Too few got too much. People are getting poo’er. The middle class is sinking. The people, we need a better deal. Take away collective bargaining and content, that’s how you can get away with cuts in education and try to change the standards for Medicare and K-12 education.’ What? Where does this guy live? I mean, every time something like this happens anywhere, within hours he’s there. Does he have a unit manager? ‘Okay, Jesse? Hey, here’s the first line in Wisconsin. Be at the airport, blah, blah. The plane’s going here. You get off there, we got a driver to pick you up, and you go down there. Here’s the rhyme for today. The rhyme for today is: ‘Revolt and Recall.” You know, I’m a logistics guy. How does this happen? Who’s paying for him to be there? You know, he’s not. Or could I be wrong about that, Mr. Snerdley? Could he be paying? No. All right. Okay. Just wanted to be sure. So Jesse Jackson unleashed. Ah, jeez I’ll betcha I’m gonna catch hell for that. ‘In Wisconsin,’ I was gonna say.

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