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“Donald Trump is providing a blueprint: The way to beat Obama is to just go at him.”

“It didn’t take me long to figure out that if you get a big refund, you’re getting screwed, because the government’s keeping your money all that year and you’re not getting any interest on it. So my tax philosophy is to owe a little money every April 15th. Damn straight.”

“Last night Obama said that he stood by his record of the past two years, that he is proud of what he’s accomplished. What has he accomplished as president, except ruining the economy? Is that what he’s proud of? The scary thing is, it very well might be.”

“Obama claimed he hated ice cream, which turned out to be another lie. He loves ice cream.”

“I love giving those hybrid cars enemas. I love pulling out, going parallel with them and then goosing it awhile, just to say, ‘Here, breathe my fumes. Look at me destroying the planet.’ Oh, I love it. I absolutely do.”

“We think if we’re not nice the independents will abandon us in droves. Well, where are they going to go? To the most mean, extreme political party in our lifetimes, the Democrats?”

“News from the AP: ‘The White House says that the Republican one week budget extension is a distraction and Obama has threatened to veto it.’ So it’s nice to see that a continuing resolution that would allow the Army to keep getting paid is a distraction.”

“Democrats are unbeatable when election fraud isn’t stopped. Nobody can beat election fraud. If you don’t tackle it, if you don’t stop it.”

“Everybody lives in this media-created fantasy that Obama’s unbeatable, that he’s the greatest orator in the world. Well, you get him away from the prompter, and he’s lost. He’s a gaffe machine. He and Biden are in the same class, and it doesn’t take long to call the roll.”

“I would love nothing more than for this guy to be proven a fraud. I would love nothing more than for all of this to have been a giant trick. I would love nothing more than for him to get nabbed at this, but there isn’t any evidence of it yet. I would love nothing more to see what happens when it’s proven, if it could be, that he’s not a citizen. What happens with legislation when everything he’s done is unqualified, everything he’s done is illegal. Everything he’s done has gotta be wiped clean. Can you imagine that battle? I would love to see that.”

“I’m not governed by the fear. Fear kills.”

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