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RUSH: RUSH: Gotta play this sound bite before I grab a phone call or two. This afternoon, Capitol Hill, Dingy Harry, Harry Reid, Nevada, held a press conference.

REID: We’re terribly disappointed that Speaker Boehner can’t control the votes in his caucus to prevent a shutdown of government. And now he’s resorting to threats to do just that without any negotiations. That is not permissible. We will not stand for that. He’s wrong.

RUSH: Folks, I listened very carefully to this stuff and I don’t hear any Republicans talking about a government shutdown. The only people I hear talking about a government shutdown are Democrats. There aren’t any Republicans talking about it. Zilch, zero, nada. They’re setting us up. They can’t wait. They are going to force a government shutdown. They are gonna make it happen. They think that it’s gonna vault them back into control in 2012.

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