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RUSH: Alex in Exton, Pennsylvania. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi. This is Alex. I live in Pennsylvania.


CALLER: Ukrainian, lived in Kiev, it’s about an hour driving from Chernobyl.

RUSH: Yes.

CALLER: So very close experience. Situation was, let’s see, there are two kinds of society. First is socialist society with government control over everything: radio, TV, Internet, and whatever. And then there is United States, which I can appreciate. So the catastrophe happened at night from Friday to Saturday. I got information on Monday morning, very interesting, some of my friends found high level of radioactivity on the people that travel to work in regular passenger buses. It’s inside the Kiev, and they found it was tens of (unintelligible). It showed it was about 5,000 times higher than standard norm. Norm is 10 to 12 (unintelligible) per hour. Sorry.

RUSH: Right. And the Soviet officials didn’t tell you?

CALLER: Officials, ha, this is the point. There were two kinds of people in society first. First it’s the people which should be the citizens and whatever, and there are people the government people, or top party leaders and the people that serve them. Two categories: So-called blue-blood — oh sorry, red blood — and the regular folks. So blue-blood got information on Sunday. It means day after. And they started planning. Why? They got planes, charter planes to emigrate kids from —

RUSH: Okay. So this relates to the Japanese earthquake how?

CALLER: How, the reactor design is absolutely different. It’s number one. Number two, despite of being in the vicinity of Chernobyl, I support nuclear power, and I think this is the only way to go.

RUSH: Do you still have two eyes and ten fingers and all that?

CALLER: And even something working, too. (laughing)

RUSH: Well, that’s good. Forty miles is close, buddy.


RUSH: That’s very, very close, and they didn’t tell you how bad it was, they lied to you?

CALLER: Oh, no, no, no. On Monday at five p.m. Gorbachev or somebody was on TV and told that there is a problem in Chernobyl. And we had the joke, prime minister of (unintelligible) called Mr. Gorbachev, (unintelligible) from Chernobyl reactor. No, no, no, it cannot be. Why? It’s written. Reactor number four lead, safety lead. Gorbachev answer was our reactors are working without leads. It’s not ours. And government imposed some kind of curfew on information. The law was accepted to prevent any kind of rumor circulation and unauthorized measuring of radioactivity —

RUSH: Well, you know something? There’s a point to all this, folks. What is the benchmark for nuclear failures these days? Chernobyl. Everything is a Chernobyl. Well, Three Mile Island wasn’t a Chernobyl. The International Atomic Energy Agency, UN, has just said — and Reuters is very unhappy about this — that what has just happened in Japan is not a Chernobyl. They want every nuclear event in the world to be seen by people as a Chernobyl. Well, it was poorly designed, it was managed by idiots and run by communists. Everything about it and the aftermath, as Alex here was saying was an abject lie, and yet that’s their benchmark. You think nuclear and you’re supposed to think Chernobyl, they’re all that way. And they’re not. You give me a capitalist reactor any day as opposed to a communist one.


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