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RUSH: Where’s Obama? Where is Obama? I’m still amazed at how utterly out of it Obama is. Where is he? Has he checked out, is he sick? Are his handlers busy in other parts of the world?

Get this. Mrs. Clinton has met with Libyan rebel leaders in Paris. Now, it’s safe to do that, I figure, now that the revolution against Khadafy is safely lost. Khadafy’s probably gonna win this or has won, so now it’s safe to go meet with the rebel leaders, probably trying to arrange a place for ’em to live, Paris, Miami, LA. LA looks a lot like Libya, certain parts of it. I’ve been there. I have seen it. You’ve got that going on. I mean it’s baffling. His handlers are busy in other parts of the world and unable to give him direction? What’s going on? He’s acting like a child. The big news about Obama today is that he is going to tape his NCAA bracket picks today to be aired on ESPN tomorrow. I mean that’s the news, and that’s from our good buddy Jacob Tapper at ABC News. The world anxiously awaits President Obama’s revelation of his NCAA basketball brackets. The important work of being president will be broadcast tomorrow.

Did you know the stock market was down 250 this morning? It’s at 173 right now. The stock market was down 250. Unemployment, I think that’s a little bit of an issue for millions of Americans. Some people say the deficit is not $14 trillion, that it’s much higher than that. Have you noticed that gasoline prices are creeping up towards four bucks a gallon? In fact, in Obama’s home state of Hawaii they have now gone past four dollars a gallon. You know, this is the time of year, though, folks — we’ve learned this from observation — this is the time of year when the president really starts to focus. This is when Obama calls on past experience and reads everything written on a subject. This is the culmination of endless hours of watching, reading, and thinking about college basketball, the brackets. He’s gonna videotape his picks for broadcast on ESPN. It was last year on March 17th the president took time to appear on ESPN to fill out his brackets, explain his picks, and really demonstrate how preparation pays off. That was last year.


RUSH: The president, of course, is AWOL. Nobody knows where he is other than taping his NCAA basketball bracket picks for airing on ESPN tomorrow. I got a couple notes when I checked the e-mail during the break. “How does he do?” I don’t know, folks. You know, I didn’t go to college so I don’t have the rah-rah college spirit when it comes to college football or basketball. I don’t really get into it. I don’t know how his picks work out. I have no clue. My memory tells me that he botched it horribly last year, but I don’t really know, and I have not taken the time to look it up.


RUSH: Here’s Tom in Naples, Florida. You’re next on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush Limbaugh! How are you doing?

RUSH: Fine, sir, thank you very much.

CALLER: Hey, I’m calling and I was trying to add a little levity to the day but my issue with I don’t want Obama to pick Ohio State in his brackets, because that’s who I’m picking. And I’ve already put mine in so I’m not gonna be able to see what he did, but, you know, he already got the Olympics to Rio de Janeiro — and while I was on old hold, I heard you saying he’s going to Rio.

RUSH: Yeah, he is, this weekend.

CALLER: I’m thinking, “What’s with this,” you know? He beat Chicago, now he’s going to Rio. I don’t understand that, but I guess my big concern is that he’s just gonna destroy sports in America in total.

RUSH: How?

CALLER: He’s a crummy golfer. He might be a fair basketball player. We know you can’t pick a baseball team, and certainly the Packers would have to agree that he doesn’t know what’s going on with football.

RUSH: He has a very questionable first pitch at baseball games. The form there is not, you know, particularly….uh, manly.

CALLER: Yeah, I was gonna say “masculine,” but manly.

RUSH: Same difference.

CALLER: Yeah, same difference. Hey, but, anyway, I was thinking, “When are we gonna have, like the Chevy Volt 500 at NASCAR?” or, you know, “What’s this guy gonna do to sports in general?” I’m not a big NASCAR fan but I know a lot of friends that are.

RUSH: Look, I don’t want to put the fear of God out there. You don’t have an NFL team in Naples, but wait ’til they call on this guy to fix the NFL labor problem.

CALLER: Well, they’re in Marco right now discussing it.

RUSH: I know.

CALLER: Read that in the paper this morning.

RUSH: That’s where the players are, right? The players in Marco Island.

CALLER: The players are in Marco, right.

RUSH: Yeah, and the owners are in New Orleans, Snerdley. Just so you know, the NFL owners are in New Orleans. The players are at Marco Island (which is not a cheap place to go to meet, by the way), but wait. Wait ’til they bring Obama in to solve the NFL problem. It will happen, by the way.


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