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RUSH: Jeannie in Huntington, Long Island. Welcome on the EIB Network.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Mega dittos to you.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: How are you?

RUSH: Thanks so much.

CALLER: God bless you for being on the front line for us. Without you God knows where this country would be.

RUSH: Well, you’re very kind. I appreciate that.

CALLER: You deserve it. But the reason why I’m calling is I’m hearing a lot about Barry being compared to, you know, being the second Jimmy Carter.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: Which I think is completely wrong. I think Jimmy Carter was just a simple, naive idealist who was clueless about his job. On the other hand, Barry the usurper knows exactly what he’s doing. He is bringing America to its knees simply to destroy us. I believe that is his ultimate plan, to destroy America.

RUSH: Well, the second term of Jimmy Carter essentially means that. If you missed Jimmy Carter’s second term, here it is. Regardless how it’s happening, if it’s happening via naivete and being wrong or whether it’s happening by design, it’s still happening.

CALLER: Right, but I think Jimmy, you know, he was just a little naive and clueless about his job, but Barry, on the other hand, knows exactly what he’s doing, and he’s doing it on purpose. And I think that’s the difference.

RUSH: Well, a lot of people share your point of view on that. There’s no question about it. You know, Jimmy Carter is one of these guys, ex-presidents have an informal, unwritten manual behavioral code. They just sort of slink away. Now, Clinton has abandoned the ex-president manual because he’s still out chasing chicks. And, you know, he’s had the heart deal, and you gotta cut him some slack. Jimmy Carter is an entirely different thing. Folks, I want to tell you something and you who have been members of this audience for a long time have heard this theory of mine. If you’re relatively new to the program, you haven’t heard this. Jimmy Carter is doing what he’s doing today, he’s behaving as he is behaving in his post-presidency for one reason, and it’s the Nixon funeral.

Now, let me set the stage for you. Here’s Richard Nixon, as far as Jimmy Carter’s concerned, the worst, most despised, despicable, rotgut president ever. All Democrats thought that until George W. Bush came along. It was Nixon. But then Nixon passed away and it was time for the Nixon funeral. The Nixon funeral took place in California, and the setting, I will never forget the setting, the little house that Nixon grew up in was in every camera shot. We all know what pictures can do, create image-wise, that little house that Nixon grew up in. It was in every shot so you never forgot it, humble beginnings. Tiny, tiny little house. Inside was the piano that Nixon played as a kid. It’s where he lived. He was in love with his future wife, Pat. Loved her so much that he drove his wife, Pat, when she had dates with other guys, just so he could be close to her, he drove her with Pat and her date in the backseat. He was the chauffeur. Well, all of these stories are coming out at the Nixon funeral. And then there was an endless parade of eulogists, and this endless parade of eulogies was delivered on Air Force One with Bill Clinton at the helm.

They even had videotape of Air Force One arriving, flying over the funeral site, and on board were people like Gerald Ford and Henry Kissinger, luminary after luminary after luminary. Ronaldus Magnus was there. He didn’t speak, but he and Nancy Reagan were there. And Clinton gets up and delivers one of the most beautiful eulogies ever of Richard Nixon. And then Henry Kissinger got up. They’re praising him on China. They’re praising Nixon. This coulda brought Nixon back to life, it was so unusual, I mean the kind of stuff Nixon longed for his whole life they were finally saying. Meanwhile, Jimmy Carter, who was not a eulogist sitting in the crowd with Rosalynn — and nobody will ever convince me that this didn’t happen — they’re listening to all this, and I’m telling you, the Carter’s probably can’t believe it ’cause they’re ex-presidents now, too, but nobody’s saying this stuff. Carter is well known as the worst president ever at this time, he’s a joke, misery index and all this stuff, and Rosalynn’s watching all this and all of these wonderful things being said about the despised and hated Nixon and she jabs Jimmy with her elbow and says, (imitating Rosalynn) “Do you believe this? What the hell are you doing? You’re sitting there pounding nails, building houses, Habitat for Humanity, big whoop. What are they gonna say about you when it’s time for your state funeral, that you pounded nails?” And ever since then, folks, Jimmy Carter’s been out there inserting himself every chance he gets to the tune of winning a Nobel Prize by ripping Bush. So I submit it was the Nixon funeral that gave us the post-presidential Jimmy Carter that we all see and hear.

Anyway I got up against it on time here.


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