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RUSH: Here’s the sound bite was talking about yesterday. Jay Carney, it was outraged Jacob Tapper at ABC wanting information what’s going on in Japan. So you had Tapper say, “The European energy commissioner said today about Japan there’s talk of an apocalypse, and I think the word’s particularly well chosen.” So Jake Tapper thinks: Yeah, I’m looking at Japan, I’m seeing apocalypse. “Practically everything seems to be out of control in Japan.” This is Tapper. I don’t believe that, by the way. This is Tapper. I don’t believe “everything is out of control in Japan.” I don’t think we’re anywhere near to everything being out of control in Japan. That’s nonsensical to me to say everything’s out of control in Japan.

But anyway, Tapper’s question, “I cannot exclude the worst in the hours and days to come. What’s going on over there right now? We’ve not heard the latest information from the NRC,” that’s the government agency, “or from the Japanese government. Apparently there’s been something that happened over the last few hours. What is it, Jay?”

CARNEY: Well, there is clearly a crisis.

TAPPER: I know there’s a crisis —

CARNEY: There is clearly —

TAPPER: — and it’s deteriorating —

CARNEY: — and — and — and — and —

TAPPER: — but what is going on?

CARNEY: Well, again I’m standing here at the White House. I think you have reporters in Japan. You have reporters, duh, including ones here who could get the, uhh, technical, detailed information on what we know from the NRC, from the Department of Energy.

TAPPER: So we should rely on the media not the government?

CARNEY: Nuh, n-n-no! I just referred to government agencies who, uh, can provide technical information about what we know that’s happening.

RUSH: Yeah, but don’t ask me! I’m just here at the White House. What are we supposed to know? Jake Tapper was wanting to know what the government here thinks. The assumption is that our government’s always gonna know more than we know from watching TV. Mr. Tapper, have you forgotten that Leon Panetta said he found out about what was going on in Egypt from watching CNN? And he’s the head of the CIA.

I learned today that Jay Carney doesn’t even meet with Obama. The press secretary doesn’t meet with the president. He reports to Dan Pfeiffer. Dan Pfeiffer runs the communications shop in the White House, and that’s who Carney reports to.

Now, Gibbs and Obama were buds. Gibbs was involved in the Oval Office meetings. He was there, Carney isn’t, and that’s the guy they send out as the spokesman! So he’s in a real no-win situation, so he’s gotta say, “Well, you’ve got reporters over there. Why don’t you ask them.”


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