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This week the Washington Post got around to reporting something I’ve been telling my audience for months that the real unemployment numbers are a lot higher than the Obama regime admits.

When the Labor Department tallies the unemployment numbers, they don’t include those who lost their jobs but have stopped looking. The Post says there are now 6.4 million Americans in this category – a 30 percent increase since the recession started. If you add those people to the unemployment rate, it pushes the number to 10.5 percent unemployed not the 8.9 percent the regime says. And when you include those forced to work part-time jobs, instead of full time the real unemployment rate is almost 16 percent.

If we were in an actual economic recovery, as this regime is fond of claiming, they wouldn’t have to say anything. People would know it. Signs of recovery would be everywhere: we’d have a growing private sector; there would be noticeable improvements in the dismal housing market; and consumers wouldn’t be traumatized by sharply rising food and gasoline prices. Most of all, their job opportunities would beexpanding and the Washington Post wouldn’t have to finally admit the truth, that 16 percent of our labor market is either unemployed or underemployed.

The policies of Obama and his Democrats are targeted to help their donors on Wall Street and in the big labor unions but they’ve been an utter disaster for the rest of America. And the proof — as Lanny Davis always says –is in the numbers.

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