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Vincent Gray, the new mayor of Washington, DC, is already mired in scandal.

It all started last month, when the Washington Post reported that many of the mayor’s hires were getting extravagant salaries — some exceeding legal limits. The Post also reported that an unsuccessful candidate for mayor had actually been secretly working for Gray’s campaign and used as an attack dog against the incumbent. Afterward, the stooge candidate was rewarded with a high-paying city job.

Just when the proverbial excrement was about to hit the fan, Gray went into action. Moments before his chief of staff, Gerri Hall, was scheduled to testify before a council committee, Gray fired her, saying it was “the best direction for the city.”

He claimed that Hall was becoming a “distraction,” and that personnel matters were “overshadowing the work of the government.” Mayor Gray said it was best for Ms. Hall “as a human being” to leave– to be canned– to help his administration get back on track. Ms. Hall, by the way, was making 200 grand a year,a $40,000 bump over her predecessor.

It was not a good week for the city administrator’s chief of staff, either. Before the scandal,he was making $195,000; that’s now been cut to $193,000 (I don’t know how he’s going to survive.)

You DC taxpayers?Chill out, though. Sure, the city is a mess andthe recession is going full throttle, butat least your government employees are living large –thanks to you…and the Democrat machine you elect.

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