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We have a marvelous opportunity for liberals to be consistent. With Pharaoh Obama declaring an undeclared war on Pharaoh Khadafy it’s time for you liberals to do what you do best. Protest.

Take to the streets of blue cities, disrupting commerce, snarling traffic with your “die-ins.” Show solidarity with the innocent terrorists – er, civilians – being mercilessly killed by American-led forces. Bring your caskets, fake blood, and protest signs saying: “No blood for oil!” Bring back Cindy Sheehan to stalk Obama on his endless vacations.

Every one of you elected Democrats should be rushing to the TV cameras to complain, “This President is rushing to war! He’s putting us in the middle of a civil war! It’s a quagmire!” Baghdad Jim McDermott oughta be on his way to Tripoli with a contingent of his fellow Democrats, to act as human shields for Pharaoh Gaddafi. Like he did with Saddam. Senator Dick Turban should be comparing our military to Nazis. John Kerry should accuse them of acting like terrorists. And Dingy Harry Reid oughta declare, “This war is lost.”

And you in the state-controlled media: After photo-shopping images to exaggerate damage from our air strikes you must take the side of Obama’s enemies. Remind us how Pharaoh Khadafy had no weapons of mass destruction, and therefore posed no threat to American interests. Then rag Obama ruthlessly – especially when he declares the mission is accomplished.

All Obama is saying is, “Give war a chance.” All I am saying is: you liberals … give him hell!

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