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RUSH: I have a good friend in New York City, who likes to listen to public radio up there. And he was astounded by what he heard on public radio this morning. Virtually every caller was criticizing Obama as though he were Bush. We are occupying Libya. We are establishing a base in Libya for US action. We are in there for oil. All of these criticisms from the audience of this far left public radio station in New York ripping into Obama and throughout the country. The American kook left and some of the mainstream left, it’s a thin line there between the kook left and the mainstream left, pretty much all have the same reaction. They drank the Kool-Aid. They’re the ones who thought that this was all messianic. They believed Obama when he said he was gonna close Gitmo; we’re gonna get out of Iraq; we’re gonna get out of the world; we’re gonna punish ourselves; we’re gonna apologize to the world for being the rotgut nation of the world. They are the ones who are surprised. They are the ones in a state of shock.

You and I — this is what troubles us — have known all along that we’re dealing with a man-child here who has literally no qualifications, no experience, no track record, and according to the Donald Trump now, no birth certificate. Trump was on The View yesterday. Trump is performing a valuable service here. He is attempting to help Obama out of a jam. You can’t say that Trump is a kook right wing birther. Trump realizes the problem that Obama faces here with credibility. He’s giving him a chance here to establish some credibility and to produce the birth certificate. Whoopi Goldberg and Barbara Walters were appalled and aghast at this yesterday with their mouths open, which is not unusual, that Trump would go down this road. But while we sit here, we laugh at the kinetic military action, regime change, no regime change, while we laugh at people in the media doing their best to prop up what they know is a mistake.

Face it, folks, we’re being governed by a giant mistake, one of the biggest mistakes that’s ever been made in an election in this country. We are in the midst of it. They know it, too, but their interests are covering it up, papering it over, and trying to offer advice via their questions, solutions via their interviews and their media exposure and so forth. Trump’s not the kind of guy to comb over difficulties. If he’s gonna bring this up about this birth certificate, you know that it’s serious. You know, Trump’s not a fly-by-night kind of guy. So we sit here and laugh, but this is tragic. It’s tragic and it’s dangerous because genuine illegitimacy and incompetence and lack of qualification is on parade each and every day, and this being locked out of the Oval Office, while hilarious, is one of the most accurate metaphors for where we are with this regime and where it is. How do you not know the president’s coming in? That was the excuse they gave. The White House didn’t know he was coming. What, was he still at the Mayan ruins with the family? What do you mean you didn’t know?


RUSH: There’s a word out there. We’re gonna talk about “kinetic military action.” There’s a word out there, a bizarre word called “obamulate.” You can look it up. It’s a verb. It means “to walk about, to warned hither and dither.” Look it up. It’s o-b-a-m-u-l-a-t-e, obamulate. It is what’s happening out there. “President Barack Obama’s intervention in Libya’s civil war has not only failed to win the approval of a majority of the American people, according to a Gallup poll conducted Monday, it also earned the lowest public approval rating of any U.S. military operation polled by Gallup over the past four decades. “In fact, it was the only U.S. military intervention polled by Gallup that received less than majority approval from Americans.

“‘The 47% of Americans approving of the action against Libya is lower than what Gallup has found when asking about approval of other U.S. military campaigns in the past four decades,’ said Gallup’s analysis of the poll. That compares to the 90 percent approval rating Americans gave President George W. Bush’s October 2001 invasion of Afghanistan, the 83 percent approval they gave President George H.W. Bush’s January 1993 bombing of military targets in Iraq, the 76 percent approval they gave President George W. Bush’s March 2003 invasion of Iraq, the 71 percent approval they gave President Ronald Reagan’s March 1996 bombing of Libya, and the 66 percent approval they gave President Bill Clinton’s August 1998 missile strikes on Sudan and Afghanistan,” where he bombed some Tylenol factories.

“Before Obama’s intervention in Libya, the least popular U.S. military intervention polled by Gallup in recent decades was President Clinton’s 1999 intervention in the Balkan conflict over Kosovo. In a survey conducted April 30 to May 2, 1999, only 51 percent of Americans approved of that military action.” Obama, 47% of Americans approve of Libya, lower than what Gallup has found in the past four decades. Now, to be fair, Gallup called it “military action” in their questions. They did not poll the American people on “kinetic military action,” and we think it’s only fair to point out that stipulation.

We don’t know if the results would have been different had Gallup asked if the American people favor the “kinetic military action” in Libya or not, but you have to wonder. He’s not made the case. Obama has not made the case for this. He doesn’t even seem to care whether the American people support this. We all know (or a large number of us suspect) that the chaos, the plundering, the decline of this country is purposeful, that there is a strategic reason for it. We think we know what it is. We think we know that Obama has been raised by people who didn’t like the country (and he doesn’t like the country) as it was founded, and views this as an opportunity to get even with this country.

A lot of us believe this. That does not mean that he’s also not incompetent at the same time. This is incompetence on parade. It is a joke. This is an international joke, and if there were a media that did its job, everyone in this country would be aware of just what a joke this regime is perceived to be, particularly as it relates to this action that this regime has taken. (interruption) Snerdley, I’m not lying to you. “Obamulate” is in the Oxford English dictionary. You think I make it up here? Look, I can understand you and think I’d make up the word “obamulate.” I didn’t. I would love to be able to tell you I did. I’d love to be able to tell you it’s not the dictionary, I made it up, but it means “to wander hither and dither aimlessly through life,” blah, blah, blah.

I didn’t make it up. Obamulate. O-b-a-m-u-l-a-t-e. Maybe Bill O’Reilly will make it his word for the night. Well, unless he doesn’t want to be perceived as being critical of the president. As I said earlier, Obama’s not gonna give back his Nobel Peace Prize. Tuesday in El Salvador, the CNN Espanol correspondent Juan Carlos Lopez interviewed Obama. Juan Carlos Lopez said, “Do you see a contradiction when a Nobel Peace Prize winner authorizes the use of force on the eighth anniversary of the beginning of the Iraq war, a war that you opposed? There are some already calling for you to give the award back.”

OBAMA: I am accustomed to this contradiction, of being both a commander-in-chief but also somebody who aspires to peace. The situation here is entirely focused on making sure that the Libyan people can live out their own aspirations. You know, we’re not invading the country. We are not acting alone. We have a limited task, a focused task, and we’ve saved lives as a consequence. And, y-y-you know, I, uhh, think the American people don’t see any contradiction in somebody who cares about peace also wanting to make sure that people aren’t butchered because of, uhhh, dictator who wants to cling to power.

RUSH: Uh, Iran, Mr. President? North Korea, Mr. President? Syria, Mr. President? Darfur, Mr. President? Here we have a story (this is from Reuters): “Syrian forces killed six people on Wednesday in an attack on protesters in a mosque complex in the southern city of Deraa, and later opened fire on hundreds of youths marching in solidarity, witnesses said. At least four youths were killed when the security forces intercepted them at the northern entrance of Deraa, witnesses said. Their bodies were seen at a clinic in the city. There were unconfirmed reports that dozens more bodies were taken to Tafas hospital outside the city,” of Diarrhea.

Why aren’t we in Syria? This story’s not getting much play, obviously, but why aren’t we going into Syria? We have a dictator there butchering people in the city of Diarrhea, or however it’s pronounced. That’s what it looked like to me when I first read it. I’m not in the mood to get into phonetic pronunciations today folks. We got all kinds of contradictions coming out of the regime. Certainly Obama has accepted the “dream” from his father that the US is a colonial, imperialist country. So Obama has to go out of his way to look like he’s doing the things that colonial imperialist countries do, and he’s doing it in an incompetent way.

Could there be a strategery here in looking incompetent? Could there be a reason behind appearing to be unqualified? Here is the leader of the United States of America making this country look like a joke. The leader of this country is making himself look like an incompetent boob, but maybe he’s willing to do that in order to make the country look like that as well. Who can say? All I know is I don’t like speculating about things like that. Here’s Obama on the exit strategy. This is Tuesday in El Salvador on Univision TV during an interview with correspondent. This is what Obama said about the war against Libya.

OBAMA: The exit strategy will be executed this week in the sense that we will be pulling back from our much-more-active efforts to shape the environment. We’ll still be in a support role. Ehh, we’ll still be providing uhh, jamming and — and — and, uhhh, intelligence and, uhhh, other assets that are unique to us.

RUSH: Jamming and intelligence and other assets unique to us? This is the guy who’s taken every opportunity he can to rip and destroy the intelligence gathering operations of this country, and now he calls them unique, along with our jamming ability? You’ve got to be kidding. “The exit strategy will be executed this week in the sense that we’re gonna be pulling back from our much-more-active [kinetic military] efforts to shape the environment”? Last night on The Last Word on PMSNBC, the guest is Huffing and Puffington Post senior political editor Howard Fineman. We assume that Howard is being paid some at the Huff Po or not. They had a discussion on Obama’s performance on Libya and Howard Fineman said this…

FINEMAN: Yes, there’s the humanitarian mission, but he’s gotta put this in the larger context because what the American people expect of Barack Obama — what he was elected for — was a sense of coherence and vision and diligence and intellectual coherence. That we haven’t quite seen.

RUSH: Do you ever stop to think, Mr. Fineman…? Seriously, you know I love you. Seriously, do you ever stop to think he never had any? I wonder if people who look at Obama now and say, “Where is this guy that we knew? Where is this guy we all loved? Where is this guy?” I wonder if they ever stopped to think, “You know, maybe this guy never was what we thought he was. Maybe this guy never was what we TOLD people he was.” Coherence? Vision? Diligence? Intellectual coherence? Fine and dandy if there’s evidence of it, but you need far more evidence than just being able to read a teleprompter.

So I think we have a guy here that a lot of people, they just project it: “Here’s what we want a president to be, particularly coming off that stupid idiot cowboy George W. Bush, who embarrassed us every time he opened his mouth.” Well, David Brooks looks at Obama sitting across from him, sees a sharp crease in his pants, and has an orgasm and says, “A-ha! This guy is gonna be president. A good one, too. Just based on that.” Scary, scary stuff, but these people are serious. What they told us about Obama, what they thought about Obama, what they wanted us to believe. What are we to believe? Is this just raging incompetence, or is this purposeful humiliation and embarrassment of the United States of America?

What is it?


RUSH: Have you heard anybody in the regime officially define the Obama doctrine? Anybody heard it? Has anybody heard the Obama doctrine? Well, I haven’t. However, Andrea Mitchell, NBC News, Washington, has the Obama doctrine. Andrea Mitchell explained it last night on PMSNBC with Chris Matthews. During a discussion about the war against Libya, Chris Matthews said, “Is there a doctrine here?” My leg’s not tingling, Andrea, and I want my leg to tingle. It hasn’t tingled in a while. “Tell me, is there an Obama doctrine, is there a vision thing going on here?”

MITCHELL: It’s emerging. Basically what he says is when you have a catastrophe that you can avert, and the benefits outweigh the costs, and you have international or multilateral support, go for it. You cannot stand idly by. That’s what I would call the Obama doctrine.

RUSH: Well. Why didn’t we think of this? So simple. You have a catastrophe that you can avert, benefits outweigh the costs. International, multilateral support, go for it. You can’t stand idly by. You go for kinetic military action. That’s the doctrine. You go for it. You cannot stand idly by. That’s what I call the Obama doctrine. Left to the media to explain and define. Well, is the catastrophe of a nuclear Iran avertable? Can we avert that, Andrea? What’s the cost-benefit analysis of preventing a nuclear Iran? You know what, I would much rather hear Sarah Palin define the Obama doctrine. And I’ll betcha Sarah Palin would do a much better job of analyzing the Obama doctrine than Andrea Mitchell, NBC News, Washington, ’cause basically it’s WTF, the Obama doctrine.

All right, to the phones, to Atlanta. We’re gonna start. Don, great to have you on the program, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. Hillary and President Obama have both stated this week that Khadafy has lost his legitimacy to govern. Since when is a dictator who forced his way into power 40 years ago or at any time and basically is a thug over the people, since when are they ever legitimate?

RUSH: Well, it’s a great, great question. I, however, have the answer for you.

CALLER: I really need to know.

RUSH: Well, Khadafy became illegitimate when he dared to do what he’s doing while a Democrat is in the White House. It’s okay to do this kind of stuff when there’s a Republican in there to demonstrate that they’re weak or whatever, but to do this is a slap in the face at Brother Obama. To do this, that’s why he’s illegitimate. He has failed to recognize the primacy, supremacy of Obama here. To engage in this kind of action after the Nobel Peace Prize winner sits in the Oval Office?

CALLER: Yeah, I figure that if he can lose his legitimacy, then an illegitimate child should be able to become legitimate at some point, some way.

RUSH: Well, that’s half the Democrat Party. Let me ask you this. What about Fidel Castro? He’s still legitimate to these guys. Hu Jintao. He’s still legitimate. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, still legitimate. Yeah. Hugo Chavez, he’s still legitimate. What did Khadafy do to lose his legitimacy? I rest my case.

Dale in Ventura, California. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, good day, Rush. My question regards what Speaker Boehner sent the question to the president. I think a better question would be that since we have heard reports that the rebels in Libya are Al-Qaeda as well as the Muslim Brotherhood, if there’s credibility to the report — and being in that area, I believe there probably is — why would the president order air strikes in support of Al-Qaeda when we have a declared war in two other countries over there at the same time against Al-Qaeda? Would that not be considered either incompetence or giving aid to the enemy?

RUSH: Well, I’d side on the incompetent side of this. If you want to have a serious discussion on what motivates Democrat presidents to deploy the military, they are I think by design reluctant to ever do so. Just really don’t like it. And when they do it, it’s for PR reasons. It’s to bail themselves out. It’s to prove they’re not sissies or what have you. And so I don’t think they even thought about who the rebels — the rebels are just people protesting against these — the cameras show us rebels are protesting like they did in Egypt and, voila, you got a bunch of people, “It’s a democracy movement,” so the PR stage is set, the regime thinks they’ve gotta act ’cause they are Democrats, they stand for the little guy, voila, that’s all they care about. I don’t know. They don’t, either.


RUSH: Starting a million conversations. Is Barack Obama purposely making the United States look inept and incompetent and appear as a worldwide joke? It’s a legitimate question, given everything else we know.


RUSH: Phoenix, Arizona, as we stay on the phones. Teresa, welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hello. God bless you. God bless everybody. I just have a question to my government if you don’t mind my using your show to get to them because they don’t answer my calls.

RUSH: They listen to this show, I’ll guarantee you. So you will be heard here.

CALLER: I have a question about “protecting the people” and that’s supposedly why we’re doing this latest “civil action,” apparently being it’s not a war.

RUSH: This is not a civil action. This is “kinetic military action.”

CALLER: Well, if they’re so concerned about protecting people, why didn’t we get involved in Rwanda? Why not the Sudan? Why aren’t they concerned about protecting the people in Arizona on the border of Mexico? There’s a slaughter happening — there’s a lot of crime in Texas, New Mexico, all of the borders — and why aren’t we protecting the innocent of all innocents, the unborn babies? If you’re so concerned about protecting people, why aren’t we protecting all people? This is a lie. I’m tired of being used as a pawn and thinking that like your parody was explaining about being gullible. We’re not gullible. Stop lying to us.

RUSH: That’s a good question. I’ve raised it myself. We got people starving in Darfur, genocide in Darfur. We’ve got people being slaughtered in Syria and Iran, and we take no action. I think, in all candor, one of the reasons why it’s Libya is it was thought to be easy. Listen to these people. “We’ll be out there in a week.” They thought so. In their minds they’re dealing with a genuine lunatic here, Moammar Khadafy. “No big deal! How hard can this possibly be? He doesn’t have an air force, they don’t have anything.” You have to trust that Obama has bona fides to do this kind of stuff.

I think it’s all PR. Look, we go to speculate on the reasons here and most of them are not pretty. Most of them are not satisfying. Most of them are not intellectually honest. The White House… Folks, you’re asking me? The White House has got different versions of what the purpose is. The purpose is get him out of there. Others say, “No, it’s not. It’s a humanitarian mission. Gonna make him be nice to his people, gotta stop criticizing them when they yell at him.” It’s a joke. This is utter incompetence, and have now all this defined as “kinetic military action”? This is almost beneath my pay grade to analyze. This is almost so stupid that I can’t get my arms around it, and I really fear that if I was able to totally understand this, that I’d have to slice off a bunch of my own IQ to figure it out.

The Libyan government’s not going to vote Democrat. I mean, if you live in the kidnapping capital of the world, you live in Phoenix, and your state’s being sued by Obama? The Libyan government is not gonna vote for Democrats. That’s another reason why there’s no action being taken. If the Libyan government was gonna vote Democrat. There’s another thing: Obama is taking a real risk here. He’s had Louis Farrakhan ask him, “Who the hell do you think you are?” And Reverend Wright’s now back out. He’s not saying favorable things. Yes, part of it’s fun. I have to admit. Part of it’s fun here to watch, analyze, and so forth. But when you get past that, I don’t know about you, but I don’t like seeing either this kind of purposeful making the country look like a joke or this kind of incompetence at the highest levels. Either one.


RUSH: To Cincinnati, this is Ron. Welcome, sir, to the EIB Network. Great to have you with us. Hi.

CALLER: Thank you very much for taking my call, Rush. It is an honor to speak with you.

RUSH: I know. Thank you very much.

CALLER: All right. Hey, the reason I’m calling, I think I’ve got it. I think I know what he’s up to in Libya. I don’t know if you recall in the previous administration, Bush would often send out very, very high folks in his administration to explain how he was defending the power of the presidency, and it was bigger than himself. It was that he needed to be careful and protect and expand the power of the institution, and I think what we’ve got going on right now is Obama is busy tearing that down so that future presidents are gonna be incapable of garnering the support that they need to take action on our behalf in the world.

RUSH: Well, I must respectfully disagree with this. I don’t think a guy who has authoritarian desires and tendencies wants to diminish the office that gives him that power. I would fully agree with you if your speculation was that he was trying to diminish the aura and the role of the United States in the world as the arbiter of world events. I think that really bugs people like Obama. I think this notion that whatever happens in the world, the US is involved, has to be involved, has national interests. I think that bothers the heck out of ’em. They’ve resented it, and they blame so much of the world’s problems on the United States being involved in things outside our own borders, hence all the apologies that the president has given. So I don’t think he wants to diminish the office of the president. If he’s gonna do that, he still has two years to go in it. I can understand why you would think that, but he’s gotta know, too, that future officeholders are going to be Democrats. He wants them to have all kinds of extra-constitutional authority.

Here’s a guy that’s denying federal court rulings on his own health care bill. Here’s a guy who is ignoring federal court rulings on drilling moratorium, the unconstitutionality of his health care bill. This is a guy who has czars that are unaccountable. They don’t have to be confirmed. We don’t know who they are, what they do, what they’re paid, they answer to nobody but him. He is lived by executive order. He is extraconstitutional or congressional as much as he can. With all due respect, think it’s the exact opposite. I think what he’s trying to do is amass and coalesce the power of the presidency because that’s his nature, his ego and all that. But when it comes to taking action that would diminish the role of the country in the world, yeah, now you might be talking.


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