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RUSH: It’s Greenville, New York. This is Ed. Welcome, sir. Nice to have you on the Rush Limbaugh program.

CALLER: Good afternoon, Rush. Unfortunately, I think the conclusion that the Democrats drew from the 2008 election of Obama is that the majority of the American people are stupid and that’s why they feel that they can get away with calling our military involvement in Libya something no more than, you know, a “kinetic” endeavor.

RUSH: Well, yeah. I don’t disagree that they think people are stupid. They think everybody’s stupid except them. Everybody around the world is. Clearly, they are elitists and “superiorists.” There’s no question that they have an arrogant, condescending view toward everybody.

CALLER: It’s unfortunate because, I mean, to me the election was really nothing more than Americans showing that they’re gullible and naive and believing someone at face value when they say what they say as opposed to, you know, really looking into it and questioning what this person’s actual motives are.

RUSH: It wasn’t just about Obama. Don’t forget there had been seven years of “Bush sucks!” There had been seven years of “Bush is an idiot!” There had been seven years of “Bush is murdering and destroying America’s image in the world!” Seven years of “Bush can’t talk!” Seven years of “We’re on the verge of a recession,” seven years of “We’re on the verge of an economic collapse,” seven years of the country being laughed at around the country and around the world. So all they had to do was to put forth somebody who could speak. That’s all they had to do, and they took care of the rest.

They manufactured the image of competence. They manufactured The Messiah image, the media. They manufactured all of this. But he did not win in a landslide. And it took them, it took the media and the Democrat Party, seven years to bring this about. They also had some assistance. The Republicans themselves did not offer a lot of help. I mean, you had wild spending; you had a new entitlement created by Republicans; you had McCain-Feingold hich kind of blew up the First Amendment that the Republicans were behind and supported. You had over-the-top spending. So there was a confluence of events here, and Obama — as untested, unknown — was a canvas, an empty canvas, and you could make him whatever you wanted him to be.

And if you wanted anything opposite what had happened or other than what was happening, that’s the role he’d fill. People, I think, were not specifically voting for him. I mean, you had a group of people who got caught up in all of this messianic stuff — and we had a lousy candidate. Our lousy candidate was tied with Obama until September when this financial meltdown began. So it wasn’t just that the people of this country just abandoned all sanity and invested in a slate full of lies. It was a carefully orchestrated, manufactured seven years.

It took a long time. And let’s throw into the mix that the administration of Bush never defended themselves. Karl Rove has now said that that’s one of the mistakes that he admits they made, wishes they could have a do over on that. But, regardless, everybody thinks that people are stupid. I’ll guarantee you I have people in the audience out there, Ed, who are just cheering you on. “Yeah, Americans are stupid, Rush! You have too much faith in people. He’s right. The American people are stupid.” A lot of people think this, and you really can’t blame ’em in a lot of regards given what we’re faced with here.


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