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Good news for Democrats. Experts say that we are soon headed for five-dollar-a-gallon gasoline prices – most likely before summer.

Contributing factors include the “war” – ahem, kinetic military action in Libya … and the unrest rampant throughout the Middle East and North Africa. Almost a third of the world’s oil comes from that region. Libyan oil shipments have dropped to almost nothing. With international forces lurching around on a fuzzy mission, and the confused Obama Regime trying to pawn off leadership to whomever will take it – there’s no telling when Libya will start oil exports again.

Another contributing factor: the “summer blends” of gasoline, which are mandated in the U.S. to satisfy the environmentalist wackos and are more expensive to produce. Who picks up the tab? You.

These higher gasoline prices will also affect the airline industry – which has already raised ticket prices six times this year. Food prices are also soaring. They’ll rise even higher. As will anything else that requires shipping to get to you. Which, of course,is everything.

I said this is good news for Democrats. This has been their agenda for decades. In keeping with their advancing the global warming hoax, they’ve been demanding an increase in gasoline prices to cut consumption. Obama is on record supporting five buck a gallon gas as long as it gets there on his timeline.

Bottom line: you can expect the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer to be a lot more expensive this year. So suck it up, after all, it’s for your own good. They say.

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