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RUSH: First, the president of the United States locked out of the White House. After his vacation plans changed he comes home early. He came home early to find his NCAA brackets in tatters. Then he sees his secretaries of state and defense are not on the same page as to why we’re in Libya. Did you see this on Meet the Press yesterday? Gates says (paraphrasing) “No, there aren’t any vital US national interests –” and Hillary jumps in, cuts him off and not another word is heard from Gates the rest of the show. What is the term I heard over the weekend, hawk hens. The Obama hawk hens, meaning the babes of the — well, the women. Aren’t any real babes in this bunch, but the hawk hens just shut Gates up there. So then Obama has to hastily schedule a national address tonight. By the way, seven and a half hours for Obama to figure out what he’s going to say, 7:30 tonight, big, big remarks from the Oval Office. I’m thinking about doing a Wolf Blitzer here. (imitating Blitzer) “We’re only six hours away now from President Obama and a big announcement on Libya. We’re only five hours and 45 minutes away now,” for the whole show here.

Have you ever noticed, folks, the media is constantly breathless. Each time Obama is going to say something, the media just gets breathless as though his words can mean anything. He’s going at 7:30 tonight to make sure he doesn’t step on Dancing with the Stars, which is at eight o’clock on ABC, but have you ever noticed the media is always waiting breathlessly for Obama to say something, tongues hanging out hitting the street. (panting) They seem to be always living in the hope that Obama will make a pronouncement that will suddenly change everything. You would think that they would have learned by now that they’re always gonna be disappointed, that those days are long gone. There aren’t any magic words. While Obama might speak well, he doesn’t communicate well. He’s a very, very poor communicator. So, anyway, he has got this national address at 7:30 tonight to clean up any of the confusion as to why we’re at war, and, by at way, I now know why we are at war in Libya.

I got a chart right here. We are at war to protect European energy. We are at war in Libya to protect European oil and energy. This is stunning when you see this chart. We’ll put it up at RushLimbaugh.com. I forgot to send it up to Koko, but we’ll do that when the break comes around. It’s patently obvious why we’re here. Then the story, the latest headline, Sarkozy — that’s France, for those of you in Rio Linda — Cameron, UK, call on all Libyans opposing Khadafy to help create a process of national transition. It’s about oil, which I have no problem with, by the way, don’t misunderstand. I’m not a leftist who bemoans that, but Obama can’t dare say it. That’s why there is seemingly so much confusion. Gates says one thing, Hillary says another, and Obama’s gotta now go clean it up.


RUSH: At any rate, ladies and gentlemen, this is a comedy of errors, except it’s not funny. But it does appear to be a comedy of errors. Biden, by the way, has said nothing about this “kinetic military action.” He said nothing about it. Gates, Hillary, we’ve got Obama speaking at 7:30. What kind of community organizer is this? I always think community organizers are organized. Wouldn’t you think that anyone who proudly calls himself a community organizer would be a little bit more organized than this? He’s running a kinetic mess and he’s supposed to be the organizational expert. His own community does not know why he started a third war. They don’t know why he’s on vacation while bombing a Middle East country. They don’t know why he kept the Bush tax cuts. They don’t know why he’s publicly celebrating Brazil’s oil.


RUSH: Saturday, White House YouTube Channel, President Obama: Libya mission is succeeding.

OBAMA: We’re succeeding in our mission. We’ve taken out Libya’s air defenses. Khadafy’s forces are no longer advancing across Libya.

RUSH: Wrong.

OBAMA: In places like Benghazi, a city of some 700,000 that Khadafy threatened to show “no mercy,” his forces have been pushed back. So make no mistake: Because we acted quickly, a humanitarian catastrophe has been avoided, and the lives of countless civilians — innocent men, women, and children — have been saved.

RUSH: This just adds to the confusion of what this is all about. Khadafy’s still there. This is really hard. We’re dealing with somebody who’s not ground in reality on this in any way, shape, manner, or form. This is… My gosh, folks, it’s embarrassing. It’s worse than embarrassing. Also Saturday, White House YouTube Channel.

OBAMA: When someone like Khadafy threatens a bloodbath that could destabilize an entire region and when the international community is prepared to come together to save many thousands of lives, then it’s in our national interests to act, and it’s our responsibility. This is one of those times.

RUSH: Khadafy threatens a bloodbath. Well, here we go. And a lot of other people now are picking up this refrain that we offered last week: “Well, there’s a lot of bloodbaths around the world. Darfur. North Korea. Syria. Why aren’t we there?” It was fascinating on Meet the Press yesterday. The audio is coming up here, but this was a stunning power play. On Meet the Press yesterday, after Defense Secretary Robert Gates conceded that Libya is not a vital interest of the United States… Stop and think of that. He conceded, the Secretary of Defense, that the action in Libya is not rooted in a vital national interest of ours. Before he could complete his comments, Mrs. Clinton cut him off, and she launched into a minute-and-40-second monologue seeking to justify US military involvement in Libya.


RUSH: Here is why we’re in Libya. There’s the chart. This chart shows every energy and oil installation in Libya, offshore and on, every one of them is a European-owned entity. You got BP, you’ve got ExxonMobil. This chart is from STRATFOR, Stratfor.com. We will put this at RushLimbaugh.com. Sarkozy and Cameron today have come out and are urging Libyans to oppose Khadafy. This is no more a humanitarian mission than a mission to save the animals and the pets of Libya. This is about European energy, pure and simple, and who was there first? Who didn’t wait for us? The Europeans. We were stragglers, were we not? We were the last there. There are no vital US interests, we’re told. Gates says, “No vital US interests.” That’s not true and Mrs. Clinton interrupts him and goes on a minute and 40 second monologue on Meet the Press yesterday to suggest that there might be some vital US interests. Well, that’s a pretty big chunk of that country, particularly on the northeastern coast of this country that’s got a lot of energy installations. Now, in the lower-left hand corner as you’re looking at it, the lower-left hand corner lists by color-code every country that owns one of those installations.


RUSH: Here’s President Obama. This is Saturday, White House YouTube channel.

OBAMA: When someone like Khadafy threatens a bloodbath that could destabilize an entire region and when the international community is prepared to come together to save many thousands of lives, then it’s in our national interests to act, and it’s our responsibility. This is one of those times.

RUSH: Well, you just heard it, President Obama on Saturday, the White House YouTube channel, claiming that Libya is a vital US national interest. Hmm, not so fast. Sunday morning on Meet the Press, the guest, Secretary of State Clinton, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates. David Gregory said, “Secretary Gates, is Libya in our vital interest as a country?”

GATES: No, I don’t think it’s a vital interest for the United States, but we clearly have interests there, and it’s a part of the region which is a vital interest for the United States.

RUSH: No, I don’t think it’s a vital interest for the US. We have interests there. I just showed you what the interest is, folks. The interest is European energy. That’s why we’re there. And, by the way, don’t anybody misunderstand. I’m all for that. I am of the camp that believes oil, the free flow of oil, the free flow of energy at market prices is the fuel of freedom. You’re not gonna find any quarrel from me going anywhere to maintain the free flow of oil at market prices. The left will, but I don’t. If it could be firmly established that we are there because the Europeans are there for protection of their energy installations, and there’s a lot of them, I’ve shown you the chart. You can see the chart at RushLimbaugh.com, Stratfor.com. You can see it on my Facebook page. You can see how heavily invested in Libyan energy the Europeans are, and you can see which companies and countries are there. There’s no question. You will have no doubt once you look at the chart. I think it’s entirely understandable the Europeans are there. They didn’t waste time, folks. You’ll note they did not waste time getting in there. They didn’t wait for us to dither. We are the last in.

People have watched what people like Hugo Chavez have done, nationalizing oil and energy institutions, installations, companies in Venezuela. They don’t want that in Libya. They don’t want that in the Middle East. It makes perfect sense. You’ve got instability in this country, Khadafy murdering and who knows what could end up running this country. I guarantee you they don’t want the Muslim Brotherhood running this country. They do not want a caliphate here. They do not want this. People interested in the free flow of oil at market prices do not want the Muslim Brotherhood running the show here. It would make perfect sense to me to go in here to protect their interests. That they would persuade us to go eventually? It seems to me that Obama is more than willing to help everybody else in this world maintain their own flow of oil at market prices — Brazil, we’ll give ’em $2 billion or loan them $2 billion to grow their own oil industry. We’ll put drilling moratoriums on ourselves. We will hamper the free flow-of-oil at market prices in our country, but around the world if anybody’s oil interests are upset, we’re right there to help ’em out, eventually.

But stop and think of this. Here you have Gates: “No, we don’t have a vital interest there, is not a vital interest for the United States.” I think Gates knows what he’s talking about. Obviously he does. He knows what’s going on there. It means there’s no vital US oil there. But what are we doing? Here we have our own secretary of defense saying there’s no vital US interests, but we are putting members of our military at risk, we are spending a billion taxpayer dollars, what is it, a day on something that’s not in the vital interests of the United States. In fact, it sounds like the US went into “kinetic military action” to protect the Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions, to protect the Muslim Brotherhood. Notice that Mrs. Clinton’s claim may not be true. Let’s move on to Mrs. Clinton here, because Gregory, after Gates said, “No, there’s no vital US interests there,” David Gregory said, “I think a lot of people would hear that and say, ‘Well, that’s quite striking, not in our vital interests and yet we are committing resources there?'”

HILLARY: But then it wouldn’t be fair as to what Bob just said. I mean did Libya attack us? No, they did not attack us. Do they have a very critical role in this region, and do they neighbor two countries? You just mentioned one, Egypt; the other, Tunisia, that are going through these extraordinary transformations and cannot afford to be destabilized by conflict on their borders. Yes. Do they have a major influence on what goes on in Europe because of everything from oil to immigration? And, you know, David that raises a very important point ’cause you showed on the map just a minute ago Afghanistan. You know, we asked our allies, our NATO allies to go into Afghanistan with us ten years ago. They have been there, and a lot of them have been there despite the fact they were not attacked. The attack came on us, as we all tragically remember. They stuck with us. When it comes to Libya, we started hearing from the UK, France, Italy, other of our NATO allies —

RUSH: Right.

HILLARY: — this was in their vital national interests.

RUSH: Right.

HILLARY: The UK and France were the ones who went to the Security Council and said —

RUSH: Right.

HILLARY: — we have to act —

RUSH: Right.

HILLARY: — because otherwise we’re seeing a really violent upheaval —


HILLARY: — with a man who has a history of unpredictable violent acts —

RUSH: Yeah.

HILLARY: — right on our doorstep.

RUSH: That’s not why.

HILLARY: So, you know, let’s be fair here.

RUSH: Yeah.

HILLARY: They didn’t attack us, but what they were doing and Khadafy’s history and the potential for the disruption and instability was very much in our interests, as Bob said, and seen by our European friends and our Arab partners as very vital to their interests.

RUSH: Read: oil. All of that adds up to oil, folks. I hate to tell you if you don’t want to hear it, but it adds up to oil. Libya did not attack Europe, Mrs. Clinton. Sure, they didn’t attack us. They did not attack Europe. Khadafy didn’t attack anybody. What was going on? Nothing was going on except Khadafy was attacking his own people. That was leading to instability. You had Tunisia, you had Egypt, you had Europe saying, “Oh, my God, we got that much energy dependence in that country, and all hell’s breaking loose? We’ve got to stabilize.” Not for humanitarian purposes. That’s what the left says. But the way, that question, that minute and 36 answer you just got, the question was intended for Gates. She took it. She didn’t let Gates answer the follow-up. She took it. Because the minute Gates said, “No, we don’t have any vital US interests there,” I mean that was red flag panic city.

So Lead Hawk Hen number one, Mrs. Clinton, moves in there, co-opts the question, gives the answer, “They stuck with us, UK, France, Italy.” UK, France, Italy, you take a look at the color-code on the chart as to what nation owns what companies that own what installations in Libya. It’s all perfectly clear what’s happening. And again, don’t misunderstand. I got no problem with it. It was Ed Markey, Democrat, Massachusetts: “Libya is about oil, it’s all about oil.” He’s probably right. He doesn’t like it. Humanitarian, ah, it’s just what the left says. So we have joined a war for Europe’s oil and isn’t that better than going to war for oil for ourselves? Blood for oil, American blood for European oil, from 15,000 feet, no-fly zone. As I say, we’ll come to the aid, apparently, of anybody in the world who wants to protect or find more of their oil. It’s just when our oil is on the table, this regime says it’s gonna stay on the table, or it’s gonna stay in the ocean, or it’s gonna stay underground.


RUSH: Here’s Eric in Wilmington, Delaware, as we return to the phones. It’s great to have you on the program, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. How you doing?

RUSH: Very well. Thank you.

CALLER: I have a question. I have two, really. The first question is: If it’s illegal for Americans to aid and abet Al-Qaeda, and they prosecute you, why is it not illegal for the executive branch to supply and aid and abet a candidate and jihadist in Libya — or just supply and help them out?

RUSH: Well, it’s an interesting question. The answer that I would come up with is that the regime is above the law. The regime’s own health care bill is said to be unconstitutional. The regime doesn’t care.

CALLER: Yeah, but, Rush, one thing. I mean, in 1980s when Iran-Contra went on, they had the Boland Amendment.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: And they went after the Reagan administration unrelentlessly (sic) to try to impeach Reagan. I mean I don’t hear a peep. Everybody is agreeing that we should be there, and I once remember Patton said, “If everybody is thinking the same thing, somebody’s not thinking.” So I was just wondering why no one is even bringing it up that it’s illegal to supply Al-Qaeda and jihadists that have killed our soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq.

RUSH: I don’t know. As I say, I’m not sure that it’s been established to the legal extent that we are openly, willingly supplying Al-Qaeda in Libya. In ousting Khadafy, we might be assisting Al-Qaeda in their quest, but actually giving them military support? I don’t know. As I said, the regime is above the law in their own minds. Their health care bill is unconstitutional? So what! We’re gonna keep implementing it. It’s clear that in many cases the law does not apply to them. Bob in Franklin, Tennessee, welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. An honor to speak to you, sir.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: Yeah, I noticed yesterday that Secretary Gates said that he had reports of Khadafy planting dead bodies near our Tomahawk missile strikes. And, you know, if that would have been Bush in Iraq, if that would have been reported, it woulda been I’m sure very much discredited in the fact that we were doing so much collateral damage.

RUSH: Yeah, but you understand why.

CALLER: Oh, absolutely. Absolutely I understand why.

RUSH: If, for example, the defense secretary in the Bush administration had claimed that Saddam and others were moving already dead bodies to make it look like collateral damage, why, there would have been no end of the assaults on the Bush administration. “How dare you make these outrageous claims!” Gates claims it about Khadafy and, of course, “Khadafy is the enemy!” I don’t know what to say here. Clearly the media, the left loves Obama. He can do no wrong. The only way he can disappoint them is not meeting up to their expectations, but they keep holding out hope.


RUSH: On this civilian casualty thing in Libya, it’s important to remember that it is Gates who’s claiming this. It is the regime. Our Defense Secretary, Robert Gates, is claiming that there aren’t any real civilian casualties, that what’s happening is that the Libyan government is moving the bodies into position to make it look like civilian casualties. And, of course, the point is: Imagine if anybody in Iraq in the Bush administration had made such a claim. The left wouldn’t put up with it! They wouldn’t tolerate it. CNN ran a crawl, I think for several hours over the weekend, saying, “Libyan Government Can’t Backup Claims of Collateral Damage.” So, Obama has his defense secretary claim it, the Libyans claim it, and the media says, “Well, Khadafy’s lying!”

Would we have ever gotten a story from CNN, Saddam or others in Iraq are lying? No, it would be the Bush regime, the Bush administration which was lying. This was the fundamental point of a previous caller. But where has there ever been a war without collateral damage? This is the point. When has there ever been a war where there was not citizen damage? In fact, that used to be how you won wars, folks (I hate to tell you), is by killing innocent civilians. Who do you think we targeted in Nagasaki and Hiroshima and all the bombings of Germany World War II? That’s how you used to define victory. Now it’s called “collateral damage,” and the idea that we can conduct war without any is absurd.


RUSH: Okay, time for the Media Tweak of the Day. Nation building, that was bad enough, folks. But it would seem that Obama is now into caliphate building. It’s almost as though Obama might believe he’s the 12th imam. How can he possibly know how things are gonna turn out in Libya and the rest of the Middle East? How could he possibly know this? Look at his NCAA brackets. By the way, if you want any proof that this is all about the oil in Libya, don’t forget the UK freed the Lockerbie bomber so that BP could get a good deal on oil in Libya. Do you remember that? That’s why the Lockerbie bomber was freed, to get a good deal on Libyan oil, and that was called humanitarian, too, if I’m not mistaken. So don’t doubt me, folks. Energy installations, oil in Libya, UK, Europe, that’s what this is.


RUSH: Five and a half hours, ladies and gentlemen, five hours to be exact, 24 minutes, and Barack Obama will explain why we are in Libya. Five hours and 24 minutes. Wolf Blitzer will continue our countdown starting with his show at five o’clock on CNN. (imitating Blitzer) “We’re eagerly waiting, President Obama speaking to the nation tonight at 7:30 to explain why we’re in Libya and who’s there and who we hope won’t be there when we finish, CNN eagerly awaiting, breaking news, President Obama at 7:30, five hours 23 minutes and 15 seconds from now.” That’s how it will be.

Telephone number is 800-282-2882 if you want to be on the program.

The plot thickens. “Russia said on Monday attacks on forces loyal to Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi amounted to intervention in a civil war and were not backed by the UN resolution authorizing no-fly zones. In the latest Russian criticism of military action by the Western-led coalition, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said the resolution passed by the UN Security Council on March 17 had the sole aim of protecting Libyan civilians. ‘And yet there are reports — and nobody denies them — of coalition strikes on columns of Gaddafi’s forces, reports about support for actions by the armed insurgents,’ Lavrov said. ‘There are clear contradictions here. We consider that intervention by the coalition in what is essentially an internal civil war is not sanctioned by the UN Security Council resolution.'”

So the Russians are dissenting. Hey, this ain’t what you told us at the UN. Hey, this ain’t what you said when you went after that resolution. Hey, we’re gonna call you on it. And that’s because it’s about oil, and the Russians know it. Libya is an oil competitor to the Russians. We can’t say this, folks, we cannot say. That’s why the administration’s willing to make itself look silly by saying this is about humanitarian Meals on Wheels or what have you. It’s why they’re willing to contradict themselves and tie themselves up like pretzels, because they’re a bunch of libs and they can’t admit that they’re doing this for oil or there would be a revolt on the left. But that’s what this is and everybody knows it.

It’s just like “I told you,” and I hate using that phrase. I really do. But there was no way they’re gonna close Gitmo. There was no way. I told you they weren’t gonna secure defeat for themselves. They’re not gonna lose the war on terror with themselves in charge. They’ll saddle it with somebody else if they can but they’re not gonna lose it themselves. They might put a moratorium on oil drilling in this country but they’re not gonna deprive this country of oil from around the world. We’ll get it. It’s gonna cost an arm and a leg, and they don’t have any problem hurting our own domestic industry, but Brazil wants oil, fine, here’s two billion, go get it. Cubans, you want to drill in the Gulf with the Chinese, go ahead, we’re not gonna stop you. We’ll stop ourselves.

Cameron, Sarkozy, “Hey, look, this unrest in Libya, let me show you a chart with all the installations we have over there. We gotta protect our energy investments.” We say, “Okay, yeah, we get it. We’ll help you out with a no-fly zone. We’ll tell our people it’s about humanitarian violations and so forth. That will play well with our people.” It’s not what it’s about and the Russians have now called everybody on it. Hey, this is what you said, UN resolution, this is not in there. Meanwhile, the Iranians, there’s a video out, just saw it on Drudge, the Iranians say we’re getting ever, ever closer here to the Islamic messiah. That would be the 12th imam. Getting ever closer.

Let’s go back to the audio sound bites. On Face the Nation, Bob Schieffer, talking about Syria, asked Clinton: “Why not go into Syria?

HILLARY: No. Each of these situations is unique, Bob. The situation in Libya, which engendered so much concern from around the international community had a leader who used military force against the protesters, from one end of his country to the other, who publicly said things like, “We’ll show no mercy. We’ll go house to house.”

RUSH: Each of these situations is unique, Bob. Assad’s a reformer. Everybody knows Assad’s not a reformer! He’s a murderer. Bashar al-Assad is a murderer. No, each of these situations unique, Bob, situation in Libya, so much concern, international community, leader, military force. It’s exactly what Assad’s doing. And then she called him a reformer. Schieffer said, “How can it be worse than what’s happened in Syria over the years? Bashar al-Assad’s father killed 25,000 people at a lick. They opened fire, live ammo on these civilians. Why is that different from Libya?”

HILLARY: There is a different leader in Syria now. Many of the members of Congress of both parties who have gone to Syria in recent months have said they believe he’s a reformer.

RUSH: Well, now, who’s gone? Pelosi went. John Kerry went. Remember all these guys going and talking to Bashar al-Assad? They’ve been pretty quiet about it, but it was a long time ago. I mean year, year and a half ago that they went to Syria, but I do remember they made the trek. But now even the media — and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s ’cause we asked the questions first. Well, wait a minute, now. Everything you’re saying about Libya you can say about Syria, North Korea, and Iran. Why are you choosing Libya? And they haven’t had an answer for it. And so now when Schieffer gets specific about Syria and Assad, well, it’s a different Syria. It’s not. Bashar al-Assad’s the same as his dad, Hafez al-Assad. But, see, there isn’t really any oil to speak of in Syria, folks, not to speak of. So let’s go back to February 14th of 2007. This is when Mrs. Clinton was a Senator. She’s on the Senate floor and the subject is a possible attack on Iran. This is what Mrs. Clinton said.

HILLARY: If the administration believes that any, any use of force against Iran is necessary, the president must come to Congress to seek that authority.

RUSH: Okay, so Jake Tapper asks her yesterday, “Well, you guys go into Libya here, why not ask Congress?”

HILLARY: I don’t think that this kind of internationally authorized intervention where we are one of a number of countries participating to enforce a humanitarian mission is the kind of unilateral action that either I or President Obama were speaking of several years ago. I think that this had a limited time frame, a very clearly defined mission, which we are in the process of fulfilling.

RUSH: This is a joke, right? There is no clearly defined mission. They’re not telling the truth of what the mission is, and we’re gonna be there the rest of the year now. That was news yesterday. Not weeks. It’s gonna be months. We will be in Libya the rest of the year. Mark my words. And she says this is different from Iran because Iran, we were just talking about us, but this is international, there’s a whole coalition here. We were warning President Bush not to go into Iran all by himself. What’s the difference? If you’re going in to save people, what does it matter if the mission purpose is to stop suffering, if the mission purpose is to make sure that innocent civilians are not attacked, what does it matter who’s going in there? Are we not the leader? This is how you get tripped up when you refuse to tell people the truth of your actions. They just can’t bring themselves to say that this is about preserving European energy installations in Libya. They don’t dare say it, so they concoct all this do-gooder, namby-pamby leftist feel-good stuff as the explanation. But then that falls apart because you could use the same justification to go to Syria, to go to Iran, to go to North Korea, to go to Darfur. But we don’t go there.

Do you know how ticked off she has to be? She’s having to go out there, she’s the one, we’re playing sound bites of Mrs. Clinton who’s putting herself in a pretzel position. Obama, he’s getting to pick his NCAA picks, and he gets to go make a speech to the country. Five hours and 14 minutes, by the way. Mrs. Clinton’s out there having to justify all this in ways that are clearly not believable. Mrs. Clinton is the face of the war. Mrs. Clinton is the face of our policy. Mrs. Clinton, Hillary Clinton, secretary of state, running this whole show, Hen Hawk number one. Samantha Power, Hen Hawk number two. And Susan Rice, Hen Hawk number three. It’s a close contest there, number two, number three, but clearly Hillary Clinton is Hen Hawk number one. And back in the Clinton days Janet Reno was Hen Hawk number one. Time to invade Waco, call Janet. Ruby Ridge, call Janet.

Now, Ted Koppel, friend of mine, I haven’t spoken to Ted in a long time. We used to be friends. I assume we still are. Ted Koppel was on Meet the Press yesterday in a roundtable, and David Gregory asked him a question. He said, “We’ve just heard this discussion, Mrs. Clinton and Robert Gates, particularly the secretary of defense say that this campaign in Libya is not in America’s vital interests. Pretty high stakes for the president who is about to address the nation and the secretary of defense says it’s really not about US vital interests. What do you say about that, Ted?”

KOPPEL: The question hasn’t yet been answered as to why it is that Libya, of all the countries in that region, has won the humanitarian defense sweepstakes of 2011. We have seen many countries, both in that region and throughout the world, where civilian loss and civilian suffering has been much, much greater. Congo for the past 12 years, we’ve lost about five million people. Sudan, two to three million people, never any talk about military intervention. Why, why Libya? Hasn’t been answered.

RUSH: There it is, folks. I’m holding the chart up again of European energy installations in Libya. That’s the answer. Notice we were the first to start asking, “Why Libya?” Darfur, North Korea, Iran. He throws in Congo. By the way, Calypso Louie raised Congo. In that same speech where he asked Obama, (imitating Calypso Louie) “Who the hell do you think you are? You don’t tell a man to leave like that. Who are you? If you not careful, somebody gonna tell you to leave.” That’s what he said. Ted Koppel: Why Libya? Why not Congo? Why not Sudan, Darfur, any number of places? Coulda made George Clooney very happy, going into Darfur.


RUSH: Vinny in Brooklyn. I’m glad you waited, Vinny. It’s always a pleasure to have you here on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Dittos, Great One. You are indeed a weapon of mass instruction.

RUSH: Thank you, Vinny, very much.

CALLER: Now, I seem to remember the administration’s stated reason for going to Libya was to avert, and I quote, “a humanitarian disaster.” In Syria, as we speak, the dictator has killed dozens of civilians protesting his government. How do I know this? Well, the New York Times reported this — above the fold, mind you — on Saturday. So, when do the bombing runs start, Great One? When does President Obama pull the lever to avert a humanitarian disaster? And one more item, if I can add: If we won’t, or if we don’t, won’t our interests in Iraq and other allies in the immediate region possibly suffer through Syria’s instability as per Hen Hawk Hillary Clinton’s stated reason? I ask you, Great One.

RUSH: Well, see, I was gonna tell you here, Vinny: Mrs. Clinton said that Bashar al-Assad is a “reformer,” that it’s a different Syria now, that there’s no reason to go into Syria. There really is not a humanitarian disaster going on there. She made it very, very clear: There’s no similarity whatsoever.

CALLER: So the killings are what, then? What would you say they are? Just someone’s figment of their imagination?

RUSH: Well, they’re not happening from coast to coast. She said that in Libya, they’re happening all across the country; in Syria, it’s just in a limited part of the country.

CALLER: I see.

RUSH: That’s what she said! I’m just telling you that’s what she said. (interruption) Don’t look at me that way! It’s what she said, Snerdley.

CALLER: (chuckling)

RUSH: It’s what she said. (laughing) She said that Assad is a reformer.

CALLER: (laughing) Right. Right.

RUSH: Vinny —

CALLER: And Obama’s a US citizen, right? Okay. (laughing)

RUSH: What it all means is that they’re not telling us the truth about why we’re in Libya, because if this is the stated reason, you’re absolutely right: What’s stopping us from Syria? What’s stopping us anywhere else where civilians are being killed, mass murdered, abused, or what have you?

CALLER: Yeah, so, Rush, I thank you for your time as always.

RUSH: Vinny, it’s always a pleasure. I don’t care whether you call from the Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn, wherever you call from, it’s always a pleasure to talk to you, Vinny.

CALLER: (laughing) Dittos. Thank you, sir.

RUSH: All right.


RUSH: Steve in Rocklin, California, I’m glad you waited, sir. You’re on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Oh, yes, dittos, Rush. Good thing I’m not calling suicide prevention. Anyway, thanks to Mr. Snerdley again. I was Steve in Brooklyn, then Steve in New Jersey and now Steve in Rocklin, California.

RUSH: It’s always great to hear from you Steve, wherever you happen to be.

CALLER: Anyway, I spent most of my working life as US representative of European manufacturers. Often I was the only American in the room. I speak German, which did wonders for politeness. Europeans may have a genetic inability to take responsibility for their actions. In the former Yugoslavia they had cheap vacations. They went to business conferences. They went to the beaches in Dubrovnik, skiing in Sarajevo. We didn’t, and yet they were totally incapable of solving the problem in their own backyard and it’s the same thing in Libya. If you go to Jane’s Fighting Ships and so on, you add up what Italy has and you add up what France has and you add up what Libya has, they could handle this on their own, but they’re just not mentally capable of it. Same thing in Hungary, I’m of Hungarian origin, and I was there and the place is just full of Germans, German tourists, my Scandinavian colleagues at business conferences there. As far as NATO, NATO itself is not the problem. It’s just governments don’t make the forces available to NATO. The US military trains to NATO procedures as do the Canadians.

RUSH: Okay. So the point is?

CALLER: The point is that the Europeans are not capable of solving it on their own without Americans taking charge. We walked away from our victory in World War I and look what happened. After World War II we fixed it so the Germans would never do it again, and they haven’t. In fact, maybe we went too far because the German military has a labor union.

RUSH: Okay, so you’re saying that the Europeans cannot protect their own oil installations in Libya.

CALLER: No, they can’t protect their own oil installations. I mean, they’re physically capable. They have the forces but they don’t have the will.

RUSH: This may be one of the last times we’re able to if Obama’s not stopped. If this guy gets four more years, how often are we gonna be able to go do this for the Europeans, much less ourselves?


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