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“Nation-building was bad enough. It would seem that Barack Obama is now into caliphate-building. It’s almost as though Obama might believe he’s the 12th Imam.”

“I am of the camp that believes that free flow of oil — the free flow of energy at market prices — is the fuel of freedom. You’re not going to find any quarrel from me about going anywhere to maintain the free flow of oil at market prices. The left will, but I won’t.”

“If there’s anybody who could make a claim to attracting the independents, it would be the hated Tea Party people. I mean, they were the only ones offering an alternative.”

“The New York Times has spent tens of millions of dollars establishing their pay wall, and four lines of JavaScript have been written that totally bust the pay wall. But the poor don’t even know what JavaScript is.”

“A Republican consultant once told David Brooks that Rush Limbaugh can’t deliver a pizza? I bet I probably could. I bet I could deliver a pizza if I set my mind to it.”

“Vinny, it’s always a pleasure. I don’t care whether you call from the Queens, Bronx, or Brooklyn — wherever you call from, it’s always a pleasure.”

“This is exactly how liberals people think: It’s just not fair that some people are able to afford a loan to buy a house while others can’t, and so the way to change that is to force the lender to give people a loan who can’t pay it back, and we’ll figure it out later.”

“Folks, and the rest of you out there — you would be wise to listen to me on this: When talking about the Republican Party, people like me are a thorn in the elites’ sides.”

“The independents flocked to the Republicans in November because they were appalled at what Obama is doing. They were appalled at the direction the liberals are taking the country. This is why people like me get frustrated at the Republicans who are afraid to be conservative.”

“Tell the Republican Congress of 1994 I don’t deliver pizza.”

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