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RUSH: Obama, by the way, has gone 0-for-4 on his NCAA brackets. A lot of people are kind of giving me the business here. “Well, Rush, nobody gets the brackets right. I mean, that’s what’s fun about it.” Yeah, well, fine and dandy. But Obama stopped everything to do his. You know, we’re not talking about Joe Six-Pack at the sports bar. We’re talking about the president of the United States who spent more time taping, dealing with, thinking about his NCAA brackets than he did Libya. So we have a montage here of March the 16th and then yesterday. This is the president talking about his bracket picks, juxtaposed with Jim Nantz of CBS and Gus Johnson of CBS and Verne Lundquist and Marv Albert.

OBAMA: I think Ohio State’s got the talent.

NANTZ: Wildcats going back to an old Kentucky home, the Final Four.

OBAMA: Ehhhh, I think Pitt’s gonna win.

JOHNSON: The Bulldogs do it again! Butler, down by as many as 11, coming back!

OBAMA: Uhhh, so I’m — I’m going with Duke.

LUNDQUIST: UConn goes back to the Final Four for the fourth time.

OBAMA: Kansas! They’re gonna go all the way.

ALBERT: In a stunner, the Rams of Virginia Commonwealth have made it to the Final Four, knocking off the #1 seed: The Jayhawks of Kansas.

OBAMA: Hello, Rio de Janeira! (sic) Alo!


OBAMA: Cidade!

AUDIENCE: (silence)

OBAMA: Maravilhoso!

AUDIENCE: (applause)

RUSH: 0-for-4, President Obama on his brackets. I can’t wait to hear him tell us what his mock draft, first ten rounds of the NFL draft are gonna be if he goes there.


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