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RUSH: Audio sound bites, a couple just to have fun here. Let’s go back and revisit me on this program yesterday, a little montage as we counted down eagerly. By the way, Snerdley made a good point. I found myself distracted last night. Listening to the speech, every time Obama used the word “regime,” he-he-he, which one is he talking about, his or Khadafy’s? He-he-he-he. Anyway, here’s a montage of your host yesterday on this program.

RUSH ARCHIVE: Seven hours and ten minutes, President Obama and remarks on Libya. We’re only six hours away now from President Obama and a big announcement on Libya. We’re only five hours, 45 minutes away now. Five and a half hours, ladies and gentlemen. Five hours to be exact, 24 minutes. And Barack Obama will explain why we are in Libya. Five hours and 24 minutes. Five hours and 14 minutes. We’re eagerly waiting President Obama speaking to the nation tonight at 7:30 to explain why we’re in Libya, President Obama at 7:30, five hours, 23 minutes and 15 seconds from now. Four and a half hours for Obama. Wolf Blitzer will continue our countdown starting with his show at five o’clock on CNN.

RUSH: Which he did.

BLITZER: Happening now, President Obama is just hours away from speaking to the nation. Looking ahead to President Obama’s speech on Libya tonight. We’re counting down to President Obama’s major speech on the US mission in Libya, scheduled to begin two hours from now. President Obama has a huge speech on Libya tonight. President Obama is preparing to defend the US mission in Libya, to Congress, the nation, and indeed the world. One hour from now we’re waiting for President Obama. His speech coming up in about 45 minutes. President Obama’s speech only 30 minutes away. The president’s address to the nation only a few minutes away.

RUSH: So we helped CNN yesterday with their day-long count down to Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign speech.


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