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RUSH: So, I got an e-mail during the break about what might happen: “Rush, I don’t doubt your theory, but what happens if Khadafy doesn’t leave? Obama’s got all this invested in Khadafy, what happens if that doesn’t happen?” No big deal, folks, whatever goes wrong in the Middle East will be blamed on Bush, just like the economy is blamed on Bush. There’s no reason for the media to panic on this. The other side of the story is if it succeeds. If Obama’s words force Khadafy out, and that’s the template, if it succeeds, then I’m just telling you, get ready, every story, every interview with people on the street. I mean Nic Robertson’s gonna go nuts over at CNN. He’s gonna find Mustapha. He’s gonna find Ahmed. He’s gonna find Khalid, and these guys are all gonna talk about how grateful everybody is for Obama and what he has done. I mean that’s the plan, that’s the hope. That’s what’s sketched out on the story boards here for the Obama Doctrine, which is “2012 or bust.”

Now, let me address this straight on, Snerdley. Snerdley is scared. Normally Snerdley loves it when I illustrate absurdity by being absurd but now he’s really scared. He said, “This is gonna come back and bite you.” And I said, “Been saying that for 22 years, that things are gonna come back and bite me.” “Yeah, but this one, you might have a problem on this one.” If you’re just joining us, I cracked wise about this speech being a domestic policy speech. This is a campaign speech. This was for domestic consumption last night. This had nothing to do with articulating policy in Libya. This was all about Obama running for reelection and establishing his words as the moving force for good in the world, the Middle East, and all that. And it’s all wound up in Khadafy. If Khadafy goes in the next two weeks or month, as I said, that’s a big victory. If he stays, he doesn’t. So I said if I were the Republican Party I’d go over there and I would pay Khadafy to hang in, you know, I’d reinforce the palace and all this. And Snerdley said, “They’re gonna kill you.”

This was a clear illustration of illustrating absurdity by being absurd and trying to just illustrate that this a domestic campaign speech and a domestic campaign issue. I mean it’s a logical progression. If Obama is hedging his 2012 reelection on Khadafy leaving, then what are the Republicans to do? Make sure he doesn’t. You know, the Democrats, the left all over the world, they’re getting ready to pay Khadafy to leave. Let’s get in the game and pay him to stay. Snerdley is cracking up in there now. “Why do you keep mentioning this?” Because it illustrates — see, I am fearless — it illustrates better than anything I could do what arena all this is really taking place in. But folks, if I ran the Republican Party I would not go over there and pay Khadafy to stay. I’d ask him to do it for nothing. (laughing)

Washington Examiner, this should give you some comfort. “Admiral James Stavridis, commander of NATO and overall chief of U.S. and coalition forces in the Libyan…” well, it says war here, but it’s “kinetic military action.” It’s a Byron York story. “… says American intelligence agents are ‘examining very closely’ the rebel forces for whom U.S. forces have gone to war.” We don’t really know who they are. We’re only now beginning to examine who it is that we have gone to war for. This is the NATO commander, Admiral James Stavridis. “So far, Stavridis says, the U.S. has discovered ‘flickers’ of the presence of al Qaeda and other terrorist groups, although Stavridis calls the opposition leadership ‘responsible.’ Appearing before the Senate Armed Services Committee, Stavridis was asked by Republican Sen. James Inhofe to comment on ‘reports about the presence of al-Qaeda among the rebels, among those with whom we are associated.'” Well, we’re studying who they are. So the NATO commander has made it clear in Senate testimony that we’re not sure who they are but we’re studying it. (interruption) Snerdley, the reason I wouldn’t pay Khadafy is ’cause he’s worth $33 billion. He’s above being bribed. He’s got more money than Obama’s got. Just won’t let it go. Khadafy’s got more money than the 12th imam has. You couldn’t pay Khadafy enough to stay. You’d have to go about it in an entirely different way.


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