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RUSH: He can’t dare identify the rebels that we were supporting. They have Al-Qaeda connections if they’re not Al-Qaeda directly. I was just asking Snerdley during the break so I’ll ask you: If you watched Obama’s speech, were any of your questions answered last night? No. They weren’t. I mean, the speech was supposed to explain why we are helping the rebels. It was pretty bizarre because he didn’t mention the rebels. He didn’t mention who they are; he didn’t mention what we were doing to help them. He went into George W. Bush platitudes about freedom and America’s role — and he came dangerously close to endorsing American exceptionalism.

That had been causing near heart failure and panic out there on the left. And even as he was speaking, it was reported that the rebels were executing unarmed Khadafy loyalists, which is the same thing that Obama claimed Khadafy’s troops would do if they had the chance. They were doing what Obama claimed they would do if they had the chance, but that his humanitarian effort was stopping. So that’s why we had to intervene, to prevent such a massacre (which was already happening). Why is it okay for the rebels to kill people and not Khadafy’s forces? Is it somehow more humane when the rebels kill people? Yeah, because we’re on the side of the rebels.

Now, the Washington Times sort of confirms my little theory here: “Anti-Genocide Advocate Credits Obama for Libyan Uprising.” White House hen hawk Samantha Power, Mrs. Cass Sunstein, a former basketball buddy of Obama’s. That’s how he got to know her. The word is he got to know her ’cause she wrote something really profound. She was a basketball buddy! Samantha Power wanted to go into sportscasting, and that’s the realm in which Obama met her. She’s also a former news reporter. She’s now a self-proclaimed “anti-genocide advocate.” She said, Samantha Power, “Obama’s two-year campaign to promote human rights helped trigger the uprising in Libya…”

So you see where this is headed? Obama gives his speech last night, nine days late. He gets the lay of the land, gives a domestic policy speech, and makes it clear that the objective here is solely to get rid of Khadafy, which at the White House they must think is a good bet. Don’t doubt me. The White House has to be convinced Khadafy’s gone — somehow, some way — on his own in the next two weeks to a month. Then this morning, in the Washington Times, Samantha Power comes out and says that the Libyan uprising was because of the courage of Barack Obama.

“President Obama’s two-year campaign to promote human rights helped trigger the uprising in Libya.” It wasn’t Bush and Iraq. It wasn’t Tunisia. It wasn’t Egypt. It wasn’t Clinton. It was Barack Obama. So the White House is putting out the news that all of this in the region is happening because Obama has inspired it. That’s another reason, Snerdley, that he won’t talk about the rebels and who they are. Now, “In a speech Monday at Columbia University, Ms. Power, director of multilateral affairs at the National Security Council, defended her support for the military operation against [Khadafy] and said the president’s efforts, through speeches in various foreign capitals, made it easier for other nations to stand with the United States against tyrants.

“‘The president has argued our interests and our values cannot be separated,’ Ms. Power said…” So here you have the White House the day after the speech. Remember the purpose of the speech: 2012 campaign! Big, forceful leader, big talker, big influence, big stick, people fear Barack Obama (contrary to what everybody thinks) and here’s Samantha Power saying all of this — Egypt, Libya, Tunisia — it’s all happening because of Barack Obama’s words. Remember, “words” are Obama’s number one asset.

“Ours is a world governed by the aggressive use of speeches,” in his view. So they’re setting the table now for when Khadafy goes, it will be Obama’s speech last night.

Get ready.


RUSH: The template is set, the narrative is written. Samantha Power, the Washington Times or Washington Examiner today (I’m not sure which, doesn’t matter) says Obama’s words have inspired the Middle East uprisings. Keep a sharp eye on Moammar Khadafy in the next month, two weeks. Let me ask, though: While we were actually going to war, where was Obama? Not last night, but nine days ago, ten days ago. Where was he? He was playing golf. He was vacationing in Rio. He was doing everything he could to distance himself from what was going on in Libya, just in case anything went terribly wrong.

He’s not gonna be there, he’s not gonna make himself present, he’s not gonna establish a connection until he’s relatively certain how it’s going to turn out. Truly a gutless wonder. Most presidents make the speech he made last night on Day One. He was playing golf. He was in Rio vacationing. He came out of hiding when he thought it was safe. You know, folks, there are plenty of humanitarian crises going on in the world. There’s a very serious one going on in the Ivory Coast. Now, the Ivory Coast doesn’t have oil. Libya is loaded with oil, as we pointed out yesterday. Now, what if I’m right? Because who’s gonna take over if Khadafy leaves?

Who takes over? Nobody’s gonna think about that. Nobody’s gonna really care about that because whoever takes over will not immediately be known, nor will who they are immediately be seen or be visible. But let’s say it’s Al-Qaeda, let us say it’s the Muslim Brotherhood. Let’s say that all of these Middle Eastern uprisings end up putting a radical, Islamic anti-American regime in place. It looks like it’s happening in Egypt. Let’s say it happens in Libya. Let’s say that Obama’s words, which Samantha Powers says are inspiring this freedom uprising (that’s what they’re telling us to believe now)…

All right, what happened if that’s bogus, which we know it is? What happens if we get really virulent, anti-American regimes? Radical Islamic regimes? The media will never ask, “Who lost the Middle East?” or if they do, it will be blamed on George W. Bush for the invasion of Iraq. He was destabilizing Middle East by invading Iraq. But nobody will ever cite Obama’s historic Cairo address to the Muslim world. Nobody. Nobody will ever suggest that a militant, extremist Muslim uprising is because of anything Obama did. This is where we are. This is what we face. And I mention all of this simply as a cautionary tale.

Because the irony here that, if you look at Obama’s speech last night as a foreign policy speech, if you look at it in any technical way at all, it was a disaster. It was as continually pathetic as everything else this administration has offered since this all began. The Washington Times has a great editorial illustrating this. “Being a leader is about more than reading off a teleprompter.” No, it’s not. As far as Obama’s concerned, reading off a teleprompter is who he is! The words on the teleprompter and who puts them there, that’s who Obama is — and they’ve set the table now.

Obama’s words have led to the uprising for democracy and peace, and Obama’s words will be the weapon that vanquishes Moammar Khadafy. But the Washington Times, interesting take: “Unbeknownst to the novice commander in chief, Mr. Obama faces a mass of contradictions that makes this conflict a hard sell. Mr. Obama has started a war that is not a war,” but everybody knows it’s a war. “Mr. Obama is using military force, but his secretary of defense says there is no vital American interest involved.” Last night Obama tried to claim that there is a vital American interest, and that is somebody around the world “wants to be free,” and that’s “who we are.”

I know he practically choked saying it, but somebody put it on the teleprompter for him to say ’cause it’s a 2012 campaign speech. That’s the Obama Doctrine: 2012 or Bust! “Mr. Obama sold the country and the United Nations on a no-fly zone, but coalition forces are targeting Libyan ground troops.” We’ve got Special Ops on the ground in Libya. Obama said we’ll never have boots on the ground in Libya. “Mr. Obama’s mandate was to protect civilian lives, but he is actively siding with the rebellion,” and the rebels are taking civilian lives. The rebels are killing people, but apparently it’s okay when they do it; it’s not okay when Khadafy does it.

“Mr. Obama has praised the ‘legitimate aspirations of the Libyan people,’ but many of the rebels are Islamist radicals and even members of al-Qaeda,” but he doesn’t dare tell us this last night. He doesn’t even mention rebels. “Mr. Obama has gone to war to prevent a ‘bloodbath’ in Libya but only offers empty words to innocent Syrians being gunned down by the Assad dictatorship. Mr. Obama has said the United States is not seeking to force regime change but believes that Moammar Gadhafi ‘has to go,'” and this is key.

Because I know some of you are shouting at me, “No, no, Rush! He said it’s not our job to…” Yes, he did. If you listen, if you go back and listen to this, Khadafy has to go. He said we’re not gonna do it militarily, but he’s gotta go. Who says we’re not gonna do it militarily? I mean, for crying out loud, Jonathan Alter and half the press corps have been praying that somebody would shoot Khadafy. We had the audio sound bites. They know what’s going on. If somebody would just kill Khadafy then we can save Obama. That’s what they know. It’s all about Khadafy. (sigh) If I ran the Republican Party I’d go talk to Khadafy and I’d say, “Whatever it takes, don’t leave.”

Well, Obama has made this a domestic campaign issue. Barack Obama has staked a lot here on what Khadafy does. So I’d pay Khadafy to hang in, build some security at the palace there or what have you. Well, Obama’s made it this. Come on, folks, don’t give me Obama is going out there and saying, “We’re not gonna get rid of Khadafy, but he’s gotta go”? What the hell does that mean? We’re not gonna get rid of him but he’s gotta go. If you’re Khadafy, you’re sitting there chewing your fingernails, what does this mean? Khadafy knows the score. They know they want him gone. Khadafy knows that Jonathan Alter said the other day it would be nice if somebody put a bullet in his head.

So they probably got Jonathan Alter posters all over the Khadafy palace, with a sharp eye warning to keep out for this guy. “Mr. Obama said there would be no ‘boots on the ground’ in Libya but reports are emerging that some boots have landed,” special ops. “Mr. Obama said the operation would be handed over to NATO but the United States will still be doing the heavy lifting.” NATO, by the way, said they were not gonna take it ’til Thursday. They were supposed to take it tomorrow, but NATO they’re gonna delay the handoff until Thursday. I don’t know why. The hope is that Khadafy will leave before then so that Obama can really get all the credit.

“Mr. Obama said Operation Odyssey Dawn would be limited to ‘days, not weeks,’ but now it is projected to go on for months.” We had that yesterday. Finally from the Washington Times: “Mr. Obama denounced his predecessor President George W. Bush for unilateralism but the O Force has gone to war with no congressional authorization, fewer coalition partners and weaker support from the Arab world.” Obama did trash both Bush and Clinton last night. He trashed Clinton on how long it took in Bosnia, and he trashed Bush on how long it took and how much it cost in Iraq. And it was very clear that Obama’s point is, “I’m gonna get rid of this guy in a lot less time and it’s gonna cost a lot less money ’cause I’m much more qualified than those two boobs.”

I remind you that “regime change” in Iraq did not take eight years. It took a day and a half once we started the Shock and Awe. (interruption) It was tacky? Yeah, I thought it was childish. I thought it was typical Obama. I thought it was very childish and immature. (sobbing) “Not my fault! Not my fault! That guy did it. I’m better, I’m smarter, just ’cause I say so.” So, “All of these contradictions were of the president’s making and are the product of trying to preserve an exalted image that now only a few [people] still believe.” So, folks, Samantha Power, again, in the newspaper today: Obama’s words inspired all of these uprisings. She said so. Two years of Obama talking about this beginning with the Cairo speech, that’s what’s responsible for this. If Khadafy goes, it will be his words from last night. If they can do that — if they can reconnect, if they can reestablish that Obama’s words move mountains — then they have successfully reignited the 2008 campaign.

Don’t doubt me.


RUSH: Lake Charles, Louisiana. This is David. Thank you for the call, sir. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Thanks, Rush. Listen, I just wanted to make a comment about our first-ever community organizing president, who made it perfectly clear last night that the UN was taking over — you touched on this — they were to take it over on Wednesday. How in the world can there be such a bumbling error that you come address the nation, you address the world, his leadership role about this is to be transferred over Wednesday and less than 12 hours later, it’s not gonna happen on Wednesday. You know, it just doesn’t make sense. That his community organizing skills worldwide is totally —

RUSH: Well, they’re just delaying it a day. NATO was —

CALLER: It won’t matter. He told us it was gonna happen on Wednesday. How can you address the nation that you’re gonna do something, being the president of the United States of America, and it did not happen.

RUSH: You’re asking the wrong — you gotta understand, this is a NATO problem. You need to be calling Brussels and you need to be asking, “How in the hell can you guys embarrass Barack Obama like this? He went on national television and he told the world that you guys are taking over on Wednesday and what are you trying to do, embarrass him? You announce the next day you’re not gonna take over until Thursday?”

CALLER: I don’t know what to say about that, Rush.

RUSH: I know you don’t because it’s —

CALLER: You can’t embarrass The Messiah like that.

RUSH: Well, they did. They did. If you read Obama’s books, by the way, we’ve chronicled this countless times, he did not accomplish anything as a community organizer. Very little, if anything, did he accomplish, by his own admission. I mean most of what he describes sounds like a laughable fiasco, if you read his books on what he talked about doing as a community organizer. David, thanks.

This is Tom in Mifflin, Pennsylvania. West Mifflin or just Mifflin?

CALLER: Hey, Rush.

RUSH: Hey.

CALLER: Mega dittos from central Pennsylvania, between —

RUSH: Okay, just Mifflin.

CALLER: — (unintelligible) and Harrisburg.

RUSH: Thank you, sir, for calling.

CALLER: Thank you. I just would like to know, if this all plays out as you described, do you think that the American people are gonna buy into it? I mean do you think that his poll numbers will start going up? Because the more that you expose him, the more that he is just becoming such a joke.

RUSH: I worry about it. To be honest, I worry about it. Look, I think one of the reasons why the speech was given at 4:30, half the country didn’t hear it.


RUSH: They’re out on the Left Coast, lined up at the welfare office, unemployment office. The other half, 7:30, some of them had just gotten home, some not off the trains yet. Normally a speech of this importance is made at nine o’clock Eastern time. You know damn well that the media, like I said, they’re panting to be able to —

CALLER: I understand that —

RUSH: — broadcast this story. The question, will the American people buy it? I think fewer and fewer will.

CALLER: The media is just a joke, and the people realize that, they understand that, but I just don’t think they’re gonna buy into this.

RUSH: Well, we’ll see. I still have not abandoned the true objective here of this program and all of us.


RUSH: Regime change in 20 months in this country.

CALLER: Yep, absolutely.

RUSH: I debated whether or not to share this theory of mine with people today. I chatted with some people via e-mail and instant message this morning, and I depressed them all. I walked in here, Snerdley was just licking his chops, boy, he thought the table had been set, he thought Obama was so bad, which in the foreign policy arena he was horrible. It was pathetic. And Snerdley just knew it was slice-and-dice time and I gave Snerdley the theory, and his eyes opened wide, his head hung low, and his mouth stood agape. And I shared this with others. You know, I get these excited e-mails, “Boy, Rush, I can’t wait for you to tear Obama apart.” I said, “Wait a minute, wait a minute,” and they wrote back, “Yeah, I didn’t think of it this way, oh, my God.” I depressed a lot of people today so I thought, should I do this or not? And I decided to go ahead and go public with the theory to try to throw water on this if it does happen, put out this fire a little bit before it happens, so that if it does, nobody is really surprised by it.

Back after this.


RUSH: Oh, come on, Snerdley, of course I wasn’t serious about paying Khadafy to hang around. I said that to make a point to try to illustrate that this is a domestic political speech last night and that the reelection — Obama has thrown in, he thinks his reelection is based on Khadafy going, based on his words. Of course I wouldn’t pay Khadafy. I’d ask him to stay for nothing.


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