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RUSH: Let’s go back to the audio sound bites. We’re gonna pick up here at number seven. We have a media montage. The media twisting themselves into pretzels to try to see the Obama Doctrine in this Libyan mess. Now, remember, you know what the Obama Doctrine is. It’s three words: “2012 or Bust.”

BLITZER: The clearest form of what we can call the Obama Doctrine, when to deploy US military forces around the world.

GERGEN: The emerging Obama Doctrine. Unless we are directly threatened, he’s only going to use force in extremely limited circumstances.

HENRY: Laying out an Obama Doctrine, when he said, “I refuse to wait for the images of slaughter and mass graves.”

SPITZER: There is the beginning of a doctrine about how President Obama views the use of force.

KUCINICH: This is a new Obama Doctrine, which is that you act on threats.

ENGEL: Talked about a new doctrine of preemptive war, going to war when the President of the United States doesn’t feel it is morally right not to go to war.

MORGAN: It’s an unusual doctrine

RUSH: That was Piers Morgan at CNN. It’s an unusual doctrine. Well, everybody’s got their own theory as to what the doctrine is. I would have been embarrassed to say half of those, what I thought the doctrine is. I mean, “The emerging doctrine, unless we’re directly threatened. We’re only gonna use force in limited circumstances.” That’s a doctrine? “There’s a beginning of a doctrine about how Obama views the use of force.” That’s a doctrine? “You act on threats.” That’s what Dennis Kucinich said the Obama Doctrine is, you act on threats. Last night on CNN Piers Morgan spoke with Rudy Giuliani. Question: “What happens if, as we’re seeing now in Syria, for example, you’re seeing the leadership there killing large numbers of people, ever-increasing numbers of people, same kind of argument. You know there’s a humanitarian situation in Syria, likely to be one in Yemen, both probably more dangerous places than Libya as far as the security of America than Libya. What do we do?”

GIULIANI: To say that he has a policy, even like an Obama Doctrine, is really just a fawning on Obama. There’s no doctrine in this. Here’s the doctrine, if France wants us to do it, if the UN wants us to do it, if the Arab League wants us to do it, then we’ll do it, that’s the Obama Doctrine.

RUSH: Rudy’s close. The Obama Doctrine is it’s the UN. Our sovereignty, we’re waving it good-bye. Obama didn’t go to Congress. He went to the UN. He appoints NATO. Citizen of the world. James Carville, last night, CNN, The Situation Room. Wolf Blitzer: “So, you think the president made a mistake by doing this?”

CARVILLE: You know, there was always a good reason to go in Iraq. There was a good reason to go in Afghanistan. There’s a good reason to go in Pakistan. There was a good reason to go in Libya. There’ll be a good reason to go in Bahrain. There’ll be a good reason to start a war anywhere. And, you know, I don’t know, but we’re a little tuckered out here. I don’t know if he made a mistake. You know, the secretary of state and other people really were urging him it was a humanitarian crisis. I hope that it turns out to be the right decision.

RUSH: That’s James Carville speaking from a barrel toss in New Orleans. The partying continues in the French Quarter. Ed Henry last night, The Situation Room, CNN, Wolf Blitzer said, “Set the scene for us. Give us a little bit of the flavor of what’s going on there in the Oval Office here. Obama is getting ready to make history.”

HENRY: A lot of people expect that an address about military action tends to be in the Oval Office. In private administration officials acknowledge the president didn’t want an Oval Office address because he did not want to raise the stakes any more or raise the level of this and compare it to Iraq, Afghanistan, because his point tonight is that this is a much more limited engagement than either one of those conflicts.

RUSH: Ed Henry on the case. Did anybody understand what he said? You got it? More comfortable standing alone, godlike reverb. Donald Trump was on CNN last night. Every sound bite here is from CNN. Well, partly because MSNBC, I’ve said no more, no more sound bites from MSNBC primetime. So we gotta go somewhere. Trump was on with Piers Morgan. Question: “When you hear Obama say that he wants to get rid of Khadafy but he doesn’t want regime change, does that make sense to you?”

TRUMP: It makes no sense whatsoever. What he said just makes absolutely no sense, and at this point if you don’t get rid of Khadafy, it’s a major, major black eye for this country, but you also have to ask the other question, who’s paying for this? You have Saudi Arabia, the Arab League, the richest nations in the world saying, “Go in and get him. We don’t like him. Go in and get him.” And why aren’t they paying for this?

RUSH: (laughing) I get the impression Trump doesn’t like paying for much. He’s got a good point here, everybody is saying, “You go get ’em, you go get ’em, you go get ’em, you go get ’em.” Okay, how much you gonna pay us? Makes perfect sense to me, too.


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