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RUSH: We do have these polls. It isn’t working. His approval numbers are plummeting. He’s at 42% in the Quinnipiac poll — and, of course, we’re not hearing about that. We don’t hear about that. In fact, I’m gonna change my audio sound bite request on the fly. We’ll do Schumer and stuff in the next half hour. Go grab audio sound bite number two. Who could forget this? Wolf Blitzer, March 13th, 2006…

BLITZER: It’s 4 p.m. here in Washington. So you’re getting the first look right now at our brand-new poll. The president’s job approval rating has taken a downward turn again, falling to only 36%.

BLITZER: This represents his lowest rating ever in the CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll.

BLITZER: The president’s poll numbers are pretty bad, pretty awful right now, rock bottom as far as the CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll.

BLITZER: The president’s Iraq problem and his new low point in the polls.

BLITZER: His approval and policies now are at new lows.

RUSH: That’s enough of that. Number three standing by, sound bite number three. So we remember that went on and on and on all day. That’s all Wolf Blitzer could talk about. It’s all he could promote. “President Barack Obama’s approval rating and prospects for reelection have plunged to all-time lows in a Quinnipiac University poll released [today]. Half of the registered voters surveyed for the poll think that the president does not deserve a second term in office, while 41 percent say he does.

“In another Quinnipiac poll released just four weeks ago, 45 percent said the president did not deserve reelection… The decline in support for a second Obama term comes as his approval rating has dropped 4 percentage points since early March, landing at 42 percent — a record low…” We are three points above the dreaded thirties — and, remember, we didn’t even have to get to the thirties before we had the media doing fits like you just heard Wolf Blitzer doing when it was George W. Bush. But now nary a mention! I’ve got a Politico story. I’m actually reading from a Politico story that is two paragraphs about this. (interruption)

No, I’m not complaining. I’m illustrating it. It’s classic. Here’s Bloomberg: “President Barack Obama’s job approval reached its lowest level, and nearly half of Americans surveyed opposed the U.S. military intervention in Libya, a Quinnipiac University poll found. Also, 50 percent of the registered voters surveyed by the Hamden, Connecticut-based university’s polling institute said Obama didn’t deserve re-election in 2012…” So what are they talking about? Let’s go to the audio sound bites. Carol Costello, who in the past has been assigned to stalk me as a reporter at CNN. Here’s a little bit of her report on CNN this morning.

COSTELLO: The new poll out that shows support for the Tea Party slipping away! Maybe it’s because of how a couple Tea Party-backed governors are trying to balance their budgets and the kind of language they’re using. Forty-seven percent of all Americans have an unfavorable view of the Tea Party movement!

RUSH: Wow. Really? You’ve got the president sitting at 42%. Carol Costello and CNN can’t seem to find that story, but they come up with “47% of all Americans have an unfavorable view of the Tea Party.” To me that means a majority has a favorable view, and she goes on to editorialize as to why: “Maybe it’s because of how a couple Tea Party-backed governors are trying to balance their budgets…” Ahhhh, yes. Well, Ms. Costello and the rest of you, let’s just wait ’til November 2012, shall we? You want to find out what the American people are really thinking? There are stories in the stack today: The Tea Party, have they gone away? The Tea Party, have they faded away? Tea Party, did they think it was over in November? The Tea Party hasn’t gone anywhere. The Tea Party is out there as passionate as ever; the Tea Party is out there growing. It’s almost kinda good that the left might think the Tea Party has peaked and is on its way down.

Here Dingy Harry, this is this morning on the Senate floor, Dingy Harry talking about John Boehner.

REID: (whispering) It’s obvious that he’s in a difficult situation on his hands, and I don’t envy him in that regard. He’s getting a lot of pressure from the Tea Party folks to dig in his heels, even if it hurts and destroys the recovery that we have going now. What’s worse, the country doesn’t care much about the Tea Party. There’s a new CNN poll out today that says this very directly.

RUSH: Reeeeally?

REID: The people that care about the Tea Party is very small number —

RUSH: Really?

REID: — that care about them positively.

RUSH: Really?

REID: Those that care about them negatively is very high, more than 50%.

RUSH: There you have Harry Reid. Here is Harry Reid talking about the CNN poll on the Tea Party, on the floor of the Senate, assuring everybody: Nobody likes the Tea Party anymore. Nobody cares about the Tea Party, and Boehner’s got a big problem because he’s getting a lot of pressure from the Tea Party folks, but nobody likes the Tea Party anymore.

Now, the Quinnipiac poll was taken before Obama delivered his Libya speech, just to keep the timeline here intact. We don’t know what the Quinnipiac poll would be if it had included the president’s speech on Libya. And we’ve looked everywhere. We cannot find the raw data on CNN’s poll about the Tea Party, and we want to find that because we want to find out how they skewed it. We want to find out how they sampled. If you’re gonna go out and do a poll on the Tea Party, and if you want a negative result, you’re gonna have to oversample Democrats so we want to find out how many Democrats versus likely voters, registered voters, adults. There’s any number of ways that CNN could get this result.

But as you well know polling is not a reflection of public opinion; it is an attempt to shape it — especially as evidenced here by Dingy Harry taking the CNN poll to the floor of the House to try to pressure John Boehner. All this talk of the government shutdown is coming up coincides with Schumer, Senator Chuck-U Schumer and his claim that the strategy (from deep in the bowels of the Democrat Party) is to call the Tea Party and all these supporters “extremists.”


RUSH: Chris in Houston, welcome to the EIB Network. Great to have you with us on the program. Hi.

CALLER: Hi. Hi, Rush. Thanks for taking the call.

RUSH: You bet, sir.

CALLER: Rush, I wanted to talk about Obama, who we actually call Obummer down here. It seems that every time he talks to the American public he’s lying. And I’m wondering what it’s gonna take to get some of these Republicans to finally start calling him each and every time he —

RUSH: Oh, gosh, here we go. I don’t know. I’ve had this question for 23 years, “How are we gonna get the Republicans to do… when are the Republicans gonna do X, Y, and Z.” I don’t know.

CALLER: Each time that he speaks to the American public he lies, and he puts out different catch phrases which are supposed to make you think that he’s on your side. Now he’s talking about democratic principles in the Middle East and everything else. Well, who cares if there’s democratic principles in the Muslim Brotherhood? They’re still gonna be anti-America.

RUSH: He doesn’t care himself whether there are democratic principles in the Muslim Brotherhood. Look, don’t be that concerned about this. Have you seen his latest approval numbers? In the Quinnipiac poll he’s at 42% approval. He’s just three points above the dreaded thirties. Now, my point to you is that the smooth talker is not convincing 75% of the people like he did two years ago. Sometimes the Republicans don’t have to say anything for voters to get it. Sometimes the Republicans don’t have to point it out. People have figured it out. People have figured out Obama’s policies do not create jobs. People have figured out Obama’s mortgage savior program has led to more foreclosures.

People living their lives in Obama’s America understand full well, and the polling data backs it up, that he is not who he says he is. His programs do not accomplish that which he claims and promises they will accomplish. It is why there is an abject, borderline panic on the left in the media and at the White House. This is not where they thought they would be. They thought they would be with 90% approval by now. They thought the Republican Party would cease to exist. Do you think they thought they would lose the Congress in November? This was not part of the plan where we are right now. Why do you think they’re still trying to destroy Sarah Palin? Why are so many of our people trying to destroy Sarah Palin? That’s another story. Why are they still trying to destroy the Tea Party? People at the Tea Party get it. So Chris, the bottom line is you don’t need to wait for the Republican Party to call Obama out. People know it simply by virtue of living their lives.


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