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RUSH: I’ve gone through the news here and I literally am just shaking my head at things. Eric Holder, the attorney general, gonna announce his latest plan to try the 9/11 conspirators, and apparently since today is an odd number, four being the date, he’s gonna say that they’re gonna get a military trial. But that will change depending on the winds.


RUSH: I alluded to it in the previous hour of the program, but it’s an even numbered day, April 4th, and Eric Holder, we’re gonna try Khalid Sheikh Mohammed at a military tribunal at Club Gitmo, which will obviously advance our licensed merchandise business, very thriving business down there. But no longer are we going to try him in New York City. It must have something to do with that reelection announcement, folks, and make no mistake, that’s all it is. This is not a coincidence that the very day we get this announcement is the very day Obama announces that he’s gonna run for reelection.


RUSH: Okay, so military trials for Khalid Sheikh Mohammed on the day Obama announces that his regime will seek another four years. Let’s put this in perspective, shall we? By going back to military trials, which is the right decision, it’s the right decision all along, isn’t it true that Obama has now adopted all of George W. Bush’s major national security policies? Isn’t that true? So the question to be posed to Obama supporters on this wonderful celebratory day of his announcement of four more years, is this: If George W. Bush was so stupid, and Barack Obama so smart, how do you explain Obama continuing every one of President Bush’s national security policies and doubling down on some of them? We’re not just in Iraq and Afghanistan. We are in Libya. We were in, well, in a manner of speaking, Egypt. We might be going into Yemen, and who knows about Syria. So you Obama supporters, you’re faced with a dilemma here. You either owe George W. Bush an apology or you must admit that your guy is also an idiot. Those are your two choices. There isn’t any middle ground. If Bush was an idiot and Obama has doubled down on Bush, then Obama’s an idiot, or you need to apologize to Bush.


RUSH: Now, one thing here about the military trials, and let’s just get this out there and have it stated as fact. This decision to try the 9/11 terrorists, let me make a prediction. There’s not gonna be a peep. You might have a couple of commenters or posters, you might have some just for show radical leftists get all out of whack. You might have some tweets, a couple Facebook posts at disgruntled Democrats and liberals over the fact that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and the boys are gonna be tried at Club Gitmo. But the very fact that Obama’s gonna try these guys at a military court in Gitmo proves to me that he has no fear whatsoever about the left not voting for him or even sitting out the election. He knows that they’re complaint against Bush on this Club Gitmo military tribunals, all that was just a pose. That was just posturing, propaganda. The vast majority of them don’t care whether the terrorists in Gitmo are getting civilian trials or not. You have some ideologues and lawyers who would love for the trial to take place in an American courtroom in New York City, but in terms of the mass of leftist voters — folks, it’s like Abu Ghraib.

There’s a story of some genuine atrocities American soldiers have committed in Afghanistan. Have you heard about it? No. But the pictures from Abu Ghraib, you remember the excrement storm the pictures that look like a fraternity prank caused? And how CBS and the New York Times led with those photos, and went on and on and on and talked about the moral decline of America’s standing in the world, on and on and on. It was all posture. It was all posing. I mean for the left to care about any morals, anybody’s morals, at any time is a joke. To be worried about America’s standing in the world. It was all a crock, it was all posturing, it was all posing, it was all just a vehicle to attack this country, to gin up negativity about George W. Bush, reduce his approval numbers and so forth and so on.

Now you’ve got, sad to say, some genuine military atrocities. You have to look hard to find it and you certainly don’t see the New York Times or CBS outraged by any of it and it certainly isn’t on the front page anywhere, and there certainly isn’t any demand of the regime to explain all of this. And you haven’t seen the defense secretary be frog-marched up to the Senate for a committee hearing to explain all this. And you haven’t had any of the soldiers, none of this, none of it. And arguably what happened at Abu Ghraib pales in comparison here. All of this is posing. If Obama was really seriously threatened by loss of support, he would not publicly change the trial.

In fact, what it proves is that if he wants to get reelected, he’s gotta get that trial out of New York City. You know, he was doing his own posing. He’s sending his own message to the American hating left that supports him, and they knew what a Khalid Sheikh Mohammed trial in New York City was all about. It was all about a never-ending display of trashing America, which is what they want but couldn’t bring it off. But the effort was there. So now they get a military trial at Club Gitmo, ho-hum, no big deal, just like ho-hum, no big deal any military atrocities under Obama are or Obama and his hawk hens waging war all over the Middle East, ho-hum. No big deal. So Bill Maher gets a hair follicle out of whack. So Michael Moore puts on a few pounds. Big deal. Whoopee-doo. Just go back to Pritikin, eat cardboard for three days, and it will be fine.


RUSH: Eric Holder was just on television announcing the trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed will remain at Club Gitmo. Holder is still insisting that the best venue for the trials would be in federal court, but they started whining, he said, yeah, Congress has intervened. So isn’t this gonna taint the convictions? Not the best place? Unfair trial. Convictions could be challenged since Holder said today they didn’t get as good a trial as they could have gotten and this guy is supposed to be a lawyer? I still say he’s posing. All of this is just posing for the radical kook-fringe left.


RUSH: Eric Holder did remind everybody that having the trials down there doesn’t mean that we’re not gonna close Gitmo at some point. It’s still something on their minds out there. Obviously the radical left said, “Well, wait a minute, if you’re gonna have these military trials down there, how are you ever gonna close the place?” And Holder, in a Q&A during the presser, a reporter said, “Where is this decision due to the administration’s plan to close Guantanamo? If these military operations are held at Guantanamo, doesn’t that mean the facility is going to have to stay open for many months, if not years to come for the trial?”

HOLDER: We will fight to get those restrictions lifted. I think it will necessarily have an impact on our ability to close Guantanamo. We’ll probably extend the time. It is still our intention to close Guantanamo. It is still our intention to lift those restrictions.

RUSH: So, yeah, we’re gonna be there a little bit longer than we planned, but don’t sweat it, we’re still gonna close the place. They’re not going to close Guantanamo Bay. They’ll keep it open if for no other reason than to have a place to put us. They’re not closing it.


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