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New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof recently described the painful-to-read experience of a young girl in Bangladesh, under Sharia law.

As 14-year old Hena was gagged, beaten, and raped by an older male cousin the rapist’s wife discovered them. She directed her anger at the 14-year-old – beating her again.

Next, the local imam issued a “fatwa” against Hena – pronouncing her guilty of adultery. A village court sentenced the 14-year-old rape victim to a public whipping of 100 lashes. After the 70th lash, the young girl collapsed. A week later, she died; some accounts point to internal bleeding. In a final act of inhumanity, the doctors listed her death as a suicide. By the way, Hena’s parents were forced to watch their daughter‘s fatal whipping – on orders from the imam.

The execution of 14-year-old Hena, “guilty” of being raped – has caused a public outcry in Bangladesh. But … she isn’t unique. We’ve learned of the atrocities other women have faced, like the Iranian woman sentenced to death by stoning for supposedly committing adultery.

These women, victims of Sharia law – will never be causes clbres among liberal feminists – who are afraid to confront radical Islamists. And it’s doubtful their plight will be held up as an example of the savage mindset we face in the war on terror – because that might conflict with the Obama Regime’s “Muslim outreach” goals. But the evil we face is real. And it must be defeated – or, ultimately, it will demand our submission.

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